Twist your phone twice from any kind of screen.Use your voice. From any type of display screen, say your launch expression and then say “Take a photo”.From the lock screen, swipe

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Take a photo

If needed, readjust settings such as flash or photo size.Frame your subject:To zoom, drag the viewfinder up and down.To readjust the emphasis place, drag the focus ring. (You must initially turn on
in camera settings.)To readjust the expocertain, slide the manage on the focus ring to lighten or darken the shot.
To take the photo, do among the following:Touch all over on the viewfinder.Touch & hold the viewfinder to take a rapid series of photos.Swipe the viewfinder ideal and touchfor a timer.Swipe left to evaluation your photos and also videos:To go back to Gallery from an open up photo or video, touch the display, then touch
To watch photos and also videos later, open the Gallery or Photos application.

Take a selfie

On the viewfinder, touch
to switch to the front electronic camera. Or, twist your phone twice.To take the photo, execute one of the following:Touch anywhere on the viewfinder.Swipe the viewfinder ideal and touchfor a timer.

Take a panoramic photo

Swipe the viewfinder ideal and touch
Frame one side of the scene.Touch the display all over and, when triggered, gradually start panning throughout the scene. Keep your activity smooth and also use a stable rate.When you reach the end of your scene, touch

Tell your phone to take a photo

If you"ve erected Moto Voice, you deserve to tell your phone to take a photo:

Say your launch phrase.Say among the following:“Take a photo.” The earlier electronic camera opens up and also counts down before taking a photo.“Take a selfie.” The ago electronic camera opens up and counts dvery own prior to taking a photo.

Share a photo you"ve just taken

Swipe the viewfinder display to the left, and also touch the photo to share.Touch
.Select the method you desire to share.

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Tip: To enable all functions and also obtain optimized performance, visit thePlay Storeto encertain you are running the latest version of Motorola Camera.

Troubleshooting tips

Problems taking pictures

Third-party instances deserve to interfere via the electronic camera. Try rerelocating the instance if you have image-high quality concerns with photos.Please make sure tright here is not a protective extending over the cam lens.Ensure the camera lens is clean and also totally free from any type of obstructions. Take a dry cloth and also gently clean the cam lens.Make certain your finger is not extending or shading the video camera lens while taking the photo or video.Droid Maxx