If you’re walking to it is in in las Vegas with the kids this Easter, there space plenty the family-friendly tasks to enjoy. In enhancement to Easter egg hunts, there room restaurants in the city offer up fantastic Easter dinner selections. Inspect out our peak picks for Easter household fun in Vegas.

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See the Easter Bunny

If your tiny ones space excited to watch the Easter Bunny, head end to the city Square purchase center. Indigenous March 18 with 26, town Square will offer children the opportunity to meet and also have their photograph taken through the Easter Bunny. Photos will certainly be readily available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The main will finish on in march 26 through the annual Hop & Shop event featuring one egg hunt and plenty of various other exciting activities the youngsters are sure to love.

Hunt for Easter Eggs

There will certainly be one Easter festival happening on march 26 indigenous 10 a.m. To 3 p.m. At Craig Ranch Park. Join is cost-free to this family-friendly event, i m sorry will attribute three Easter egg hunts with 50,000 eggs in total.

The occasion will likewise feature other activities, including free photos with the Easter Bunny, hourly raffles, live music, face painting, and much more!

Enjoy Easter Dinner

One the the timeless holiday tasks many family members share is Easter dinner. Numerous Vegas restaurants are providing Easter specials this year, including McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood. This restaurant will certainly be hosting an incredible Easter brunch in addition to your usual menu.

If girlfriend don’t desire to venture far native the lull of the beautiful Tahiti Village, have dinner in ~ 17 southern Booze & Bites. You’ll find everything from appetizers like warm wings to more traditional Easter dinner fare — and also for the adults, there are over 20 varieties of draft beer.

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Make A new Tradition

Visitors who are looking to begin a new Easter legacy with their households may desire something much more low-key. If this is the case, think about heading to one of Las Vegas’ numerous beautiful windy parks. Head over to Floyd Lamb Park to enjoy incredible scenery and also opportunities to communicate with wildlife. Think about Sunset Park because that excellent methods to feeding the ducks on the lake or have actually a picnic the whole family will love.

If girlfriend are trying to find something even much more laid back, the doesn’t require you to leaving the comfort of Tahiti Village, head to the exceptional pool and also lazy river. Tahiti village has everything you have to make her Easter vacation in las Vegas unforgettable. Book your ras Vegas accommodations in ~ Tahiti village today!