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whats worse come women? Skinny guys or fat guys?
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Originally posted by metamorphosis
OMG!Would several of you males please listen? the isn"t just your human body that have the right to make friend hot.You have the right to look so numerous different ways, yet you - together a human and also as a guy - will be the identify factor.

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To answer the question, the doesn"t matter. A fat-ish guy deserve to be attractive (think, security guard - half fat, half muscle), also though I favor a thin male (from skinny come slim). That really counts on how he looks and also his personality overall (as what Cloven claimed up there, confront matters - it yes, really does for me too, a lot).I like a guy who is comparable in develop to myself (slender/slim) - I just don"t want to feeling or look at "small" with a muscular or fat guy. Ns can also easily cuddle and "play around" v a slim guy. Ns come native an ethnicity that favours world with meat - most of ours girls discover thin men repulsive and would favor a chubby-ish type of a male (just end a skinny male though - castle usually choose muscular men).Okay, I"m not a woman, but a happy guy. And speaking of the latter, it most likely would"ve to be harder being right as I"m short and also thin - not right for a lady of mine culture. Lol...