Ice Cube, Mack 10 and also W.C. Formed the Westside connection supergroup in 1994 and appeared with each other on Mack’s single “Westside Slaughterhouse” indigenous his 1995 self-titled debut. But after two team albums albums, the trio disbanded in 2005 because of a conflict between Cube and Mack.

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The rumor was Cube’s brother-in-law wound up gaining a beatdown. During a current interview through VladTV, Mack partially defined what happened, note there was a lot an ext that went under behind-the-scenes before things acquired physical.

When asked around the incident, Mack said, “It to be an unfortunate situation as far as what come out of every one of that. The story you heard, many of em …what did girlfriend hear?

Vlad responds the heard Cube’s brother-in-law acquired “beat up,” come which Mack says, “What else did girlfriend hear? the ain’t choose that just happened. There was conflict, yeah. But I went to Cube around four or five times prior to the problem jumped off and also told the to correct the situation. So that’s the component that everybody leave out, ns think. No one didn’t intend on beginning nothing or nothing also escalating to the level. If you go to somebody five time before it escalate, climate you to be trying to it is in diplomatic around the situation.”

As Mack has declared in ahead interviews, the didn’t think the conflict was worth separating up the group.

“It counts on how weird friend wanna be ’cause if to be my wife’s brother, ns would’ve told the can’t fuck mine money up and he can’t be the end of line through nobody I’m getting down with, and if you acquired that huge of a problem with him, continue to be at home,” that continued. “It counts on exactly how you taken on it. My wife’s brother wouldn’t have stopped shit because that me. Me and also Cube didn’t have actually no fight or no nothing choose that. We had an argument. I believed that was it.”

Mack included W.C. Wasn’t connected in the situation.

In a 2010 interview v AllHipHop, i m sorry has since been take away down, Mack maintained Cube’s brother-in-law was ill-mannered in ~ the time. But the number of times Mack tried come squash things with Cube has actually grown over the years.

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“Basically, ns didn’t execute anything to him and he didn’t perform anything to me,” that said. “We had actually an argument and I guess: v it was taken the wrong method because his mam was present. If she wasn’t there, us would more than likely still be doing records. His brother-in-law to be disrespectful in a details way. I don’t understand what kind of dude that is now, but back then he to be disrespectful. It was lugged to Cube about three or four times before the bullshit happened.

“If I lug something to you 3 or 4 times and also you don’t execute anything around it – I typical just since a boy is your son doesn’t typical he has the ideal to walk spitting around anybody. The argument and the brother-in-law wasn’t worth throwing away The Westside connection over in mine opinion. Once I heard the ‘kiss the ring’ comment i just had to laugh since that’s comedy. That’s where I’m at with it. I don’t understand what he’s tripping off of.”