Collect all 10 Memento Photos and also bring them come Paz v this Metal equipment Solid 5 Memento Photos ar guide.

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This Metal gear Solid 5 Memento photos guide will summary all the Photo locations within MGS5. To earn these pictures, friend must complete the Extract the Wandering mommy Base Soldier side Ops missions. Every of these an additional missions task you with incapacitating (not killing) and also then extract one soldier. Follow our Metal gear Solid 5 Mememtos Photo locations guide for every the info you need.

If you require anything rather on Metal equipment Solid 5 whatsoever, including extr mission walkthrough guides and general tips and tricks, make sure to head over to our Metal gear Solid 5 travel guide walkthrough hub.

Metal gear Solid 5 Mememtos photo Locations

When you earn a photo, bring it come Paz to advance the story. You can only bring one snapshot and check out one reduced scene per visit, and Paz is located on the an initial deck that the medical Platform at mom Base. Next note, Paz will certainly place all of the photos she sees near her bed.

Metal equipment Solid 5 Wandering mom Base Soldiers Tips

You can’t visit Paz until you construct the first section that the medical Platform. This unlocks the capability to bring the photos and complete this storyline.You have to beat these side Ops in order, beginning with 51 and finishing in ~ 60.Each soldier is hyper sensitive, and also will attempt to flee if you make noise. Stealth is the only means to complete these next Ops missions, so use cover as much as possible. D-Dog will assist you determine the target.Deploy at night to enhance your opportunity of success.Always usage a sniper rifle through tranquilizer darts, and make certain you accomplish a headshot. Don’t rush things! be patient. If you miss out on the target’s head, he’ll litter grenades (or use other means) to escape, forcing you to spot that again.Slip in ~ the cardboard box and also you’ll have small to no trouble gaining within variety of the Wandering mom Base soldier.If girlfriend don’t have a cardboard crate handy, play Love Deterrence through the iDroid. This must be the easiest means to distract her target.

MGS5 Memento Photos side Op Guide

Miller and also Paz: finish Side Op 51Professor Galvez: end up Side Op 52Swimsuit Paz: finish Side Op 53Nuke: finish Side Op 54Fishing: finish Side Op 55Gallo Pinto: complete Side Op 56Birthday Party: finish Side Op 57Costa Rica: end up Side Op 58Chico: end up Side Op 59Futbol: end up Side Op 60

Morpho Butterfly: This photo is available after you provide Paz the 10 Memento Photos. Afterwards, walk external of his room and you will check out it top top the wall. You will obtain Emblem parts for her trouble.

Metal equipment Solid 5 - Extract the Wandering mom Base Soldiers Walkthrough

Side Op 51

Location: Southeast region of AfghanistanCondition: win Mission 06Reward: 30,000 GMPNotes: Look for the soldier ~ above a hill come the northeast the the Eastern interaction Post.

Side Op 52

Location: Southwest region of AfghanistanCondition: to win Mission 08 and Side Op 51Reward: 60,000 GMPNotes: find him southwest of Da Shago Kallai. He will use a exhilaration grenade if spotted.

Side Op 53

Location: Northwest region of AfricaCondition: win Mission 16 and also Side Op 52Reward: 80,000 GMPNotes: girlfriend will view this target eastern of Bwala ya Masa. Mess up and also he litter a sleep grenade.

Side Op 54

Location: Southwest an ar of AfricaCondition: beat Mission 20 and Side Op 53Reward: 90,000 GMPNotes: He’s west of Nova Braga Airport. He provides stun grenades top top detection.

Side Op 55

Location: Northeast an ar of AfricaCondition: to win Mission 23 and also Side Op 54Reward: 100,000 GMPNotes: You will spot this soldier close come Kungenga Mine. He has actually a shield top top his back. He additionally has shock grenades.

Side Op 56

Location: Southeast an ar of AfricaCondition: to win Mission 31 and also Side Op 55Reward: 120,000 GMPNotes: He’s eastern of Munoko ya Nioka Station. Need to he do you, this soldier will usage a cloaking an equipment to escape. If this happens, equip her night vision goggles to find him again.

Side Op 57

Location: West region of AfghanistanCondition: beat Mission 31 and also Side Op 56Reward: 140,000 GMPNotes: Look because that this soldier in ~ a leg to the south of Yakho Oboo Outpost. That will usage both a exhilaration grenade and cloaking to provide you the slip.

Side Op 58

Location: East region of AfricaCondition: to win Mission 35 and Side Op 57Reward: 180,000 GMPNotes: look at in the southern area of Lufwa Valley. If that sees you, the soldier will certainly cloak and use a sleep grenade.

Side Op 59

Location: East an ar of AfghanistanCondition: to win Mission 38 and also Side Op 58Reward: 200,000 GMPNotes: The soldier hangs out atop a hill to the eastern of Qarya Sakhra Ee. This guy deserve to cloak and use shock grenades.

Side Op 60

Location: Northwest an ar of AfghanistanCondition: to win Mission 38 and Side Op 59Reward: 300,000 GMPNotes: discover this male within the Aabe Shifap Ruins. In enhancement to carrying a shield, he will cloak and throw a shock grenade.

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