katifund.org"s mission is come give people the power to construct community and also bring the human being closer together. V our family members of apps and services, we"re building a various kind of agency that connect billions of people roughly the world, offers them ways to re-superstructure what matters many to them, and helps carry people closer together. Even if it is we"re creating brand-new products or helping a tiny business broaden its reach, civilization at katifund.org are contractors at heart. Our an international teams are constantly iterating, resolving problems, and working together to authorize people approximately the people to construct community and also connect in meaningful ways. Together, we can aid people construct stronger communities - we"re just acquiring started. Come be part of the creative team in ~ katifund.org the is top the market in brand-new ways to build advertising concepts in the rapidly changing media, mobile and marketing world. Authorized katifund.org"s an innovative Shop means that you"re going to be a component of an incredibly talented and committed team that is concentrated on specifying the duty that katifund.org can and will play in the future of marketing. The Global an imaginative Director will oversee a geographically diverse team the creatives responsible for an array of business critical, culture-moving work. The duty oversees two core teams: the an international Accounts team responsible because that partnering with our largest an international clients and the Lockdown team, a nimble, collaborative team who is concentrated on permitting mission-driven creative. Because that the collective team, we"re trying to find someone who will lead and inspire creatives to use the complete potential of the katifund.org family members of Apps and also Services. You"ll work cross-functionally through leadership throughout katifund.org to handmade messaging, align on priorities and also push the borders of ours platform. You"ll additionally be a an essential external ambassador come katifund.org, evangelizing our approach, work and also the strength of our platform at vital industry events, client meetings etc.RESPONSIBILITIESLead a geographically spread team of creatives, motivating exceptional work, deep client focus and establishing the operational rate of a high performing teamCollaborate internally v cross-functional stakeholders consisting of sales, product marketing, marketing scientific research etc.

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Come develop global messaging go-to-market strategiesInspire and influence executives at vital clients and also agencies to employ finest practices and maximize their use of the katifund.org household of apps and also services to flourish their businessPartner v the an imaginative Shop leadership team to drive team direction and also consistently improve an innovative contributions come our clients and the industryBe one externally facing advocate that the katifund.org family members of apps and services, representing katifund.org on stages, market events, customer engagements, award reflects etc.MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS15+ years of comparable experience5+ years digital declaring experiencePortfolio of an imaginative campaigns and also workExperience working with an international clients interfacing with c-level executives across multiple verticalsAdvertising company experience with suffer in online advertising ecosystemExperience managing managersExperience operating in cross-functional organizationsStoryteller with experience connecting the benefits of marketing techniques to brandsPREFERRED QUALIFICATIONSAbility to perform well in a highly dynamic, rapidly an altering environmentAbility to develop credibility and trust conveniently internally and externally v a range of stakeholders at all levels that the organizationkatifund.org is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for qualified people with disabilities and disabled veterans in our task application procedures. If you need aid or an accommodation as result of a disability, you may call us at accommodations-ext