WARNING: as result of heavy censorship in the German variation of the game, which removes the ability to do headshots and renders the Bloody chaos Perk practically useless, the is much harder to gain this trophy by shooting your means through the so we recommend using one of the exploits instead.

There room 4 means to get this trophy:1: speak to pops Crowley in Underworld then execute the pursuit he offers you.2: speak to mr Crowley in Underworld then finish Operation: Anchorage, now start finding the Garden the Eden and The American Dream. Recollect your armour after being abducted and also the trophy will certainly pop (credit to x410xDragon because that this).3: talk to pops Crowley in Underworld then complete the Operation: Anchorage DLC and also use the armor you acquire from the (credit come The an excellent American Savior and Fordis because that confirming this actually works and how to carry out it).4: This is comparable to choice 3 however you execute it by way of the Mothership: Zeta DLC (credit to the Fallout Wiki for this tip).The choice is yours regarding which one you use yet we will define all 4 of them.It"s recipient to begin this pursuit after doing the Tenpenny Tower search if you"re going down the Crowley route.Method 1: speak to pops CrowleyTo begin this quest you should go come the Underworld section of the Museum of history and speak to Mister Crowley who will ask girlfriend to kill 4 world he accuses of gift Anti-Ghoul and get a key from 3 of them. The 4 world are:

Dave (The Republic the Dave)Dukov (Dukov"s Place)Ted Strayer (Rivet City)Allister Tenpenny (Tenpenny Tower)

Crowley will offer you a Sniper Rifle v 5 bullets if you ask him for a small extra help.If you execute some asking around, friend will find that Crowley is lying around why he want these world dead. What he really desires is the power Armour that"s in fort Constantine yet he can"t get to it there is no the keys, much more on this later. The stimulate we"ve noted below is how we did it however feel complimentary to go in any kind of order you choose.Start with obtaining Ted"s key, you"ll discover him in the Rivet City typical Room in between 4-6pm. After ~ informing him the Crowley wants him dead, happen a Speech an obstacle and he"ll offer you the an essential that when belonged come his Father. If girlfriend fail the Speech challenge then you deserve to bribe him through 25 cap or simply kill him yet killing him will certainly make anyone hostile therefore making it complicated to leaving Rivet City there is no dying.After acquiring Ted"s key, go to Dukov"s Place but be careful since at greater levels there will be numerous Enclave soldiers, Radroaches and a Deathclaw outside. Once inside, talk to Dukov and also repeat the very same conversation you had with Ted and he"ll give you his key.The last key belongs to Dave you runs his own tiny Republic in the optimal right-hand corner of the map. Prior to you deserve to gain accessibility to the Republic, you need to persuade Dave"s son to let girlfriend in. Once you do acquire in, make your means to the Capitol building and also speak to Dave.There are 4 ways to get the Dave"s Key:1: kill him then loot his body.2: Equip a Stealth Boy and Pickpocket the from him.3: Rig the Election, force him the end of office climate loot his corpse in Old Olney.4: happen a collection of speech Challenges and convince him to hand that over.For simplicities sake and also to avoid Karma loss we recommend choice 4 but if your Speech and Sneak an abilities are really low then take the Karma loss and also kill him climate loot his body.Whichever way you select to obtain Dave"s key, after that you will certainly then have to face Allistair Tenpenny but there is a lot easier and also Karma friendly means to death him. Remember at the begin of this walkthrough we said perform this quest after doing the Tenpenny Towers Quest? well there"s a good reason for this, the is the Ghouls will renege ~ above the transaction you struck between them and also the inhabitants of the tower and also massacre the most them. All you need to do currently is to talk to Roy Phillips in his Penthouse Suite, asking him wherein all the Humans have gone and he"ll explain about a little "disagreement" the Ghouls had with the residents and also that they"re every dead. ~ learning about Tenpenny"s death, you can return come Crowley. Currently sometimes you"ll be able to tell Crowley the an initial time you speak to him that Allistair Tenpenny is dead, also though you haven"t been ago to Tenpenny Tower. If this happens climate you"ll be able to skip whole chunk of the Quest and get it done that much quicker.You can choose to either hand over the keys and end the quest there and then or friend can get get revenge on Crowley for gaining you to perform his dirty job-related for him. The best method is come just offer him the secrets as the pursuit will end then but If you select to stealing the strength Armour then head to fort Constantine and enter the CO"s quarters. Currently make your way through the complex, killing whatever that it s okay in your way, till you get in a big room through "Very Hard" terminals and also doors on the Right-hand side, ~ above the left you will see an additional door through a body lying in prior of it. Loot the body yet ensure you take it the "Bomb storage Key" together you"ll need that ~ above your method out. Open up the door the body was leaning versus and usage the terminal directly in prior of you come deactivate the Stasis field so you can take the power Armour (you don"t must take the helmet), complete the Quest and get her trophy.Method 2: The American DreamAt the end of Finding the Garden of Eden, you will certainly be adducted but afterwards you will have the ability to re-collect your equipment so placed on the power Armour and also You Gotta shooting "Em in the Head will certainly pop.Method 3: Operation: Anchorage DLCComplete the Operation: Anchorage DLC then choose up the power Armour from the Outcast"s Armoury. Now go and speak come Mister Crowley then drop the Armour and also pick it increase again to pop the trophy.

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The beauty beauty of this is girlfriend don"t need to find any of the secrets Mister Crowley is after, due to the fact that just speak to him is sufficient to popular music the trophy because you"ve currently got the armor he wants (albeit from another source). Credit to Fordis and x410xDragon because that confirming this details.Method 4: Operation: Anchorage DLC cheat via the Mothership: Zeta DLCThis is very comparable to an approach 2 only instead of act the armor trick in the Outcast"s Armoury, instead you retrieve all your equipment from the locker near your cell on the Mothership after being abducted then the trophy will certainly pop.Of the 4 Methods, no3 is more than likely the quickest but we"ll leaving that as much as you come decide.