Alonso le dice a Rebeca que Ricarperform le dijo que ella mató a Adriana y hará lo que sea para descubrir la verdad. Rebeca apuñala a Ricarperform.

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marcelo: hey, calm down!sheight, it's sufficient.amador: let go, let go.let go!move!move!nazario: provide me thatand also leave.amador: this factory will certainly bedestroyed. it will certainly be destroyed andall of you will be ruined too.this is all your're an outsider,an dazzled alonso, seducedhis daughters and also his wife,but you can't fool'll paid for heard me? whatever.oh!let go!let go!let go!marcelo: if your speech is over,gain out of below.amador: nazario: nothing happened right here.say thanks to you.gain earlier to work, guys.marcelo: we need to tell alonso.nazario: yes, as soon as hemirrors up. i haven't viewed himthis day.marcelo: thank you, lalo.rebeca: what's wrong?alonso: i simply observed ricardomarquez.

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i lastly found him.rebeca: i don't understand whatlucia shelp, yet i assured you--alonso: lucia didn't sayanything!i'm saying that i talked to him.he told me some interestingthings around you.rebeca: what did he say?don't tell me that he repeatedall the lies he told magdalena.alonso: he sassist he talkedto adriana, that he told herwhat happened in between youand also him,and that adriana casually diedsome hrs prior to in an accidentwithout informing anybodyanything.what did you execute, rebeca?what did you execute to your sister?rebeca: i didn't perform anythingand i have actually no principle whyhe's making up things about me.alonso: why would certainly he perform that?rebeca: i ascertain you that i'mthe the majority of shocked below becauseit affects me, he attacks me.alonso: he must be attacking youfor some reason!rebeca: i don't know.all i could think of isthat he desires to damage us.and also he's gaining it.look how you're.let me speak to the cardiologist.alonso: i don't require a doctor.i assure you that i won't dieprior to finding out the truth.i swearthat i'll find it out.rebeca: damn ricardo marquez.lucia: didn't you go to work?leticia: yes, but i left at an early stage.lucia: why? are you sick?leticia: no.lucia: then?leticia: girl, i feel so bad.lucia: why? what's wrong?leticia: i'm the most unhappywoman in the human being.lucia: leti, are you unhappybecause mario hernandezwill marry my aunt magdalena?leticia: no, i swear thatit's okay, i'm glad they'll getmarried.lucia: then?leticia: i'm angry becausesergio is dating gloria.he even invited herto your aunt's wedding!lucia: tell me the fact.are you in love with sergio?leticia: no, no method.all i know is that i'm jealous.lucia: that implies thatyou care around don't recognize exactly how glad i ambereason you like someoneof your age.besides, sergio is cool.he's a hard-workingand handsome guy--leticia: speak, don't say hisvirtues. i know them well.i spend eexceptionally day through him.lucia: however you don't have tofeel bad, simply the opposite.listen, if you treatment aboutsergio so a lot, tell him.leticia: i would certainly die first.lucia: why?leticia: because he only thinksof me as a frifinish, as a goodfriend and nopoint else.i don't know why i alwayslike the wrong guy.lucia: oh, girl.sergio: this is the file ofthe pending case you asked for.mario: yes, i hopethey don't set a day forthe trial on my honeymoon.did you invite letito the wedding?sergio: i asked her, yet shesassist she doesn't desire to go.i guess it's for what you think.mario: acomponent from what i think,is tbelow another factor for herto be mad at you?sergio: no, why carry out you ask?mario: she said she wanted toquit, and also among the reasons shegave me is that she's no longercomfortable functioning via you.i assumed that tright here wasa difficulty between you.sergio: via me? did she saythat?mario: yeah.sergio: i can't thinkof any problem.mario: okay, then i suggest youto look into it, becauseit's noticeable that she's upsetfor something.let's inspect this file.brigida: i can't stand you soberand also much less drunk.the last i via an alcoholic.amador: if you don't favor it,you have the right to relocate out of below.i don't need reality, i don't require anyone.brigida: maybe that'swhat i need to do:to relocate out and also divorce you,simply prefer alonso will dovia rebeca.