Milagros se muda con Marcelo y le cuenta que Daniela lo corrió de su casa. Ricarexecute le cuenta a Nora que Rebeca lo sedujo para separarlo de Magdalena.

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announcer: televisa presents...román: tell me in which newproblems your sister put you.lucía: where shall i start?román: wherever before you want.brígida: is it true what youtold me yesterday?that alonso will kick you outon the streets?amador: yes.of course it's true.he's the owner and the seniorcompanion of the factory.he has the control.brígida: why don't you phonericardo márquez? he's a lawyerand i'm sure that--amador: i currently did soand it was usemuch less.i didn't expect ricarexecute to besuch an incompetent lawyer.brígida: what will we do?what will certainly we live on?amador: did you say we?i thought you'd abandon me currently.brígida: the means points are,we'd better be together.amador: that's incredibly nice of you,brígida.brígida: what perform you plan to doto get out of this problem?amador: i have no idea.i might have to market this residence.we'll have to start fromthe beginning anywhere againelsewhere.i have to contact mario hernándezto sign the dissolutionof the partnership.lucía: hi, honey.i believed you wouldn't be ableto make it.marcelo: i can finish earlierand as i had actually heard so muchabout dr. andrade,i wanted to accomplish him.román: i feel the very same,i had additionally heard a lotabout you.nice to meet you.marcelo: nice to meet you also.i can imagine lucía alreadyput you in the image.lucía: yes, i did, that's whyi think we shouldn't make himwaste his time.let's go, honey.thank you for your help, physician.excusage us, good night.honey, let's go.román: good luck.marcelo: why are you in a hurry?is anything wrong?lucía: no, honey,but it was useless to tell himeverything aobtain.marcelo: yet what did he tellyou? will he assist uswith your sister?lucía: he'll attempt to talkthrough her.marcelo: i hope he helps usrecoup that gun.lucía: i hope so.marcelo: you're acting look tense, as if you didn'tprefer it that i arrived.lucía: no, honey, no.i'm simply a little nervous.marcelo: nervous why?lucía: because of my dad.he doesn't want to goto the cardiologistand also i met sara this particular day and also sheasked me to convince him.that's it.marcelo: don't concern,whatever will certainly be all appropriate.your father is a responsibleand mature male and he knowswhat he does.lucía: yes, honey, you're ideal.let's go.nora: dad,i'm glad you arrived.i desire to talk via you.alonso: what is it about?nora: it's about my mommy.alonso: tell me.nora: i currently recognize all ricardomárquez has done to herand also all the lies he made upabout her.alonso: what did your mothertell you?nora: that he had actually ditchedmy aunt magdalena becauseshe had asked her to.that he asked her for moneyand that he tried to abusage her.alonso: did she tell you that?when did that happen?nora: i don't understand,but it happened and also she didn'ttell you bereason she thoughtyou wouldn't treatment.i think it's terriblethat you don't care and thatyou believe everythingthat man tells you.alonso: i don't believewhat he states.nora: don't you? however youare in doubt even desire a divorce.alonso: listen, what i thinkaround your mommy changed,yet not bereason of whatricardo márquez claims.nora: dad, not lengthy agoi asked you if she had actually cheatedon youor if she had actually done anythingto make you doubt,however you assure me that in spiteof the distinctions you had had actually,my mommy was a great wife.alonso: yes, but as i told you,my opinion changed.nora: why? why did it change?what was the sinthat made you adjust your mind?alonso: honey, the problemsyour mother and i haveare our trouble.however once i separate herand also leave this house,if you want,you deserve to move via would certainly make me exceptionally happyif you wanted to come via me.nazario: excellent night.norma: good night.once are you sending the car?so late?fine, say thanks to you.nazario: are there no taxis?norma: they'll sfinish onein half an hour.i missed the bus this day.if you desire,i can provide you a lift.norma: i don't wantto bvarious other you.nazario: it doesn't bother me,and also i can't leave you alone.marcelo was stolen outside.norma: well, if you urge.nazario: let's go.norma: it seems that many taxiswere referred to as this day bereason ofthe rain...teresa: gaxiola's family members house.lalo: oh, teresita, i'm gladyou answered.teresa: why are you phoning me?don't you see i'm working?if mrs. rebeca finds out,she'll kick me out immediately.lalo: as you didn't provide meyour cell phone,i had no option.teresa: tell me what you wanteasily.lalo: i wanted to knowat what time i should go for youto go to the wedding.teresa: the wedding isat 7:00come for me at 6:30,however be incredibly punctualbereason i don't wantto arrive late.lalo: don't worry.i'll be tright here on time.teresa: you'd better be below.lalo: see you tomorrow, then.vinicio: what's up?i assumed everybody was gone.lalo: you were mistaken.teresa: gaxiola's household home.vinicio: teresita.norma: do you desire to come in?i deserve to invite you for dinner.nazario: say thanks to you,i'd quite go home.this is the last daymagdalena will be thereand i want to be with herto offer her a correct farewell.norma: what a pity you'llbe alone from now on.nazario: i don't spendmuch time at house.norma: yet it is not niceto see nobody's waiting for youwhen you arrive house.i recognize that because i'm alone.nazario: it's true.well, then, great night.norma: excellent night.nazario: give thanks to you.norma: say thanks to you,see you tomorrow.nazario: view you.norma: if i don't view youat the factory,i'll watch you at the wedding.nazario: are you going?norma: yes, miss out on magdalenainvited me personally.nazario: well, if you want,i have the right to come for you.i intend, unless you haveany type of problem.norma: yet won't you takethe bride to the church?nazario: no, alonso will takeher.norma: oh, come for me, then.nazario: it's a deal.see you tomorrow.norma: view you.say thanks to you again!mario: i choose them.they have actually our initials.magdalena: yes!mario: they look beautiful.magdalena: you can't imaginejust how they decorated the block.tright here were balloons,tbelow was a cake, drinks,cracklings.i felt extremely flattered.mario: i recognize.honey, sit down, please.magdalena: okay.mario: are you certain that you didn'twant a bigger wedding?magdalena: i'm sure!i didn't desire it bigger!the people we lovewill certainly be there.however i would've chosen my parental fees,adriana and also trini to be tright here.mario: i'm sure that they'llsend you their blessingfrom wherever they are.magdalena: i recognize.mario: are you sure you don'twant rebeca to goto the wedding?she's your only sister,the only one you have actually left,honey.magdalena: i don't want to.might god foroffer me,however rebeca doesn't existfor me anyeven more.mario: do you feel so resentful?magdalena: yes, i do.on the one hand also, i do.and on the various other hand, there'repoints i can't tell you around,mario.yet rebeca has actually done worse thingsthan the ones she has done to meand there's proof about it.alonso: below you are.rebeca: what's this?alonso: the divorce petition.rebeca: see what i dovia your lovely paper.alonso: rebeca, i don't check out whyyou desire to be via meas soon as you recognize i don't love you.rebeca: bereason i do love you,bereason you're my husbandand i'm in love with yougiven that the first day i saw you.alonso: however i was your sister'sboyfrifinish at that time,and also i married her in the future.rebeca: yet i already loved you.that's why you can't believethat story about meand also ricarexecute márquez.because i have actually alwaysloved you.alonso: so i guess adriana'sfatality made you happy.after this,i'm more suspicious that youwere the one--rebeca: shut up!i did nothing!she was my sister.what type of monstercarry out you think i am?alonso: rebeca, are you surethat there's nothingin your conscienceyou're ashamed of?deserve to our daughter be surethat she has an upbest mother?swear it on nora, swear it!rebeca: don't acquire nora involved.she's the many useful thingi have actually.i won't let you blackmail mevia her.alonso: you are ideal,i can't make you swearon nora's any type of instance, i'll discover out.oh, by the method,don't problem around the divorcepetition, it was just a copy.the subpoena will arrive shortly.marcelo: execute we have actually guestsfor dinner?rafaela: your mommy.she's unpacking in her bedroom.marcelo: what?rafaela: she had an argumentvia daniela and also she kickedher out of her apartment.marcelo: you should've told me.rafaela: i tried to tell you,but your mom didn't let me.marcelo: i'll go view her.milagros: marcelo: good night, mom.milagros: i guess rafaelatold you what occurred.marcelo: what happened?milagros: i swear i don't know.she gained mad because i asked herwhere she had actually invested the night.she says she's fed up of memeddling in her life.she shelp she didn't wantto share the apartment through meanymore and i relocated out.i mean, i was not going to begher to le me remain through her,don't you think?marcelo: no, you're ideal.milagros: i feel exceptionally offfinished.but in spite of that,i can't aid worrying around's clear that she's headingfor trouble.marcelo: why carry out you say that?milagros: i can't describe it,yet i can see she's involvedin somepoint or via someonewho's not convenient for her.why don't you talk to her?marcelo: oh, please, mother.i'm the less suitable personto talk to her.milagros: in spite of everythingshe loves you and she respectsyou.marcelo: mommy, listen to me,i'm extremely fond of danielaand i wish her the finest,however i can't gain involvedin her life.milagros: what shall we execute,then? shall we let her drown?marcelo: trust her, mom.i told you so this morning.daniela is an adultand she knows what she does.she's not doesn't matter,we must store an eye on her.currently i'll contact her fatherto let him know what's going on.marcelo: don't perform that, mommy.she was exceptionally clear through you.milagros: fine, fine,i won't say anything.i simply beg god to enlightenthat girl.marcelo: shall i aid youunpack?milagros: no,and also i'm sorry i camewithout letting you understand,yet i didn't want to bvarious other youat your project.execute you mind that i livewith you?marcelo: i don't mind.this is your house.milagros: say thanks to you.lucía: dad, have the right to i come in?alonso: certain, darling, come in.lucía: excellent morning.i'm glad you're ready.let's go.alonso: where to?lucía: to the cardiologist.hurry up, we don't have actually muchtime to acquire there.alonso: no, honey, i can't go.i have actually many type of things to doat the factory.i have no time for medical professionals.lucía: listen to me, dad.your health and wellness is the mostvital have to be checked out.alonso: i'm certain it was sarathat worried you becausei felt bad the various other day,however i'm fine.the point is i'm underas well a lot press,however the dissolution of thepartnership is almost all set,the divorce with your auntrebeca is on the method.the only point that--lucía: what?alonso: you have to marrymarcelo and also move outof this residence a.s.a.p.i don't want them to harm youtoo.lucía: why are you tellingme this?alonso: because i think youraunt rebeca will certainly set herselfagainst you after i leave her.lucía: don't issue around it.i deserve to manage her.let's go.alonso: no, no, honey.i need to go to the factory.yet i promise i'll see a doctoron monday no matter what.i promise.bye.lucía: on monday!alonso: on monday!brígida: thank you for comingto see me.rodrigo: many thanks for inviting's great to go out when i'll belocked up for so lengthy.brígida: did you uncover a job?rodrigo: nobody desires to hirea criminal.brígida: don't say're not a criminal.rodrigo: let's talk aboutsomething else, please.brígida: well, maybe you don'tcare around it,but i think you should knowyour father is not havingan excellent time either.he'll lastly dissolvehis partnership via alonsogaxiola and as far as he toldme, he will leave him withouta penny to his name.rodrigo: probably he deserves it.brígida: no, your father mightbe whatever he is,however he was extremely hard-functioning,he has taken treatment of us.he doesn't deserve to end upfavor this.rodrigo: you're talking as ifhe had no various other option.i'm sure that he'll come upvia somepoint.brígida: he's planning to sellthe home to relocate to a smallerplace to begin everywhere aget.maybe the three of usmust move togetheras a family members.rodrigo: no, mommy, no,i told you i don't wantto live with him, okay?i don't desire to be involvedvia my father.yet it looks choose you've alreadyforprovided him.brígida: honey, i have nowhereto go.i'm not as brave as you, honey.rodrigo: i'm not brave, mother.if that were true, i wouldn'thave actually been so stupidso as to shed lucí i wonder what my lifewould certainly be prefer if i were marriedto her.brígida: or, at leastern,with norita.rodrigo: mother, i recognize you obtain onextremely well via nora.listen to extremely careful.nora is not the personshe seems to be.nora: hello?román: hello, nora, i'm román.nora: hello.román: i'm calling becausei'd prefer to talk to youin perchild.nora: about what?román: the last time we met,i felt a bit unbasic,and i would favor you to cometo my office.nora: i'm sorry,i don't have time this day.if you desire, we deserve to arrangeour next appointmentand also we deserve to talk around anything,okay?have actually a great day, bye.did you discover marcelo's gun?lucía: nora, why execute you pretendyou recognize nothing?i understand very well that you havethat gun.nora: i realized you searchedmy bedroom.if you didn't find itit suggests i don't have it.lucía: i haven't said anythingto dad because i don't wantto torture him,however i swear that if i haveno various other alternative, i'll tell him.nora: you deserve to tell whoeveryou deserve to additionally tell románif you desire, because i knowyou've met on many type of occasionsto talk about meand my silly troubles.yet i'm warning you,you're wasting your time.unless you require moremethods to check out him.marcelo: these are the documentsyou have to authorize.alonso: give thanks to you.i must hurry up through this.marcelo: just how have actually you been?alonso: much better than many kind of know? lucía wanted to forceme to go to the doctor'sthis morning.marcelo: you're the mostnecessary perboy for her.of course she's worried.alonso: yes, yet at some pointin the resides of our kids,the parental fees need to stopbeing initially of all.marcelo: i hope you're notresentful via me the daythat happens.alonso: i won' provides me happy to see lucíais marrying a guy choose you.what does your mommy thinkabout your wedding?bereason i understand she doesn'tfavor lucía.marcelo: why execute you say so?alonso: we hadn't had the chanceto talk about it,however you must understand thata few days back, your motherconcerned visit me and also told mewhat had happenedto your front of me, she asked lucíato tell her the nameof the woman that had eliminated him.marcelo: yes, i knew she hadwent to you.alonso: who's that woman,marcelo?why is your mom so surethat my daughter lucíais covering her up?marcelo, why don't you wantto tell her?marcelo: i don't understand howshe would react.i don't understand what she couldbe qualified of if she met herface to face.alonso: who is that woman?carry out i know her?marcelo: won't you answer?possibly it's essential.alonso: yes.norma, what is it?yes, yes, put him's a long-distance call.marcelo: don't worry,we'll keep talking later,yet believe me that i'mreally interested in makingthis case clear.alonso: mr. ayala.hello, how are you?magdalena: i'm sorry,i didn't understand where my bag--nora,what a surpclimb.nora: deserve to i come in?magdalena: come in.lucía: did you tell him?marcelo: no, your father gota long-distance calland we had to speak talking.lucía: give thanks to god.marcelo: i can't store it quiet.let alone if your fatheris asking me the nameof that woguy himself.we're not talking currently,however sooner or laterwe'll finish talking.lucía: marcelo, don't upcollection menow, please.marcelo: i'm sorry,i simply wanted you to knowwhat had actually happened.lucía: yes, i know.shall we talk about itat night?marcelo: it sounds perfect.what time shall i go for you?lucía: i think we'd bettermeet at the church.i will aid my aunt magdalenaperform herself up and also my fatherwill pick us upat my godfather's residence.marcelo: fine, as you wish.view you there.magdalena: why are you here?nora: i concerned talk with youaround ricarexecute márquez.magdalena: what execute you wantto know?nora: i want to know if it'strue that he ditched youon the day of you weddingbereason of my mother.perform you have any proof around it?magdalena: no, however i'm surethat it was her fault.nora: just bereason he says so.magdalena: listen, nora,it's understandable that youtrust and also also admireyour mommy,but be prepared,bereason someday you might realizeshe has many kind of more faultsthat you deserve to imagine.nora: i don't think you.i recognize that my mommy is notwhat you and my fatherand everybody think she is.magdalena: to be honest, nora,i don't feel choose talkingaround this or anypoint through you.i'm incredibly busy through my wedding,so i have no time to keeptalking to you.nora: are you getting married?to whom?magdalena: to mario hernández.the wedding is now,so you're cordially invited,although i guess you're notinterested in being through me,yet you're invited.nora: congratulations.i hope you don't havethe exact same experience aobtain.i'm sorry, i didn't meanto say that,i'm sorry.magdalena: excellent luck, nora.lucía: what are you doing here?nora: i came to congratulatemy aunt.lucía: hello, aunt.i met nora external.what did she come for?magdalena: she uncovered out whatoccurred in between ricardoand her mom.i think she's doubting herand also she's looking for someonethat can prove her what she did.lucía: bad her.if she kbrand-new all her motherhas actually done.magdalena: if she finds out,i don't know what will certainly happento her.because it's not her fault.lucía: it's not, aunt, but norahas actually done things herself.i didn't tell you what happenedthe other day, did i?magdalena: what happened?lucía: nora took my copyof the secrets,she gotten in marcelo's apartmentwhen nobody was thereand she took a gun,the same gun with whichhis brother killed himself.and the difficulty is we haven'tdiscovered the gun bereason nora hidit that knows wright here.she claims she doesn't have actually it.magdalena: oh, god,that's exceptionally dangerous!lucía: aunt, i'm exceptionally's not only the father didn't wantto go to the doctor'sand, besides, he's questioningmarcelo to tell him whothe womale his brother committedsuicide for was, you see?every little thing happens together.magdalena: relax.relax, whatever will befixed, whatever will be fine.lucía: aunt, i'm sorry,i'm's your wedding.why am i talking around this?let's go currently.we can't be'll look'll be the the majority of beautifulbride!>> ma'am, i'm glad you arrived.brígida: what happened?>> the understand is weird.he's been locked upin rodrigo's bedroomthe totality morning.i checked out ask him if he neededanything many type of times,yet he doesn't also answer me.brígida: i'll inspect him.amador,amador, open up the door.amador: leave me in tranquility.i don't want to view anybody.brígida: open up the door, amador!amador: i desire to be alone!don't come in!brígida: amador, what's wrongwith you?amador, what's wrong? answer me.amador, why are you like this?what's wrong?amador: i failed.i married a faientice.i lost everything.i desire to die.brígida: don't say that.amador: i desire to die.i swear i want to die.i shed whatever.also the respect of my kid.and it was allmarcelo escalante's fault.brígida: calm down,don't save torturing yourself,honey.lalo: marcelo, nazario sends out youthis, it's the list of thingswe need to buy throughout the weekfor you to authorize it.marcelo: wait, wait.why are you in a hurry?lalo: i still have actually many thingsto do and also i need to get readybereason i'll go for teresita.marcelo: wait, don't you's for you.lalo: for me? really?marcelo: it's is a it.lalo: it's excellent.marcelo, it's extremely beautifuland also it looks it's very highquality.i can't accept it,it's also much.marcelo: please, don't say no.we're friends, aren't we?lalo: seriously?you take into consideration me your friend?marcelo: of course.lalo: assist me tie the tie, then,bereason i don't know how to.marcelo: you're one of the veryfew friends i have actually in this city.lalo: give thanks to you.i didn't trust you when youarrived bereason we're sometimesvery prejudiced around peoplecoming from other locations.marcelo: i hope your opinionabout me is much better now.lalo: it has changed so muchthat if i marry teresita,i'll ask you to be my witness.however you don't have to dothe very same once you marrythe master's daughter.marcelo: i still need to solvesome things to marry her.lalo: prefer what?marcelo: personal matters.don't be nosy.lalo: okay.look at me.i look extremely handsome.magdalena: don't you thinkthe curls are too much?lucía: no,aunt, you look perfect.magdalena: really?lucía: i swear.magdalena: won't it fall?lucía: hello.román: hello, lucía, i'm román.lucía: hello.román: i wanted you to knowi had actually no luck via your sister.she didn't desire to check out me.she knows you told mearound the gun.lucía: i feel the same.román: i'll watch what i have the right to donext week, on her appointment.lucía: i hope it's not too late,yet thank you, román.román: lucía, what we talkedlast night, when we met...i know that you're in lovethrough your boyfriend.i recognize your feelingswon't readjust.i just wanted you to knowwhat i feel.have a nice day.magdalena: lucía!lucía: tell me.magdalena: come.execute you think it looks better?lucía: it looks the same,yet i like it.nora: mom?mother.rebeca: what are you doing?nora: i assumed it was ringing,however i was wrong.rebeca: thank you.nora: i didn't understand thatmy aunt magdalena is marryingthe lawyer that works for my dad.did you know?rebeca: no, i didn't.i have heard around it,but i didn't know they wouldgain married this particular did you find out?nora: i observed an invitationlucía had.will you go to the wedding?rebeca: no, your aunt didn'talso invite me.nora: so i guess my fatheris going through the motherof leti ezquerra, right?daniela: what execute you think?ricardo: it is need to cost a fortune.daniela: not a fortune.the excellent point is that my fatherpays for it.ricardo: wbelow is he?daniela: i don't know precisely.somewbelow on earth, i guess.ricardo: what about the restof your family?daniela: i'm an only mother died many type of years agoand also my father has beentravelling with differentfriends given that then.the truth is he doesn't payattention to me,and he expiates his sinsvia money.ricardo: don't issue.i promise that from now oni'll make sure you're not alone.

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hello?yes, it's me.who?oh, i check out, sure.of course i remember.look, i'll speak to you backand also tell you once and also where,okay?yes, i'll phone youin five or ten minutes.thank you.i need to go.daniela: no, you have actually justarrived!ricardo: i recognize, i recognize,yet a customer simply phoned meand also i need to watch him.he has actually an emergency.i'll speak to you later on.daniela: execute you thinkwe have the right to meet later?you've simply promised meyou won't leave me alone.ricardo: don't worry.i really desire to keepmy promise.milagros: great afternoon.daniela: i'll contact you later on,okay?ricardo: excuse me.milagros: and so?i'm waiting for yourexplanation.who the hell is that manand wbelow did he come from?daniela: that's none of youorganization.milagros: daniela?daniela, i'm talking to you!daniela!>rodrigo: mommy, what is it exactlythat he has?no, mommy, it's constantly the, mom, i'm not going to go.i told you i don't wantto hear from it clear? bye.sergio: that were you talking to?rodrigo: to my mommy.she states that my fatheris extremely bad and depressedand that he desires to watch me.sergio: i know you're incredibly angryand also you're best to be angry,but in the finish, he's your dad.rodrigo: a really brave dad.sergio: look, don't regretlater something you haven'tdone.that's my know what you perform.milagros: oh, god!that guy might be your father.daniela. the age differenceis not important.milagros: you think so,however it's clear that he's's clear he wants to takeadvantage from you, daniela.daniela: you can't say thatbecause you don't even know him.milagros: however do you?do you know where he come from?what type of life he has actually had?daniela: i simply recognize that he hastreated me means betterthan your child.milagros: i didn't suppose youto be so silly and also easilytricked--daniela: i won't let you cometo my house to offfinish me, okay?as i told you, i don't desire youto gain connected in my life,okay?milagros: i obtain associated becausei thrived fond of youand i'm worried--daniel: speak doing it.i can look after the means, why did you come?to spy on me?milagros: no, of course not.i came to collect some stuffi forgained, but don't problem.i'll pick it up and also go.daniela: fine,yet before doing it,provide me my keys ago.i don't desire you to appear hereevery time you feel prefer coming.ricardo: come you're rebeca's onlydaughter.i really wanted to meet you.nora: we had met leticia ezquerra's house.ricardo: it's true.we met at the entranceand you shelp you were notfriends via anybody livingin that home, right?nora: that's right,but i'm not hereto talk about that.i came to talk about my motherand the points you've doneto her.ricardo: what do you mean?nora: don't recognize exceptionally wellwhat i'm talking've not just been slanderingher name, but you've alsotried to abuse her.ricardo: she told you that?that i tried to abuse her?oh, please.she was the one that seduced meso that i would certainly abandonher that time, your motherlooked much prettier than currently.i simply couldn't stand up to it.nora: i don't believe you.i don't also recognize why i'm here.ricardo: if you came hereit's bereason you doubtevery little thing about your motherand you want to knowif she has actually told you the reality.nora: let go of me!ricardo: not so quickly.i want to display you somethinginitially.nora: what?ricardo: something that willclarify all your doubts.execute you want to watch itor execute you desire to go?execute you recognize her?i haven't check out youthe dedication yet."to the guy who made me feelthe passion nobody had actually evermade me feel prior to.with all my love,rebeca."