"Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel includes 100% Pure Olive Oil because that deep under conditioning while maintaining maximum hold. Has UV Protection and helps your scalp manage its herbal moisture system. For all hair types. Supplied by professionals."- Sallys.com

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So this is the very first of the Eco Styler gelatin that i tried out. I had just excellent my "big chop" (read around it here) and I bought it to use on my edges. Currently this is suppose to have actually a 10/10 hold, and also I absolutely do no agree with that. It"s much more of a 7/ 8 together it does store your edge in place, but they don"t remain as neat every day and it doesn"t leave that crunchy emotion on your head. I personally execute not want a stronger host so this product work-related fine because that me! ns think it gives a herbal looking result which is perfect if girlfriend don"t desire that slicked/greasy edge look- I understand I don"t lol!
"Eco Styler Moroccan Argan Oil Styling gel is formulated v rare oil extracted native kernels the the Argan tree in Morocco. The formula conditions and revitalizes the hair while adding a brilliant shine. Moisturizes offering hydration and also elasticity to hair."- Sallys.com
When mine Olive Oil Eco Styler gel finished I determined to offer this a try. Looking in ~ the ingredient list listed below they are nearly the same except for this product the Olive Oil is swapped with Argan Oil. Again, this product is claimed to have a 10/10 which ns still don"t agree with. Ns think this product feels slightly "oiler" than the Olive Oil one and also has less hold, probably like a 5. That doesn"t keep my edge looking together neat together they execute with the Olive Oil Eco Styler gel, however I am typically not going for the perfectly laid edge look so because that me the isn"t really an issue.
I really choose both of these products however I don"t think neither of them give the promised 10/10 hold. Because that me, the Eco Styler Argan Oil had actually a little less host so I would certainly recommend that to use for a an ext natural look, or come use when styling her hair in a braid out, twist the end or level twist out. I never ever got any kind of build up or a crunchy feel through either of these products the method I offered them. If I had to choose a favourite I will probably have to go through the Olive Oil one together it did store my edges looking a bit much more neat 보다 the Eco Styler Argan Oil did.

Silicones (/)Mineral Oil(/)Propylene/Butylene Glycol(/)Glycerin(√)Parabens(/)! It contains Wheat Protein so it is to be avoided if you are allergic to Gluten.Have you tried one of two people of this products, which one did you prefer?And if not, what is your favourite gel and also how perform you use it?xxInstagram ||Twitter || Google+ || Baobella ||Bloglovin||Facebook||Pinterest
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