By currently you\"ve resolved that the Buzzer is the best vehicle in the video game for a number of reasons. It\"s unpredictable nature to spawn in some places however not rather isn\"t as unpredictable together you can think. In this article I\"m going to list all the spawn areas for the Buzzer so you know which rapid Travel locations to target for.Going earlier to basics because that a minute, rapid Travel points are unlocked through some project missions yet mostly through recording Outposts. Rapid Travel conserves you a tonne of time gaining from one component of the map to another, yet it just helps come a point. If you desire to go hunting in the regional area for animals, choose up some loot chests or liberate a Bell Tower or 2 then friend ideally desire the Buzzer because that those.Fortresses are greatly guarded areas controlled by among the crime lords: De Pleur, Yuma, Noore and Pagan Min. Other interesting around Fortresses is the they\"re a guarantee spawn allude for the Buzzer. Every solitary Fortress has a Buzzer in ~ its grounds as soon as you quick Travel to the location. Therefore thats certainly a significant bonus of catching a Fortress.There\"s one more points worth stressing here. Quick Travel locations, e.g. Outposts, will not show their vehicle spawns until you actually rapid Travel come them. So girlfriend can\"t reconnaissance the map looking in ~ each outpost for a particular vehicle because it won\"t appear until you rapid Travel there. Ok, enough of the principles. Right here are the spawn points because that the Buzzer damaged down by an ar of the map.

South Kyrat

Khilana Bazaar
One of the an initial Outposts that you\"ll record in the game, this Buzzer location offers nice coverage of the southern West edge of the map and also sets girlfriend on the way to removing several of the fog which plagues her sight. At this phase of the game you\"ll additionally be after some upgrade materials for crafting therefore this Buzzer gives a good starting suggest for your searching trips.X: 298 Y: 4251 x Buzzer2 x CarsVarshakot
One that the four Fortresses in the game, De Pleur\"s will probably be the first Fortress friend conquer and also certainly the an initial to be dilute in the Campaign. The Buzzer in this location gives convenient accessibility to the southern East edge of the map which contains rare pets such as Bears and also the love husband Badger. Over there is likewise an ample it is provided of booty in this region.X: 510 Y: 4301 x Buzzer1 x Boat2 x CarsGhale Homestead
The Ghale house is the permanent household home that the Ghale family. It has actually some unique upgrades i beg your pardon the player have the right to buy. These encompass upgrades which generate plants and money but also a good upgrade which create a long-term Buzzer location. However, through all the other spawn points detailed in this guide there\"s no must splash out 300,000 ~ above this upgrade.X: 521 Y: 5771 x Buzzer*

Mid Kyrat

The 2nd Fortress in far Cry 4 is operation by Noore and it\"s situated in the middle Western side of the map, not much from the global airport. Back tucked far from the middle of the map, it\"s the only Buzzer location simply West the the bridge to the North. You\"ll discover that this Buzzer is advantageous for liberating the regions Bell Towers and Outposts as well as sweeping up the neighborhood Loot.X: 195 Y: 5981 x Buzzer2 x Cars

North Kyrat

You recognize that saying about buses? waiting for one and also then two come along at once? fine Utkarsh fits that picture entirely. It\"s gained two Buzzer\"s in the local area i m sorry is annoying however I expect it\"s great for co-op. This Buzzer will aid you dominate the phibìc West area that the map which has actually a small an option of Outposts and Bell Towers, and the usual spread out of mani wheels.X: 487 Y: 7602 x Buzzer4 x Cars

North-East Kyrat

Ratu Gadhi
The 3rd fortress is run by Yuma and also is annoyingly located simply North that the impassable hill terrain which blocks direct access from the south to the North. The main route in between the two is via the north Bridge. However, this Buzzer place will help you conquer most that the northern area leading as much as Pagan Mins Fortress. It\"s a quite dry and barren area contrasted to the southern so the Buzzer is many welcome.X: 561 Y: 6031 x Buzzer1 x CarRajgad Gulag
The fourth and final Fortress is run by Pagan Min, the key protagonist in far Cry 4.

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It\"s in the far North East corner of the map. By this phase you\"ve probably caught most the the Bell Towers and also Outposts along the way, yet this Buzzer still offers you a trusted ride for Loot trips.X: 811 Y: 7871 x Buzzer