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I think that periodically, we are just destined to never before totally understand somepoint, and also that’s simply fine. Take the jailbreak tweak going by the name of SnapSpoofer as a prime example of that. If you’re a Snapchat user and desire to juice your screenswarm and watch counts, then it will certainly make many feeling. If not, then it most likely won’t. I recognize it doesn’t for me.

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Backing up a little for a moment, this jailbreak tweak can be downloaded from the Cydia save and also costs not a penny. If you execute decide that downloading and install the tweak is something you want to execute, then you have the right to snag it ideal currently from the BigBoss repository.


Once mounted, you will uncover that you can spoof not simply the see count on your Snapchat stories, but the variety of screenshots also. Both of these metrics present how popular a story is, and also they can both be fiddled with at will certainly. What a time to be alive.

It’s not all rainbows and also sunshine though, because, as you can intend, this tweak cannot actually talk to or modify data on Snapchat’s servers, definition the two previously mentioned steps are only edited on your tool fairly than on Snapchat itself. The outcome, obviously sufficient, is that anyone looking at your stories on their very own device will view the actual numbers.

That can be a bummer for you, but being able to fool civilization making use of your very own gadget to see your Snapchat stories is still pretty cool, isn’t it?


You can usage this tweak to present off your high story views to your friends. You are able to totally customize your views and also screenshot count.

For instance, if you have actually 30 views on your story, you deserve to multiply that by 5, and the last watch will certainly be 150 (30 x 5). You can dynamically readjust the number of views and screenshots you obtain for each story.

As mentioned earlier, SnapSpoofer deserve to be downloaded for cost-free from BigBoss repository on Cydia.

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