The following is a quick Guide to assist you get started with Fallout 1 by autumn Hub. Opportunities are, if you never played games before the year 2000, friend will uncover the controls of fallout 1 confusing, come say the least. Fear not, I"m below to assist you know this monster looking game. Therefore yeah, welcome to Fallout 1 rapid Start Guide!



A fast Fallout 1 Guide

Here"s what girlfriend will find out in thisFallout 1 quick Start Guide

Fallout 1 fast Start - producing your Character

Before noþeles else, ns recommend you clock the cool intro at the beginning. If girlfriend missed it, just click the INTRO button inside the game. Second, play a personality you think will certainly be funny to pat with and don"t read any an ext guides! fallout is draft to have actually multiple remedies for each problem... Uh... I typical quest, and also has a good replayability. Besides, figuring out things by you yourself is more fun anyway. Also, don"t cheat and don"t rush through the video game world.


Here"s my referrals for producing a new character: max your Agility first because it offers you much more AP per round. Intelligence is essential if you choose talking a lot and you want an ext skills points per level. Strength... 6 is enough. Put much more in it just if you"re planning to play a melee character. Watch that man on the title screen? He"s wearing power Armor. Once you obtain it, your toughness will increase by 4 points. Oh yeah!

I typically invest in Agility (for activity Points), tardy (to shoot further) and also Intelligence. V 8 Perception and also Agility, you"ll have the ability to get the "Sniper" perk at level 18 - this upgrades all your ranged hits to crucial damage! You"ll require at least 6 points come Luck to discover the can be fried weapon in the game. Don"t lower any kind of stat listed below 4 and keep in mind that you can boost each of them by +1 in ~ the Brotherhood of stole bunker, because that a price. Also, make certain you take GIFTED! This trait provides you +1 to ALL qualities and little penalty in your skills (-10% to all skills, -4 points every level). Trust me, this is more than precious it. DON"T take SKILLED!

I recommend you invest in small Guns at an early stage on and in power Weapons in ~ the end, once you have a the majority of ammunition for them. Although tiny guns will acquire you v 90% that the game and they execute kick-ass at the beginning of the game, power weapons are compelled for the huge finale. Decided is also important in fallout 1, for this reason make certain you put a great amount of points in it. Other essential skill is Lockpick. You"ll desire invest in that whenever feasible in bespeak to open as plenty of doors and lockers together humanly possible.


Fallout 1 rapid Start - video game Settings

Now, let"s have a look in ~ the video game settings for this Fallout 1 quick Start guide. After ~ leaving the vault, click the button with a little circle under the button. Walk to choices and adjust the following: to run to constantly (note: if you ever arrangement to sneak throughout the game, you"ll must turn this off), SUBTITLES to ON, COMBAT rate to Fastest, mite "Affects player speed", readjust TEXT delay to slow-moving and readjust the sound options if friend want. TIP: opportunities are you will certainly HATE the outdated graphics. What you deserve to do to fix that trouble is installing the high-resolution patch because that Fallout 1.

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Fallout 1 rapid Start - GUI, activity & Combat

Fallout 1 has two activity modes: real-time and also turn-based. When NOT in combat, real-time is supplied to relocate around. To eight yourself, click the square button on the interface, climate click and also DRAG the 10mm pistol from your inventory over ITEM 1 box, climate release. Click and also drag the brass knuckles over ITEM 2 box and also release. Click DONE. Girlfriend are now armed and also dangerous. Well, at least you"ll have someting to kill the rad rats...


Notice the dead body at the enntrance gate of the vault? Let"s prey it. To carry out this, right-click everywhere on the map to turn the mouse cursor right into an arrow, and then left-click on the body to check out what the poor guy has on him. Click each item to the right, hold the mouse button down, drag it come the left (your inventory) and release. After ~ that, click DONE.

When in combat, accessing the list (INV) will expense you AP (Action Points). AP are used to relocate around, fire a gun, reload or perform other actions. AP are only offered in combat and are affected by your character"s Agility stat. Because that example, because that a starting Agility the 5, your character will have actually 7 activity Points to use in combat. Various weapons/actions require various AP (e.g. Pistol: 5 AP, brass knuckles: 3 AP). Learn exactly how to manage your AP because that"s the cornerstone every future victory will be develop upon. At the very least that"s what this autumn 1 rapid Start says. :P

You can switch weapons in order to maintain ammo or also fight ceiling handed if her character has actually a high Strength. To switch between weapons click the red round switch over the button. Alternatively, you have the right to press "B" on her keyboard. Usage the extra AP friend cannot usage to run away from her enemies, so the it will certainly take longer for them to reach you. How to relocate you ask? Right-click anywhere to revolve your cursor right into a red grid icon then left-click where you want your character to go.

To finish your rotate and enable enemies to carry out actions, click on the button (right side of interface) or press room on your keyboard. If no enemy creatures room within range, combat will end automatically. If that doesn"t happen, you can click on the switch to finish combat. To target adversaries when in combat, right-click to adjust your cursor right into a red target. Float the cursor over an opponent to check out what chance you have to hit him. The closer the enemy, the larger your chances are. Left click on the rat the is closer to you and shoot it. Note: in fallout 1 your character will miss. A LOT! acquire used to it...


To learn more about items in her inventory, click the switch again. Now, right-click anywhere for the cursor to have binoculars attached come it. After that happens, left-click on any item to learn an ext about that (e.g. "Stimpak: A heal chem. When injected, the chem provides immediate heal of young wounds."). To usage the Stimpak and also other items, left-click on them, hold and also scroll come the first hand. If it didn"t worked, keep in mind the the mouse cursor have to be in binoculars mode. Repeat the actions above... The second hand is used to fall items to the ground. To check out how many HP (Hit Points) her character has, click the button to the right side that the interface. Don"t use Stimpaks recklessly; they space precious!

Just favor in actual life, your weapons need ammo. Ammo is shown to the appropriate side the the ITEM box as green vertical lines. Once your gun runs the end of ammo, a blog post will inform you about it in the info home window of the interface. To reload your pistol, right-click inside the item BOX until RELOAD appears, and also then left-click once. Reload offers AP; if girlfriend don"t have enough left either operation away or press room to end your turn. The other item box"s alternative is VATS, but we will discuss around this later in this Fallout 1 quick Start guide.


Fallout 1 quick Start - leaving the Vault

To leave the cave, head west till you watch the sunlight, for the an initial time in your life I could add. Exit locations are easy to spot because of their one of two people brown (goes come map) or environment-friendly (same city) overlays. Click the brown overlay to get to the outside world (map). Come move roughly the map, left-click anywhere. TIME will pass by as you move on the civilization map and your character will certainly heal as he travels. Note: don"t waste her time hike aimlessly on the map! You have 150 work to obtain a new water chip for her vault or the game ends.

TIP: Go ago into the vault as shortly as you departure the cave; there room some quests obtainable in there that will offer you some at an early stage XP. As soon as on map, move your character right into the green circle and click top top . Next, friend will see several locations of the vault where you can easily "teleport" to. Click on "Command Center" and make your method out that the vault indigenous there. Make sure you talk to civilization to get information about the vault you prospered up in and some quests.

In order to speak to someone, right-click anywhere on the display screen until her cursor turns into an arrow. Then place the cursor end an NPC and notification the info inside the left window of the interface: "You view the water guard." talk to the NPC by left-clicking ~ above it. A dialogue window will pop up... Questioning the NPC if you deserve to take part supplies. Click .


To open a door, simply click on it. Now, click the "Vault13 Door" behind the water guard to open up it, and then relocate your character inside the room. To use items in fallout 1, an initial right-click to adjust the cursor right into an arrow, climate left-click on the item. Shot it ~ above the lockers inside the room. Friend will discover 40 water flasks. Now, don"t be greedy, leave part to your friends; girlfriend don"t require that much water anyway. Drag the water flasks to her inventory (left). Once asked how many either click the "+" button or kind "10", climate click DONE. Click excellent once much more to close the window (or press ESC). Now go see what"s within the other lockers. Note: sometimes items are covert behind walls and you can"t check out them. Take a good look approximately rooms or you might miss important items.

Feel totally free to talk through the other citizens of her vault. If someone asks girlfriend to placed away your weapon, carry out it. Otherwise, castle won"t talk to you. To placed weapons away, click the switch then drag them ago to her inventory, then shot talking v the NPC again... Some doors space locked. Come lockpick a door, click on the red round button which has SKILLDEX written next to it. Click the Lockpick button and then click the locked door. Alternatively, you can press "2" (hotkey) during the game and then click on the locked door. Here you can check out other tricks you can use throughout the game.

Depending on exactly how high a ability is, you will have an ext success making use of it. Important! If an NPC asks you to protect against messing v a door, STOP! try to open up it again and the NPC (often the entire town, or vault in our case), might turn hostile towards you. This is among the factors why it"s essential to save your game OFTEN. To conserve a game, click on the switch with a circle under , climate on save GAME, select a slot and include a description to your Save.


Fallout 1 rapid Start - how to Play

Allies room extremely valuable at the start of the game, so ns recommend you acquire Ian to sign up with you as quickly as possible. When you get earlier to the world map, click on the "Vault 15" switch to the right. Top top your means to your destination, you will go through another green circle significant . STOP and also click ~ above it. Welcome to Shady Sands! should you come at night, click the switch on the interface, climate on the bell symbol (top left) and "Rest until noon". Over there are more options there, among them being "Rest till healed", i m sorry is specially useful when friend don"t have any kind of Stimpaks left, yet it"s time spend so don"t use it also often.


Put your weapon away or the security won"t talk to you. Talk with the woman at the gate for 300 XP. Recruit Ian; he"s in the house instantly to the right. You have the right to pay Ian 100 cap or to convince him to join you for free, if you have actually Intelligence 6 or higher, by sell him "a item of the action". If your INT is no high enough, use Mentats. TIP: If you can"t convince Ian, just give him the money and also steal that back; that won"t mind.

Search all the bookcases in the town other than for the one in the doctor" residence -- that doesn"t evaluate it. MAKE certain you acquire the rope, you"ll need it in Vault 15! talk to the town folks to gain quests. ~ you"re done v Shady Sands, proceed to Vault 15.


Once you with Vault 15, go down the hole within the wood building. Once you with the elevator shaft, click and hold mouse switch down. Scroll till you with the bag (your inventory), and then select the rope you uncovered in Shady Sands. Another means to carry out it would certainly be to drag the rope in her ITEM BOX, climate close the window, click on the rope and then click on the elevator shaft. You"ll need another rope to go also deeper, however you"ll uncover one in a locker ~ above level 2. Don"t miss out on the hunting rifle on one of the toilet floors! easily the most helpful cost-free item beforehand in the game. That"s it! I"ll leaving the rest for you to discover... There are so countless fun points that your deserve to do in different ways in autumn every time you play it!


Fallout 1 perks to Choose

Here room the perks ns recommend you to take. Awareness: reflects HP, fitted weapon and ammo (a personal preference, I find it really useful). Fast Pockets: You have actually to acquire this perk! with each level of this perk, the AP cost to accessibility inventory is reduced by 1. Toughness: offers you 10% damages resistance for each level, a good perk come have since it stacks through your armor. Because that your an initial Perk, girlfriend should select Toughness a couple of times, until something far better comes along. Having actually a 30% damage resistance boost I simply watch and laugh as raiders effort in vain to do even a single HP precious of damage to me. Much more Criticals (+50% damage with an essential hits) is also a must. Pick Bonus Ranged damages ONLY if you prefer using Miniguns a lot, come get double damage. Personally, I favor their sounds, however I find Plasma Rifles more useful.

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Fallout 1 perks to Avoid

Swift Learner: Useless because of level cap, there space much much better perks you can take. Night Vision: screen is as well dark, very few people would talk come you in ~ night and also beside, you need to rest at night; there space monsters out there. Smooth Talker: there room other ways to boost Intelligence throughout the game. Kamikaze: profession away protection for Sequence, which matters only during the first combat round? Bloody Mess: you"ll view those animations anyway and also it"s more rewarding without it. Lifegiver: after level 12, your maximum variety of HP won"t be so important any kind of more. Pickpocket: Well, unless you"re play a theif character, however if you fail in ~ stealing, won"t you just load a the game?

Other exclusive right to avoid in fallout 1: Chem Reliant, Chem Resistant, strong Back (especially if you have actually a companion), happiness Finder (money is not an issue), mysterious Stranger, Scout, Ranger, Scrounger (double ammo from encounters), Survivalist (saves 2 damages from encounters, lol), Empathy, Cult the Personality, and also any perk that offers you skill points (Master Thief, Medic, Mr. Fixit, Speaker) -- friend don"t need an ext skill points, you require perks.


Fallout 1 key-board Shortcuts

There are a couple of keyboard shortcuts that deserve to make her life A LOT less complicated in fallout 1. Watch this image carefully and also write down the keyboard controls that you"re interested in.


Fallout 1 rapid Start - crucial Game Tips

Next, some advantageous tips because that you. Remember to save often and also use multiple conserving slots. The town folk don"t choose it once you stealing a absent from a kid. Don"t be afraid to run away! If you ever before get captured in a fight girlfriend can"t manage, operation to the leaf of the map. Save yourself or load the critical Save; her choice. In combat, constantly use target shots v pistols and also rifles. Shoot them in the eyes Kenny, constantly in the eyes. Simply kidding here... However, with a great Luck, great Perception and also a good Small guns skill, you have the right to kill any type of foe in one precise shot come the eyes! use Stimpaks only if her HP respond to is yellow; store them because that the end of the game, once you"re gonna need many them.

Never give Ian or various other NPC burst-capable weapons, such as a minigun. NPCs don"t offer a shit if you"re in the heat of fire and I really don"t want you come smash your keyboard due to the fact that of that. Also, save in mind that killing world in part towns could make recruitable NPCs angry; try not to perform that if you desire allies. Don"t quit the deathclaw eggs until you"re excellent grinding. You obtain tons that XP from death respawned deathclaws. If you have actually at the very least 6 to Luck, girlfriend will be able to find the can be fried weapon in autumn 1: the alien Blaster in a random encounter. If girlfriend have activity Boy, Bonus price of Fire (must it is in level 9) and Sniper (at level 18), the alien Blaster can deal native 300 come 800 damage (!). Select the Pathfinder perk if you run out the time! i did it and also it reduced the human being map take trip time by 25%. By fifty percent if you take it it again.

Hope you discovered this Fallout 1 fast Start useful. See you roughly the wastes, vault dwellers!

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