Because this has bothered me for a while: Gate of Babylon is based on the idea that Gilgamesh originally owned all those Noble Phantasms in life and they were merely scattered around the world afterwards, so since he owned them in life, he can call upon them as a Servant, right? So by that logic, would that mean that if a Noble Phantasm was explicitly created only after his reign (i.e. Kanshou and Bakuya), he wouldn't have it?

EDIT: Thank you for the answers! It... still feels a bit bull to me that there exists a "prototype" of EVERY (or, well, nearly every) Noble Phantasm there is, but... eh. Nasuverse. Not gonna question it.

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He has the prototypes of the Noble Phantasms, not necessarily the NPs themselves.

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It is a mystery thing-ee, do not take it literally, but the literal thing he did allowed him to do mystery / magical things beyond the sum of its parts.

Gilgamesh obtained everything of value that was possible in life when Gate of Babylon was created. Thus in Gate of Babylon there was both "literal" / "real" treasures but these treasures were also the collection of the ideas of mankind and the ideas of mankind given form and thus Gilgamesh assembled the best ideas of mankind.

But mankind is not a static thing in the nasuverse. The Nasuverse is a work where process philosophy is very important. Being as you are now is good, but who you are statically is constantly in flux and thus becoming is more important way of describing reality than being.

For example a human is a biological organism that is constantly taking in matter and expelling matter. It is constantly changing where you gain several pounds of new matter a day and lose several pounds of matter each day. Furthermore our own thoughts are not static where our thoughts change and we rewrite our memories, our selves, our identity, and so on. No man can step in the SAME river twice for they are not the same man and the river is not the same river.

Because ideas do not come from nowhere, but instead are built on existing ideas, and expanded on .. Than the literal treasures of mankind, the ideas of mankind, our desires of mankind given form, our will given form, our dreams, etc all these things are never static and are constantly expanding.

Thus the Gate of Babylon is boundless with an uncountable amount of treasures, not infinite but beyond the capability of mankind to count.



Gilgamesh has noble phantasms tied to ever other man made noble phantasm, and ever other man made treasure. That is because he either acquired their lineage after their creation in his life, or the descend from ideas he collected representatives from in his life. Even if an existing idea is a blending of two other ideas, Gilgamesh has this blending or the prototypes in his vault.

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Yes this is an absurd level of power, but it is in its own way internally consistent.