Failed come correctly get intaller_nodejs_windows.msi file: CRC error.When do the efforts to download Aptana_Studio_3_Setup_3.6.1. I also installed node-v4.2.1-x64.msi (restarted the system) and also Git-2.6.2-64-bit, yet still no able come install and getting the over error. Please advise.

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I wasn"t able to locate installer_nodejs_windows.msi on my PC, so i downloaded it individually from here:

After installing Node JS because that Windows, ns was maybe to efficiently install Aptana.

Note: above link no much longer seems to be working. Looks like you deserve to download Node JS separately from here:



The current version of Aptana requires a Node version between 0.8.X and also 0.11.X. Ns recommend a 0.10.X version of Node.

The next release (in November) will enable compatibility v Node 4.2.1.


Basically, produce the folder you want to extract Aptana to, and then use this command:

Aptana_Studio_3_Setup_3.6.1.exe /extract:"folder"
This is a cut and also paste indigenous an previously entry and it functioned for me.

Go to my computer and also in the search switch write installer_nodejs_windows.msi. It leader you come one search which is something like windows installer. You re welcome click it and install the node that has been already provided to you rather than installation it through yourself. In this way, after ~ a series of installation, set up the aptana and proceed accordingly. It gets installed.

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Right click the Aptana Studio setup record and click "Run as Administrator". Operated for me.

Its is most more than likely the absence of admin rights that is staying clear of Aptana setup indigenous making changes to your computer system by installing nodejs, git, etc prerequisites.

The recent node.js versions wouldn"t job-related for my Aptana, but an older variation did which I uncovered here,

I have solved this problem using complying with steps

Rename installation file as aptana.exeCopy and paste aptana.exe right into c driveOpen cmd through Run together administratorIn cmd compose command C:/aptana.exe /passive /norestart (Put an are before /passive and also /norestart)


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