I offered the Data attach Scanner ~ above a hostile negotiation turret, and also the user interface implied it was doing something, but there to be no impact I could observe. Obviously deactivating turrets v the DLS instead of shoot them would certainly be overpowered, and also yet it"s possible to target and also scan them. There"s no mention of utilizing it top top turrets everywhere online - or am i a little bit slow, and also it"s just feasible to scan anything you have the right to target (with no effect)?


The Data link Scanner deserve to be offered to hack/interact/scan different varieties of turrets. Friend can likewise receive data native the scans, much like scanning opponent ships.

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The comment of the linked wiki write-up goes into some detail with troubleshooting if you"re having actually trouble obtaining it to work. Several of the controls because that the SRV arent bound by default, and also you might need to bind the data scanner to a crucial press, fire group, both, or neither (depending on your control scheme).


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