Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and the major third-parties have all taken to gaming's greatest stage, some wowing us with vast surprises and exciting video game lineups, and others practically putting united state to sleep with awkward lulls and predictable reveals. Right here are the huge winners and losers that this year's show.

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1. Xbox

Against all odds, Microsoft no only held its own against Sony this year at E3 -- it additionally one-upped that is chief competitor in some an essential ways. The 2018 Xbox showcase to be a blistering 90 minute of exciting and diverse games, offering everything from the usual Microsoft fare (new Halo, Gears and also Forza) come Japanese title (Devil might Cry 5, Sekrio) to actual surprises (Battletoads, Cyberpunk 2077).


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Credit: Square Enix

The reaction come Square Enix's E3 2018 showcase was a almost unanimous "why go they bother?" after ~ making a big fuss about its an initial E3 press occasion in years, Square let much of the gaming world down by essentially re-showing many of its gamings that already debuted top top Xbox's phase the work prior. The two new games that were announced -- The Quiet Man and also Babylon's loss -- were exceptionally light top top details, and also we didn't get any brand-new info top top much-anticipated titles such together The Avengers task or the last Fantasy VII remake. Sure, Square's conference to be short and also online-only, however considering the Nintendo has actually been wowing united state in that format for years, there's simply no excuse. - Mike Andronico

Grade: C-

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