You’ll need a power level of 8 to accessibility Crestwood. Throughout the primary quest From the Ashes, talk to Varric in Skyorganize to create a cutscene, then make your way to the war room, highlight the Ferelden location, and choose Find the Warden in the centre.

After showing up at Crestlumber, inspect in via the mayor to pick up the Still Waters quest as you deserve to acquire a number of other searches done while completing it. You have to likewise pick up the Naturalist and Homecoming pursuit from the NComputers in town to be super effective.

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Holding Crestwood

Description: Establish camps to host Crestlumber and support Inquisition activity in the region.Reward: +100 Influence, +1 Power LevelRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Scout Harding

Objectives:Establish two camps

You should set up 2 camps in Cresthardwood. The initially will be the camp that you arrive at and also you can follow the waypoint to the second.

Still Waters

Description: Undead have actually terrorized Crestlumber since a Fade rift showed up in the lake. There have to be a means to cshed it.Requirements: Unlock the Cresthardwood areaReward: +1,934 XP, +400 Influence, +3 Power LevelStarting NPC: Scout Harding

Objectives:Help Cresttimber fight back the undeadSpeak to Crestwood’s mayorClaim the save to reach the damEnter the structure on the damUnlock the door to reach the controls and drainpipe the lakeFind an entrance to the Flooded CavesGo into the Flooded Caves under Old CrestwoodCshed the Fade riftIncreate the mayor that the rift is closed

Once you arrive at Cresthardwood and also watch the cutscene, talk to Scout Harding, then follow the waypoint to the southeastern for the Still Waters side quest. Alengthy the method, we’ll gather a number of other side pursuits to conserve many faffing about later on, however won’t go right into too a lot information on them, so refer to the individual entries on each side pursuit for more indevelopment.

When you reach the tvery own, conserve the villagers external and also enter the primary gate. Go into the first house on the left to discover Gauld who will provide you the Naturalist search. Exit the home, pop about the edge and head up the stairs to the map marker for Still Waters.

Enter the house and also talk to the mayor, founding off the Capturing Caer Bronach side quest, then follow the Still Waters wayallude to the southern of the village and at the fork in the road, foloow the left course towards the cave and landmark, which you can loot and also case, then proceed to the southwest and also you’ll ultimately take place upon a save that you need to clear out for the Capturing Caer Bronach side quest (see the entry for this side quest for even more details).

Continuing with the Still Waters side quest, acquire to the optimal of the keep and follow the map marker with the door, dvery own the corridor to the appropriate, up the stairs and on via the necxt doorway. Now you’re external, carry on heading dvery own the southwest route until you watch the authorize for Old Crestwood, then go left and also into the tavern. Chat to the villager then pop into the room on the first floor and go through door at the various other end and also communicate through the wheel to initiate a cutscene that will decrease the water level.

Rerevolve to the Old Cresttimber authorize and also make your method north till you spot a rift over to the left, then head towards it. Kill the enemies, close the small rift and loot the location prior to going north aacquire, and also you’ll shortly concerned a landnote and a small hovel you have the right to loot. Resume your journey north and also you’ll reach an astrarium.

If you desire to complete the astrarium, start off in the central triangle, at the left middle allude. Go dvery own and also about to the optimal of the centre triangle, then relocate to the left and the external triangle, circling around to the top of the middle triangle. Now move to the best and the outer triangle to end up up.

When you’re prepared to resume the Still Waters side quest, save heading north to the waypoint till you reach Old Crestlumber. There’s a demon in a residence in the centre of the tvery own and you have the right to soptimal to it to pick up the Burdens of Command also side pursuit. While you’re right here, look for the piles of corpses to wrap up the side quest Homecoming.

Make your means to the Flooded Caves to the north and follow the main path once you’re inside. Light up the torches as you development and at the waterloss, pop down the course to the left to grab some loot and go about to the right course for a chest.

When you’re prepared, remap your actions and take the path causing the reduced area of the cave and also as soon as the path splits, go appropriate, kill the adversaries and pick up any type of loot, then proceed down the tunnel to the best at the end of the room to uncover a chest and also item. Return to the room you simply came from and continue dvery own the route that leads deeper right into the cave.You will ultimately involved a door on the left via a torch on either side of it. Ignore it for now, and rather enter the room to the ideal of it. When you enter, to your prompt left will be a corridor that you deserve to follow to the finish to discover a mosaic piece. Double ago to the external of the room with the 2 torches exterior. You’ll notification a breakable wall to the right, so have your warrior smash through to discover crafting products and also a ladder that you can climb dvery own to more crafting mateials, loot and also a mosaic piece.

Rerotate to room we’ve been ignoring and head inside to find the rift. You’ll face 3 waves of enemies prior to you can cshed it. Once this has actually been done, grab any type of loot, pop across the hall, with the northeast door and also over the water, up the procedures and lastly, up the ladder.

There’s a lever at the end of the path that will certainly open the door right here, so pull it, go with and also follow the route to exit the cave. You’ll pop out beside an additional rift surrounded by enemies, including a Rage Demon relating to the side quest Burdens of Command also, so clear them out, close the rift and also make your means west until you’re able to head south.

You’ll soon uncover yourself back at Cresttimber Village, so return to the mayor’s residence and also check out the letter inside to finish the search.

Capturing Caer Bronach

Description: Bandits recognized as the highwaymales have actually inhabited Caer Bronach. Without the fortifications of this legendary store for defense, the villagers of Cresthardwood and also the surrounding location are left exposed to undead plaguing the region.Reward: Gain control of Caer BronachRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Mayor of Crestwood

Objectives:Take back Caer Bronach

Talk to the mayor of Crestlumber Village to pick up this search and also follow the path for the Still Waters side search until you reach the keep. Attack the enemies at the gate, then proceed inside and also kill the adversaries below. Make your way up the stairinstance to the side and also right into the corridor that leads to the the courtyard, where you’ll be assaulted aget.

Continue up the stairs and also roughly to the left and go straight on through the following 2 doors. Head to the oppowebsite side of this area, pop with the door to the appropriate and also take a quick detour right into the next room to restock your offers. Head up the stairs and also acquire prepared for 2 waves of opponents, through the Highwayman Chief leading the second one.

The Highwayguy Chief is weak against electricity, while physical impacts won’t have actually much of an influence. You’ll desire to acquire the barrier spells on the go as his hits load a punch. Kick his butt, then proceed ahead to the map marker and capture the keep to complete the pursuit.

Burdens of Command

Description: A heart in Old Crestwood has actually a task for you.Reward: +512 XP, +200 Influence, +2 Power LevelRequirements: Drain the lake engulfing Old CrestwoodStarting NPC: Wraith in Old Crestwood

Objectives:Destroy the rage demon in the Flooded CavesIncreate the heart in Old Crestwood of the demon’s demise

You deserve to uncover the demon in a dilapidated house in Old Crestlumber, and should’ve bumped into him while trekking with the Still Waters side search. Make your method to the Flooded Caves and also hand also a have the right to of whoop ass to the Rage Demon in right here prior to reporting earlier. While you’re in the cave, you can resolve the Still Waters side pursuit so take a look at the details for the that quest in the Flooded Caves location.


Description: Sister Vaughn wants to cremate the bodies of world shed in a flood 10 years ago.Reward: +512 XP, +200 Influence, +2 Power LevelRequirements: Talk to the Mayor of CrestwoodStarting NPC: Sister Vaughn

Objectives:Find 3 piles of bodiesRerotate the stays to Sister Vaughn

After your initial pow wow with the Mayor in Cresttimber, look for out Sister Vaughn in the village and also talk to her. Jumping ahead to Old Cresthardwood wbelow you’ll be poking approximately for the Still Waters pursuit, search the ruined structures to uncover the 3 piles of bodies and report back to Sister Vaughn.


Description: A man in Cresthardwood is pertained to that a frifinish of his, Judith, isn’t safe living external of tvery own. He’d appreciate someone checking up on her.Reward: +128 XP, +80 InfluenceRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Gauld

Objectives:Check up on Judith

Throughout Still Waters you’ll have been offered the chance to talk to Gauld while in Cresttimber to start this search. Near the end of the Still Waters pursuit, you’ll be in the vicinity of Judith, so simply follow the waysuggest to uncover and examine up on her. Talk to her again to initiate the Wyrm Hole side search.

Wyrm Hole

Description: An aggressive wyvern is harassing Crestwood’s villagers. It resides in a cave up in the hills. A womale called Judith outside of tvery own appears interested in the body if someone manperiods to kill it.Reward: +242 XP, +80 InfluenceRequirements: Complete the side search NaturalistStarting NPC: Judith

Objectives:Kill the cave wyvernRerevolve to Judith

After locating Judith for the Naturalist side search, talk to her aget to begin this quest. Make your means north, dropping in at the camp to restock and revolve a mage into your party if you don’t already have one, then follow the map marker to the cave.

Deal through the enemies outside and also inside of the cave and continue in the direction of the pool. The wrym will certainly be there with a number of other adversaries, so as usual, pick off the weaker monsters initially, then focus your attacks on the wyrm. Ice spells will certainly serve you well throughout this bout. Report ago to Judith to complete off the search.

High Stakes

Description: Leliana’s “eyes and ears” in the region, a spy named Charter, mentions that her male Butcher appears to be running a small behind.Reward: +128 XP, +80 InfluenceRequirements: Claim the Caer Bronach KeepStarting NPC: Charter

Objectives:Find ButcherInform Charter of Butcher’s fate

Use quick travel to gain to Caer Bronach and also talk to Charter who will certainly be marked on the map.To save time, use rapid travel as soon as more to zap over to the second camp you establiburned in the location, then collection out southeastern to arrive at a collection of substantial rocks. Poke roughly right here to find Butcher, and also retrieve the note from the corpse to initiate an ambush.

Kill the enemies and also head back to Charter to finish off the search.

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Weeding Out Bandits

Description: A handful of highwaymen remain on watch at farms approximately Cresttimber and should go the means of their brethren in the keep.Reward: +128 XP, +80 InfluenceRequirements: Claim the Caer Bronach KeepStarting NPC: Agent at the Caer Bronach Keep

Objective:Kill all eight bandits

After laying case to the keep, talk to the agent below to start the pursuit. Follow the waysuggest and uncover and also defeat all 8 of the bandits to finish the pursuit.