I've seen many different civilization on the subkatifund.org recommend various classes and also different builds, every of them speak the build is among the much better ones, for this reason I'd prefer to ask, which class do friend think is the best, and why?


My favorite class I have actually played so much is cleric. It deserve to learn gate which is a need to for me to like the class. Clerics also can be either really tanky or exceptionally high damage. That is an all around very versatile and solid class in general. The easiest class is certainly warrior therefore if your trying to find an less complicated play v go warrior. Mage is likewise awesome, although ns love mage, they are a glass cannon. Rogue is my the very least favorite but is tho a pretty fun play.

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I'm going come toss in part love through a vote for rogue.

Stab + assassinate + huge vital + evasion

Two weapons to double the stun and also paralysis effect.

Nothing touch me when they gain stabbed repeatedly.

Rogue was good for me my very first playthrough loved it for every the same reasons until I obtained to the ark and I couldn't obtain past shit. Do my 2nd character together a mage and got through quicker than i did with my rogue.

On my an initial playthrough, and also I've been pretty happy through a sword&shield warrior, however I've also been considering do the efforts a cleric - ns think the healing capacity would be really useful.

For what it's worth, I've been playing virtually entirely solo, and only had actually companions when essential for a quest. Having companions routinely would more than likely really adjust things...

I've been playing sword and also shield as well, v Adaon as a companion. Ns made that an archer, and also after doing his an individual quest he ended up being really powerful. Transaction a most damage, and also he doesn't go down that often since I'm tanking. And when the does go down, ns don't really care, since he wakes increase with fifty percent health anyway.

And Adaon will disarm traps if his ability is 60% or higher. 1 point in dungeoneering, and also the tinker gloves indigenous the golden Hand is enough.

I think in between my shield and also 1h fighter and also my wand wizard, both high level now... The video game is much easier to beat v my 1h fighter. There's nobody of the source management about mana and my character have the right to absorb damage ie endure failure better

I usage a warrior too, however I usually finish up strength levelling and also clearing area at a greater level 보다 necessary, so it never ever really mattered whether ns was one or 2 handed.

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New player here, just from the an abilities alone I'd say:

Ultimate sustained DPS- 2h warrior, cleave slaughters swarms, duel + fixed crit + precisive strikes do you a Godslayer. Friend basically hold attack and also watch things die.