Square Enix has actually released a brand-new update because that "Final FantasyXIV." job 4.2, title "Rise the a brand-new Sun," comes with alot that refinements and new story quests, but what provides it interestingis the truth that the disables omitted cutscenes in dungeons. As described in the(https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com//lodestone/topics/detail/75c691f90f4a7da3907f0671ac33e139e9792abf) patch notes released on the "FinalFantasy XIV" website, job 4.2 go not allow players to skip thecutscenes in Castrum, Meridianum and Praetorium, and also there space reasonsbehind this. First, Square Enix believes that by law so, brand-new playerswill obtain to enjoy the cutscenes in these dungeons. Then, the otherreason is it conveniently increases the time required to complete the dungeonsand in turn boosts the rewards that come v it. "To ensure new players room able to gain the cutscenes inCastrum, Meridianum and the Praetorium, all cutscenes in this dungeonscan no much longer be skipped," Square Enix noted. "Because thiswill rise the time compelled to finish these dungeons, completionrewards and Duty Roulette bonuses because that these duties have beenincreased." "Final Fantasy XIV" spot 4.2 also adds brand-new side storyquests. Because that "Precious Reclamation," players need to be Discipleof war or Magic level 70. Another brand-new quest is called "A Thousandand One Farewells." This likewise requires football player to be in ~ Disciple ofWar or Magic level 70, and they must an initial complete "PreciousReclamation" and also "Short arms of Law" to go into this quest. The new patch additionally comes v "The Fractal Continuum(Hard)" quest called "An unwanted Truth." players arealso compelled to be in ~ Disciple of battle or Magic level 70, and theyshould first complete the "Stormblood" main quest too asthe original "Fractal Continuum" to gain here. The four sidequest is "The Fashion Report" quest called "Passion forFashion" that is open up to all Level 15 players and also those who havealready completed the "It can Happen come You" quest. Making patch 4.2 every the an ext interesting is the illustration of thefranchise"s infamous and also despicable baddie, Kefka. The maleantagonist the "Final Fantasy VI" has actually apparently changed withthe ultimate goal of pass the human being into utter destruction,according to (http://www.usgamer.net/articles/kefka-comes-to-final-fantasy-xiv-in-stormbloods-rise-of-a-new-sun-patch-) USgamer .Soit"s the perfect time for players to corridor up ~ above the notoriousantagonist and also take him down once and also for all.

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Learn much more about "Final Fantasy XIV" spot 4.2(https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com//lodestone/topics/detail/75c691f90f4a7da3907f0671ac33e139e9792abf) here.
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Jan 31, 2018
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