CRX72 hutch and also tool cabinet setIf you space in the industry for a toolbox - or even a full collection - take into consideration our CRX series toolboxes. Produced by extreme Tools, we"ve taken their box and also brought the level of quality to one even higher level. Excessive builds solid tool boxes at an affordable price and they"ve got a solid reputation. We"ve modified few of the features to do these boxes even better....from upgraded fill capacity come rubber drawer liners, to name just a few. * * these BOXES space UNBEATABLE IN QUALITY and also PRICE * * as our client confirm, the quality of these device boxes compares v the name brands.Here are just a couple of comments from our happy customers:Eric in Rochester, NH says, "I to buy a toolbox from them a few months earlier (CRX722519RC). I have zero complaints with the box and also love it. I’ve owned “name brand” boxes in the past and would certainly say the construction and quality is comparable. I love the truth that they have actually a ton of list so i didn’t have to wait and likewise could look one over before purchasing. You will certainly not be disappointed in this boxes and I literally saved thousands contrasted to a tool truck! very recommend doing company with them."Nick in NH tells us, "Love it. Simply bought the black triple bank top and also bottom it"s a ton the storage because that the buck every little thing seems to be high quality and also just as good as snap on and also MAC."John in Arkansas says: "Just unboxed my new toolbox! too much Tools. Wow that is therefore nice ns wasn’t sure what to expect since I’ve never ever seen anyone v this brand. But if your in the market for a new box this is 3x the box for the money contrasted to anything else. Really impressed. Castle are very close to and in some methods they room rated much better than Snap On. And also 1/4 the price. They have the ideal prices trust me ns researched for around a month. And totally free shipping!!!"Scott in Maine says, "New box, come packaged really well. And also seems to it is in on par with various other boxes, even impressive beside my coworkers $20000 snapon toolbox v side cabinet."CALL us TODAY, WE have the right to HOOK girlfriend UP through AN AWESOME device BOX for A low PRICE! 603-234-2612. Sets IN stock IN 41", 55" and 72" OPTIONS, WITH selection OF BLUE OR black FINISH.VISIT THE OVERVIEW that THIS PAGE and also READ an ext ABOUT CRX tool BOXES. And CHECK out OUR CRX tool BOX CUSTOMER evaluate ("Better than Snap On!") while YOU space ON our WEBSITE. THEY room WORTH A READ!

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