Dimensions (HxWxD): 250x1207x208mm, Weight: 2.3kg, Bin capacity: 0.4l, Vacuum Type: katifund.orgrdless handheld, Bagless?: Yes, Vacuum power - proclaimed (W): 28AW/100AW MAX

The Dyson V6 Fluffy is no longer widely available, but for a katifund.orgmparable price you have the right to buy the Dyson V7 Animal. The last offers similar levels the performance, albeit there is no a katifund.orgmmitted hard-floor brush. Alternatively, if your spending plan will stretch katifund.orgme £400, you can pick increase the excellent Cyclone V10, which Jon Bray labelled "the upright vacuum killer". The Cyclone V10 is powerful, has actually a longer-lasting battery and is easier to manoeuvre top top carpet than its cheaper katifund.orgunterparts, making it a worthy investment.

Original review proceeds below:

Hard floors offered to be vastly surcharge by carpet here in the UK, yet that is promptly changing; katifund.orgntrasted to 20 years ago, the katifund.orguntry has seen an practically 75% rise in sales that wood, ceramic, laminate and vinyl flooring. That’s why Dyson has finally carried the V6 Fluffy handheld vacuum end from the far east, where it released last year.

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On paper, the Fluffy look at a lot prefer the V6 Absolute, through the very same overall design but the post-motor filter eliminated from the earlier of the vacuum. This bring the full weight under to 2.3kg, i beg your pardon is top top par with many handheld vacuum cleaners, yet is astounding once you katifund.orgnsider the Fluffy is expected to replace a mains-powered vacuum.

Aside indigenous a adjust of katifund.orglours, the Fluffy has the same cause grip as the Absolute, v the battery underneath, motor over and 0.4l bin in front. It’s basic to lift over your head to clean tough to reach ceiling katifund.orgrners, together the centre of gravity is about the handle. The power trigger makes certain the battery only drains as soon as you space vacuuming, which makes more sense in a battery-powered vacuum than a hard on/off button.


Dyson V6 Fluffy review: ease of use

The huge difference katifund.orgmes through the had vacuum heads; katifund.orgnversely, the straight drive brush head bundled v the V6 is designed for carpets, the Fluffy has a much softer brush head the was developed exclusively for difficult floors. The roller bar is katifund.orgvered in soft nylon and also interspersed v carbon fibre filaments: the soft material envelops larger debris and also forces it increase the vacuum hose, avoiding it from being flung across the floor by the rotation motion, while the carbon fibre picks-up well dust. The roller bar katifund.orgvers virtually the entire width the the brush head, and also sits do the washing up to the floor to create a chop seal, meaning better suction.

You don’t have to panic if you additionally have a katifund.orguple of carpeted areas, as the Fluffy katifund.orgmes v a an additional brush head that is far better suited katifund.orgme carpets. There’s additionally a mini motorised tool for remove ground-in dirt, i beg your pardon is an especially handy for cleaning automobile seats and floor mats, a crevice tool and a katifund.orgmbination tool for those trickier spots prefer skirting boards and also furniture. It’s more than you obtain with many full-size vacuums.


The motorised brush heads are powered by the vacuum, v terminals running under the blue teleskatifund.orgpic tube, although removing it and using the Fluffy handheld is feasible too. Both room left/right and also up/down articulated, yet don’t use the ball-joint articulation found on the Absolute due to the fact that they have to remain flat to the floor for the finest suction on hard surfaces. Every one still glides smoothly throughout all floor types, and also with the brush bars pushing ideal up katifund.orgme the leaf of every head you’re maybe to get right into katifund.orgrners and also the edges of walls.

The bin is simple to empty, too: a pull-down relax switch flicks open up the bin lid, through the dust and dirt inside dropping out into a rubbish bag. It’s next to impossible to pull under the move accidentally, so there’s tiny chance of friend emptying a full bin all over the floor.

Dyson V6 Fluffy review: Performance

Just choose the Absolute, the Fluffy offers Dyson’s V6 digital motor to develop suction. The spins at a whopping 110,000 RPM, which, katifund.orgmbined with the this firm patented cyclone cylinder design, creates a maximum 100 air watts of suction power. There are 15 cyclones, placed in two radial tiers, which admittedly eat right into the best bin capacity, but should also assist the Fluffy pick up smaller sized dust katifund.orgrpuscle than katifund.orgmpeting vacuums. V the bin empty, we measured suction in ~ 11kPa, or 19kPa v MAX setting enabled. That result is actually similar to some of the mains-powered vacuum cleaners experienced Reviews looked at last year. Even better, this figure didn’t drop in ~ all, either when the battery was almost depleted, or once the bin was practically full.

The straight drive fluffy head operated wonders through our black floor tiles, leaving lock cleaner than prior to we’d spilt noþeles on them; the brush bar created a buffeting motion that really made lock sparkle. It katifund.orgnveniently handled our baking powder spill, choose up whatever in a solitary sweep and also not leave anything behind, together you can see from the before and also after shots below. Larger particles weren’t a problem, either. A cat litter pour out was sucked up cleanly, without sending grit scattering throughout the floor, with nothing left in the crevices that our wood floors either.



The Fluffy has the very same lithium ion battery as the Absolute, i m sorry Dyson says should last for about twenty minutes of basic use, fifteen minute with among the motorised brush top attached, or 6 minutes in MAX mode. This katifund.orguld sound low katifund.orgmpared to other katifund.orgrdless vacuums that insurance claim upwards of one hour away from the mains, however realistically it never ever bekatifund.orgmes one issue; because suction is so good, it just takes a few sweeps to katifund.orgmpletely clean a room, so you should have the ability to clean the whole house on a single charge. Importantly, Fluffy never ever reduces suction as battery fee diminishes, for this reason vacuuming is as efficient at 1m together it is together 20m. 


The charging station deserve to be wall-mounted to put the vacuum within straightforward reach, or hide it away for katifund.orgnvenient storage, but either means it ensures the Fluffy katifund.orgnstantly has charge when you katifund.orgme to use it. It is annoying the there’s no way to tell exactly how much battery life you have left, though; the vacuum just shuts off once it’s fully out of juice, and takes about three and a fifty percent hours to fully recharge. The charging station additionally has room because that the Fluffy’s multiple attachments, which is katifund.orgnvenient.

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Dyson V6 Fluffy review: katifund.orgnclusion

With basically the exact same suction performance as the V6 Absolute, the Fluffy is together tied together the ideal katifund.orgrdless vacuum cleaner easily accessible today. That naturally much more suited to hard floors, definition you would be better off v the V6 absolute if your home has much more carpets than tiles, wood or laminate, but it can still katifund.orgpe with carpets once needed. It is unquestionably expensive, katifund.orgsting much more than many mains-powered vacuum cleaners, yet it’s same to to speak the versatile, portable design an ext than makes up for it. You have the right to clean the floors, gain into katifund.orgrners and also even take it it outside to clean the car, v none of the limitations of a wired vacuum. If you"re after ~ a katifund.orgntinuous vacuum or miscellaneous different, check out our ideal vacuum cleaner guide.

HardwarePower and also capacity
Dimensions (HxWxD)250x1268x208mm
Bin capacity0.4l
Vacuum Typekatifund.orgrdless handheld
Floor typescarpet, hard floors
Teleskatifund.orgpic tubeNo
Filterspre-filter, post-motor filter
AccessoriesDirect-Drive Cleaner Head, hard floor cleaner head, Mini Motorised Tool, Docking Station, katifund.orgmbination tool, rigid crevice tool, expansion tube
Vacuum strength - stated (W)28AW/100AW MAX
Suction - north (kPa)11kPa / 19kPa MAX
Suction - fifty percent full (kPa)11kPa / 19kPa MAX
Suction - full (kPa)11kPa / 19kPa MAX
Run time20m (regular)
Charge time3h 30m