Okay, I have the right to think of two examples. Once I to be a kid back in the 60's we were travelling way down in Baja. A sharp rock punched a little hole in the oil pan. My Dad take it a bar that soap and rubbed in back and forth end the hole allowing the soap come melt right into the hole. It stopped the leak till we got ago to the states. Another time, mile from residence on a sunday night, mine buddy had a 318 in his car and the aluminum real estate behind the water pump corroded indigenous the inside and also sprung a leak. The feet was around 1/4 wide. We found a dry item of wood and whittled it under to just fit in the hole. Once it obtained wet, the wood swelled and also sealed the hole. It obtained us home. Is this the sort of ingredient you're asking about?

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The throttle cable damaged on my version A pickup ~ above I-40 about 150 mile from house from the Nats South plenty of years ago,,so ns eased turn off to the side of the interstate,,opened the hood and quickly spotted the frayed end of the cable coming with the firewall.Necessity being the mommy of creation I called ladyhrp I needed something to to traction the accelerator arm on the carburetor and also she suggested the detachable strap on she purse.I conveniently unhooked it,,loosened the radiator assistance rods to ease up the hood and also pulled it off and also put it in the bed of the truck.Pushed the windshield out and also attached the hook the the strap to the carburetor and also stuck the other end inside the truck,,,hand control all the means home.
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