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Dat Alarm Clock, or in a case, Dat X Clock (where X is the name of the video game/character/show the sound clip originated) is a video format meme that consists of the Family Guy video clip playing at the point where the alarm clock (a Palistinian alarm clock, stated in the original episode) in the video changes to 7:00, as stated before, an audio clip of choice is played, and then the video ends with the clock exploding. This meme was sought out by many, most of which who used different audio clips to remix the video, and gained some popularity.


The fad Dat Alarm Clock, started by Youtube user TheToenninga, was originated from the television show Family Guy on a part. A clip uploaded on YouTube showed one of the main characters, Peter Griffin, directly stating that the radio sitting on the table was worthless and compares it to the "Palestinian alarm clock", scene transition, where it cuts to Peter and Louise sleeping in bed when their "Palestinian" alarm clock goes off to 7:00, causing the device to scream "Allahu Akbar" before violently exploding their house. The clip gained thousands of views and remixes were created, but the video credits to TheToenninga.


The origin of this fad came about from the sixth episode of season eight on Family Guy titled "Quagmire"s Baby".




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