Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 added a new item and attribute referred to as QQ Bang. This is made by fusing 2 apparel items together to make a brand also new item to equip in the QQ Bang slot.

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The exact results seem to be at least partially random, and the system is confusing at first glance.I"m here to describe specifically what these QQ Bangs are to assist you make the best equipment you have the right to.

This guide will go over whatever about QQ Bangs in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 including:

QQ Bang Info- What they are and also how you make them.QQ Bang Tips - Tips on making QQ Bangs, and also a few instance recipes.

QQ Bang Info

The first point you will certainly want to understand is where to make QQ Bangs. You have the right to do this by going to the Capsule Corporation Time Rift and also talking to the Clopoint Mixing Shop clerk close to Bulma.

Now you are all set to make your initially QQ Bang.

Select 2 pieces of clothes to mix togetherSelect an object to mix inPay the mixing costCollect your shiny, new QQ Bang


The resulting item will raise some stats and lower others and also have a level varying from 1-5. The greater the level, the bigger the increase. You can additionally gain QQ Bangs that provide a big increase to particular stats and also just reduced others by a little.

QQ Bangs Relocation Equipment Stats

This means that just the stats from QQ Bangs are counted and also the apparel you have actually equipped is completely ignored.

You could wondering why you would pick one QQ Bang over 4 clothing pieces.

The stats you obtain from QQ Bangs are multiplied by 4 to make up for the 4 clothing

So if you obtain one that gives +5 to Strike Supers, it is actually giving you +20. This is the reason QQ Bangs are so great. You deserve to keep making them until you discover the perfect one for your construct.

You also acquire the added benefit of being able to wear whatever garments you want since their stats are not being used.

If you look to the left of the items you select, you will certainly watch a numbered star. This is the quality of the item. The higher the quality, the better possibility you have actually at making a high level QQ Bang.

However before, this does not guarantee you will have actually a high level item. I have acquired level 1 QQ Bangs by mixing clothes at 3 stars and also better.

QQ Bang Tips

Tbelow is some randomness connected, yet if you keep making QQ Bangs through the exact same recipe, you will certainly obtain comparable outcomes. This is why it is excellent to experiment with different recipes and also document what you got from each one.

Try mixing through Sensu Beansprouts and also Hercule BadgesThese usually provide the best outcomes, try to acquire the high level Hercule badges. You can uncover these on the ground during PQs.Farm Clothing ItemsYou deserve to carry out this by doing PQs or giving food to Yellow Buus at Majin Buu"s house.This permits you to attempt the same combicountry, or even various ones, repetitively.Rare Clopoint often offer the ideal resultsThings prefer the Towa and Mira sets, Broly, and also Gogeta are great candidates for QQ Bangs.Force close the game if you didn"t obtain the stats you wantedYou deserve to quit prior to pressing OK after seeing the stats and you won"t lose your materials.Just equip a new item and also re-equip your old one prior to doing his so it autoconserves.

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Example Recipes

Remember, you might now gettheexact outcomes below, yet you have to obtain equivalent. Keep trying if you desire to gettheperfect stats.


QQ Bang Level 3: Training Suit (Ginyu Force) + Training Suit (CC)

+1 Health-1 Ki+0 Stamina+5 Basic Attack-4 Strike Supers+3 Ki Blast Supers

QQ Bang Level 5: Mira Lower Body+Towa Lower Body

+5 Health+5 Ki-2 Stamina-5 Basic Attack-5 Strike Supers+5 Ki Blast Supers

QQ Bang Level 5: GogetaLower Body+Gogeta Boots

-2 Health+5 Ki-2 Stamina+2 Basic Attack+5 Strike Supers-3 Ki Blast Supers

That"s it for my overview on QQ Bangs in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Let me understand if you have any kind of questions or recipes of your own!