Escape native the planet of the Dravids is a charming and well believed out point-and click-adventure carried to you by the talented developer at Kitfox studios. It has actually an awfully long name to store typing out though therefore I"ll just refer come it as Dravids from currently on, I"m sure you"ll understand. The activity begins v a familiar premise as soon as our reptilian protagonist crash floor his (or possibly her) room ship ~ above an alien planet, leave them v the sole task of finding their means home. To do that they"ll have to send word ago to, erm, where they flew in from - how difficult can that be?

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The game starts gently enough, your battered ship and the surrounding forest both hold variety of beneficial items and a tall tower in the distance provides a promising lead to contacting home, however after a quick rest and a short cut-scene the activity really begins to hot up. We satisfy the planet"s native species (Dravids, presumably) and confrontations v them require increasingly novel methods of escape. In addition a civilization which consists of just a couple of frames of landscape grows exponentially as the video game goes top top - for this reason if you acquire stuck don"t be fooled into thinking you"ve discover absolutely everywhere.

The puzzles in the video game can be defined as tricky at ideal but that isn"t laziness top top the creator"s part, it"s just that castle all do sense. There space no odd combinations of items that need to be supplied in part obscure place, no one is it a hidden-object game where you require to find a tool the dimension of a pixel covert behind an Elephant-Sheep (or "Eleep" as they are called on this planet). In a people of hieroglyphs Kitfox have controlled to do all aspects of the game logical and also understandable.

The animation is very pretty indeed and also is totally in sync v the speed of the video game play, but I"m afraid the very same can"t be said for the music. I don"t desire to it is in too difficult on the developers who have developed a wonderful game on limited resources however it yes, really does protect against you immersing yourself in the Dravid"s world. It"s clunky and an extremely stop-start, imagine the music comes from a video game Boy - it"s no as good as that. I recommend playing this game on mute.

All in all though this is a completely enjoyable game.

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Kitfox mainly deal in art and also comics, however I hope another suggest and click video game isn"t too much from your minds.