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Fallout: New Vegas’s branching primary questline is one of the strongest in the series but – as in almost eextremely Bethesda-backed RPG – the meat of the game is in its side-pursuits. When you are not searching dvery own the mobsters that left you for dead, you can find escorts for casino clientele, bust open a humale trafficking ring, or hunt down the rare eggs of critters throughout the wasteland.

But Come Fly With Me is the pick of the bunch. It compresses the finest of New Vegas right into a single, wonderful slab. It has actually memorable personalities, tense combat, humour and coherent choices to make. And, most excitingly, it has actually a trio of rockets launching right into room soundtracked by Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries. What more could you want?

It starts once you are directed to the REPCONN test website, a former rocket-experimentation facility west of Novac town. After mowing dvery own a few opponents external you are greeted by a gaggle of ghouls that believe they are on a divine pursuit to ‘The Far Beyond’, where everything their mutated hearts desire is up for grabs. They plan to reach ghoul heaven by riding in rockets. Problem is, those rockets are in the basement of the test site, wright here there are also invisible demons via substantial swords. That’s wright here you come in.

It’s an excellent hook, and also Come Fly With Me keeps the ridiculous-o-meter dialled all the way up throughout, mostly via its eccentric cast. The pious Bappropriate Brotherhood, as the ghouls are known, are led by Jakid Bappropriate, a glowing ghoul that clintends to recognize what his deity is reasoning and also believes you are a miraculous gift sent to aid the ghouls fulfil their dreams. His dialogue is poetic (his speech before the ghouls board the rockets at the end is a standout moment) and also his voice echoes hypnotically. Even if you think he is talking from his rear, his words are surreal enough to make you desire to find out what happens next.


Originally, Jason will send you dvery own to the basement to clear out the demons. These creatures revolve out to be Nightkin, huge super mutants that have the right to rotate invisible. Fighting them is tricky: you will certainly hear them before you view them, that blur in the edge of your display becomes a towering, snarling monster yielding a flamethrower the size of a brahmin. The sound architecture does some heavy lifting here, and also the corridors are complete of whirring equipments, sudden clanks of metal, and also stabbing high violin notes that ramp up the stress.

Come Fly With Me keeps the ridiculous-o-meter dialled all the means up throughout

If you don’t intricate wiping these brutes out (and also excellent luck if you do), then you deserve to rather reason with them with their leader, Davison, who is worth seeking out. His brain is addled to the suggest that he worships an antler’s skull that sits on his desk, and also he will certainly only act through its imaginary permission. Like many the quest’s personalities, I am not certain whether to pity Davison’s plight or chuckle at the self-conscious creating – “my kin are not best in the head choose I am.”

You have the right to convince him to leave peacecompletely, giving you have the right to find proof that a delivery of Stealth Boys (which is why the Nightkin took a trip here in the first place) has actually been moved somewhere else. That leads you to Harland, a ghoul that initially lived with the others till he ended up being trapped in the basement.


He claims he does not think in Bright’s spiritual “mumbo-jumbo” and also was just tagging along for the “ghoulettes.” Nice. Get him to leave by finding the body of his frifinish (or just shoot him), grab a shipping note for the Stealth Boys, and also then show it to Davison. Voila, task finish.

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The stage is now collection for the star of the display, Chris Haversam, a huguy that thinks he is a ghoul, and also talks in their raspy tones. He is the tech-minded brain behind the escape operation. As the ghouls prepare to leave you will get to recognize him better. Again, it would be tragic listening to his tales of how he was treated in his vault when he was a boy if the factor for his affiliation wasn’t so absurd: he has gone bald. He reckons it was the radiation, check out.


When you suggest out that, actually, he is just follicly challenged, he flips. “You speak to this bald, smoothskin? I’m a monster!” Lay dvery own sufficient cdamage and also you deserve to get him to come around to the truth. At that point his anger transforms to Bright, that preserved him roughly to job-related on the setup discovering all alengthy that he would certainly need to remain behind bereason humans would certainly not make it through the expedition. Haversham currently desires to sabotage the rocket launch and also kill all the ghouls – you deserve to let him execute it or talk him out of it, which leads to a couple of even more minutes of sparkling dialogue as he slowly calms down.

The dark spots in Come Fly With Me are the two items you should fetch to obtain the rockets to occupational.. The schleps, though not drastic, are a tiny tedious, so I fast-travel with them as much as feasible. One item does offer you the possibility to flirt with an old lady to conserve yourself 500 bottle caps, however, so tbelow is that.

I am willing to foroffer that ten minutes of pain for what comes instantly after. I have actually always felt that set-pieces in both Fallout 3 and New Vegas do not feel as epic as the games desire them to feel, however tbelow is somepoint about watching the dome of the launch hangar slide open up to reveal the rockets waiting below, the sound of trumpets tooting out. It is ludicrously fun.


And tright here is a last moment of twisted humour, too. If you are a) roleplaying an evil character, b) decide you perform not favor the ghouls after all, or c) want to cackle wildly while strumming your fingers together, then you deserve to play with a manage panel to change the course of the rockets at the last moment. Instead of blasting skyward they will career explosively into each other in a deadly fireworks screen.

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It is the characters that shine in Come Fly With Me, but the boom of the rockets gives a fitting and also memorable end to what I think is the best hour and also a fifty percent in New Vegas. If you ever before uncover yourself earlier in the Mojave Wasteland also, make a beeline for the Bideal Brotherhood. You won’t regret it.

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