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Phone service providers commonly desire to sheight you from repairing your own tools or even going to a third-party repair shop. But Motorola is taking a various approach: it’s partnering with iFixit, the repair guide site renowned for its tool teardowns, to market battery and also display replacement kits for a variety of its phones.

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The kits range from $40 to $200 and also include essential replacement components — either a battery or a screen and digitizer — along with many type of of the specialty tools you’ll need to complete the repair, favor angled tweezers and also screw bits. Each is paired through an digital overview that takes you through the measures involved to complete the repair yourself.

iFixit states that Motorola is the “initially significant smartphone manufacturer ever” to supply main parts for its repair kits. You’ve long been able to buy components from iFixit to assist you repair your very own gadget, yet those components haven’t been sourced straight from the firm. That isn’t a trouble as lengthy as the components job-related, yet there’s certainly an included guarantee as soon as they come directly from the source.

It’s excellent that Motorola is willing to offer these components through iFixit to assist out customers that desire to repair devices themselves. But tbelow are a number of caveats here: for one, it would certainly show up that you’ll void your phone’s warranty if you attempt a repair and also mess up, despite using main components. So these kits are for world who desire to hang on to a phone for lengthy after Motorola is still willing to service it. (The kits are mostly sold for old phones anyway, so that may not be a problem.)

The kits are also more expensive than similar kits for the iPhone, for instance, rather probably because of this partnership. For the iPhone 7, a battery replacement kit costs $29 and also a screen replacement kit prices $70. For Motorola, battery kits cost $40 and also the majority of display kits sell for $100.

You might conserve money doing it yourself, but you could likewise come throughout a warning favor this in among the virtual guides: “Injury might outcome if this procedure is not followed appropriately.” You’re accepting a specific amount of threat (for your phone and also yourself) by trying to complete a repair on your very own.

iFixit’s site lists 17 Motorola repair kits (though not every one of them are on sale ideal away), extending gadgets including the Moto Z Force, Z Play, Droid Turbo 2, G5, and G4. Ultimately, also if DIY repairs have the right to be a little tricky, it’s great that Motorola is supporting consumers’ capability to repair gadgets themselves at a time as soon as various other companies are trying to lock world out.

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