A phone that has whatever vs a phone call that focuses on the essentials - this is the Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 8 vs the essential Phone!


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It’s coming up to the last stretch the the year and some the the best releases are coming come light, including the recent from Samsung with its new entry right into the deluxe smartphone market. In one corner, we have actually a phone that tries to do every little thing all in one package, when in the other we have a phone the tries to sell the fundamentals while redefining what a smartphone user yes, really requires.

What happens as soon as these 2 polar opposites come together? Let’s find out in this rapid look at the brand brand-new Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 8 vs the necessary Phone.

Just a couple years ago, you would be hard-pressed to find big-screened tools that were so artfully compact. The Galaxy note 8 bring an AMOLED display that is around as big as the Galaxy S8 Plus‘ — over 6 inches through curved sides and practically non-existent bezels. The screen comes v a ton of different features consisting of Edge UX, wherein one deserve to slide end a selection of different panels to access different functions. That is likewise the display in this comparison that comes v an always On display screen feature. Due to the fact that the note 8 has an AMOLED panel, components of the screen can be offered to display information and also notifications even when the call is asleep.


That isn’t the situation with the important Phone, i beg your pardon sticks to Android’s default Ambient display that pulses when notifications space received. The is likewise an IPS display screen at Quad HD resolution however has a 19:10 aspect ratio. The Essential’s screen is 5.7 inches — a screen size that offered to define the keep in mind series. Samsung has done well to really evolve their screen technology, however with either of these devices it’s usually all display screen all the time. The display screen gets a tiny cut off by the centered front-facing camera, together a little area dips under from the top and also actually to add a break in the display. All elements stretch approximately the really top, though, as much of the UI blends into this defining style feature.

The display screens dictate the size of this phones, but it’s the note 8 the manages to administer the much better handling experience

The displays dictate the dimension of these phones, but it’s the keep in mind 8 that manages to carry out the much better handling experience regardless of sporting a display screen that was once thought about tablet-sized. The blocky nature the the important Phone provides it the much easier phone to use in one hand, however we additionally applaud the minimalist aesthetic approach. There’s no branding whatsoever top top the necessary Phone, and, in spite of the double camera, the phone’s connector pins help keep some symmetry.


This is quite different from the Galaxy keep in mind 8, whose new dual camera setup is put in a black bar next to the fingerprint reader. The camera module ~ above the earlier is black no matter which color you choose, which brings comparison to any non-black version of the device. The bent sides do assist make the phone easier to practice in one hand, despite this brand-new Note is still a bit chunkier and a bit larger overall compared to critical year’s model. Rather of the smooth slab the the keep in mind 7, we now have actually a sleek, beefier item of tech.

Global: 64-bit octa-core (2.3 GHz Quad + 1.7 GHz Quad) Samsung Exynos 8895, 10 nm processorUS: 64-bit octa-core (2.35 GHz Quad + 1.9 GHz Quad) Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 10 nm processor
Rear cameras- Main: 12 MP wide-angle AF twin Pixel sensor through ƒ/1.7 aperture, OIS- 12 MP telephoto AF sensor v ƒ/2.4 aperture, OISFront camera- 8 MP AF sensor through ƒ/1.7 aperture
Rear cameras- twin 13 MP sensors (RGB + Mono), ƒ/1.85 aperture, Hybrid Auto emphasis combing Contrast, step Detect and IR Laser aid FocusFront camera- 8 MP sensor through ƒ/2.2 apertureBattery
Audio is wherein the ‘Essential’ moniker might take a bit of a beating, however, together it lacks a headphone jack and also requires a USB Type-C adapter

Under the hood, these gadgets are same matched on the processor front, through both featuring Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835. Samsung has actually stepped its video game up through 6 GB of ram in all note 8 variants, while important keeps the typical 4 GB the RAM but makes sure 128 GB of interior storage provides up for the lack of SD map expansion. Audio is where the ‘Essential’ moniker might take a little of a beating, however, together it lacks a headphone jack and also requires a USB Type-C adapter. This is no the instance with the Galaxy note 8, which numerous users will likely appreciate. And despite the bigger 3,300 mAh battery the the Samsung phone, the is make the efforts to power a bigger display and a ton of other features. The 3,040 mAh unit in the important is likely to be proportionate for its 5.7 customs display, however we will certainly see how both of these phones fare in their day-to-day usage.


This brings united state to the S Pen — the hardware enhancement that has constantly defined the note lineup. The important Phone does no boast any type of such consisted of accessory, and also for civilization that really require productivity devices or also want a little extra fun, the S Pen continues to be among the most well believed out companions to any smartphone. This year, the S Pen gains much better an improved display Off Memo mode that lets you create and edit as much as 100 complete pages native standby mode, the capacity to Translate more than just single words, and a Live Message attribute that makes an animated GIF out of one’s created words. The S Pen might go unused by part users, but anyone that gives it a shot can find few of the best included features not discovered anywhere else.

The important comes with its own companion accessories, also if lock are marketed separately and also are modular in nature. Best now, only the 360-camera is easily accessible but more will come soon, consisting of a charging dock. Essential additionally promises the the connector pins will certainly come in future devices and also take any and all accessories in the ecosystem.

But what is undeniably essential is a an excellent software user experience, and there room two very different take away on that philosophy at job-related here. Samsung proceeds to refine and streamline its software application as lot as that can, and also this continues in the note 8. Next from brand-new S Pen features, the main enhancement comes to multitasking, as the brand-new App Pair shortcut enables you to automatically open up 2 applications right into Multi-Window through the tap of a button. This will be an excellent for multitaskers.

The vital Phone is basically Android at its purest, with very few applications added on height of what is already included in the share build. That method there isn’t too much to in reality talk about here aside from Android stretching out to accommodate the good screen. The essential Phone uses a speedy, smooth, and reliable experience, other than of course because that the camera.

Before we acquire to the big story (Samsung going the dual-camera route), we see important make good on its promise to bring twin lenses to its first phone. The combo of RGB and monochrome sensors is one the we’ve seen prior to in various other phones, yet we’re hoping important can hold its own versus the stubborn competition. However, crucial is plainly still working on the camera. We’ve got two OTA updates due to the fact that receiving our review unit, and also since climate we’ve found monochrome photos come be fairly enjoyable due to their high detail. Us will continue testing the camera quality but we i will not ~ be surprised if an ext updates came before shipping time.

So far, we’ve to be disappointed about the instability that the camera app. On quite a few occasions the camera application would crash and also then fail to open up, however even as soon as it’s working, the application is a little slow when transforming modes and can take means longer to shoot 보다 it should. It additionally lacks extra settings like a hands-on mode, i m sorry keeps every little thing auto but lacking in customization.

Samsung is no stranger once it concerns including a ton of modes in their cameras, but there’s one large addition this time around: a 12 MP 2x optical zoom lens the compliments the 12 MP main sensor. Together, they carry a Live Focus feature for depth of field shooting, i m sorry is an excellent for taking portrait shots. What us really like around this mode is the fact that friend can change the depth of ar after the snapshot is taken. Otherwise, the camera uses the zoom up to 10x digitally and also can be smoothly changed by sliding the shutter switch up and also down favor on a camcorder.

In regards to pricing, the essential Phone is up because that pre-order now for $699 either unlocked or via Sprint, when the Galaxy note 8 will certainly go up because that pre-order on respectable 24 through shipments beginning September 15.

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There are two fundamentally various philosophies in ~ play here. Samsung is still continuing to administer a feature-packed yet reliable experience, while the essential Phone is make the efforts to offer users the best feasible experience with what they deem truly essential. Whichever one you end up choosing, however, you will do it be obtaining one that the many unique-looking phones of 2017.