With just a two-finger swipe, conveniently share photos and videos of family occasions or team events, either publicly or privately.

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If you love sharing photos and videos, you’ll love the upgraded version of Droid Zap, a Motorola application that allows you create public or personal “Zap Zones.” That way you can share photos and also videos with the lull of a an easy swipe.

With version 3.2, Droid Zap sports some significant improvements, such together a much more intuitive and also elegant user experience, and the size of a Zap Zone have increased to a radius of as much as 1,000 feet.

Get ready to Zap

Public sharing

When it concerns sharing those beautiful, awkward, thrilling and funny moments of your life, Droid Zap supplies two modes: public and also private. V Droid Zap, public share couldn’t it is in simpler. Send photos and also videos (up to two minutes) to fellow zappers through swiping 2 fingers increase on the image. Come receive pictures from nearby zappers, swipe 2 fingers bottom on her phone’s screen. Accessible photos and also videos download to your Droid Zap picture album.

Private sharing

If you desire to share photos privately with a choose group, develop an invitation-only Zap Zone. Pick New Zap Zone in the app’s menu, provide a name and also photo for your zone and also select your invitees. Send the invitation v a two-finger upward swipe; invitees can accept through a two-finger downward swipe. Now, anyone photos and videos are automatically uploaded come the private, cloud-based Zap Zone.

As the private Zap Zone’s organizer, you manage its duration. Once you pick the End Zap Zone command, the region disappears.

Do you want much more control over who deserve to view her images? No worries. You have the right to use the Lock points I Share feature to generate a random four-digit PIN, and also only civilization who obtain the pen from girlfriend will have the ability to download your photos or videos.

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Exclusive Droid Turbo perks

If she the lucky owner the a Droid Turbo 2 by motorola, you have accessibility to several unique features, such together the capability to use your voice to zap a screenshot by informing your phone, “OK Droid Turbo, zap mine screen.”

Jack Rosenberger is one independent tech journalist based in the new York City area.