To the Wiz Chocobo Outpost¶

Time come bid Coernix station - Alstor goodbye and continue trying out Duscae, this time by heading south. Once you came down on Coernix station - Alstor Prompto virtually certainly bothered you about some chocobos come the south, and also this sparks the side search “Friends the a Feather”.

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While most other sidequests are simply a resource of experience and also treasure, “Friends that a Feather” has actually a very lucrative payout at the end: the capability to rental Chocobos. To begin this sidequest, take trip to the Wiz Chocobo Post, which you can easily do by obtaining in the Regalia and also picking the choice Auto/Quest Location and also have Ignis drive you to “Friends of a Feather” or just manually drive down the roadway running south-east from the Coernix terminal - Alstor outpost.

Wild Beasts ~ above the open up Road¶

There is something you can do follow me the way, however. Come the west of the road you’ll uncover a white-and-red car. Exactly how did the vehicle get there, what with the unbroken line of roadside barriers? that knows. This occasion can be discovered due east of the north tip the the Neeglyss Pond, simply north-east that the Digythe Haven Campground. If you discover The Nebulawood Parking Spot, you’re too far south. Anyways, you understand the drill - fork over a repair Kit and also you’ll get rewarding compensation in experience and also Gil.

On the method to (or from) the Wiz Chocobo station Prompto might pest you about getting a picture with a Chocobo. Agree to enable him come waste her time to begin “Photo Op: Ranch”. When you come there, simply go to the spot close to the Chocobo corrals to acquire some straightforward experience.

Culless munitions - Wiz Chocobo Outpost¶

When you arrive, examine out the Wiz Chocobo station branch of Culless supplies to discover some new weapons and also accessories. If you’ve acquired the Gil to burn, an update is lengthy overdue, but if money is tight, you might want to host off, as you’ll gain the choice to buy or uncover superior weapons soon enough - in particular, host off top top buying any kind of daggers, together you have the right to just pick some fairly great ones the end of a Treasure clues in a bit.

Culless ammunition - Wiz Chocobo Outpost

Item NamePrice
Airstep Sword300 Gil
Blade the Brennaere300 Gil
Mythril Lance300 Gil
Cutlasses300 Gil
Calamity300 Gil
Kite Shield300 Gil
Iron Bangle1,200 Gil
Garnet Bracelet800 Gil
Bulletproof Vest1,500 Gil
White Sage2,000 Gil
Amulet200 Gil
Towel5,000 Gil
Handkerchief1,000 Gil


Along your method to the Wiz Chocobo Outpost, prevent off come plunder Calamity native a Treasure point out (left). If girlfriend want much more weapon upgrades, however, the Culless munitions shop at the Wiz Chocobo station will glady market you some (right).

Post Kiosk - Wiz Chocobo Outpost¶

Next make your means to the former of the outpost building and plunder a loot spot to score a Camera Strap accessory off the prior porch. This is a Prompto-only accessory the will allow him come take more pictures in a day, so if you’ve got an accessory slot come spare, consider indulging the guy’s hobby. As soon as done, check out the article Kiosk store, wherein you have the right to purchase miscellaneous goodies. Steel Shelf Recipes Vol. 2 will certainly teach Ignis the recipe because that “Prime Garula Rib”, when Memories of FFX is a good purchase for any kind of audiophile.

Item NamePrice
Potion50 Gil
Hi-Potion100 Gil
Elixir400 Gil
Hi-Elixir800 Gil
Phoenix Down1,000 Gil
Antidote10 Gil

Gighee Ham30 Gil
Fine Gigee Ham400 Gil
Luncheon Meat100 Gil
Birdbeast Egg20 Gil
Daggerguill Breast60 Gil
Anak Meat80 Gil
Bulette Shank220 Gil
Garula Sirloin120 Gil
Dualhorn Steam160 Gil
Chickatrice Egg240 Gil

Ingredients (Continued)Price
Wild Onion100 Gil
Lucian Tomato200 Gil
Cleigne Wheat100 Gil
Saxham Rice200 Gil
Sheep Milk10 Gil
Leiden Potato40 Gil
Funguar80 Gil
Leiden Pepper20 Gil
Sweet Pepper50 Gil
Garlic100 Gil

Auto PartsPrice
Pop Art3,000 Gil
Chocobo Sticker1,500 Gil
Moggle Sticker1,500 Gil
Cactuar Sticker1,500 Gil
Memories the FFX100 Gil

Post Kiosk (Key Items)

Key ItemsPrice
Cactuar Statuette500 Gil
Iron Shelf Recipes Vol. 2800 Gil


If you’ve acquired the Gil, pick up the Cactuar Statuette , together it’ll be needed in a quest later on on.

One much more thing come do prior to you talk to Wiz himself is head west, simply off the grounds of the Wiz Chocobo Outpost, where you’ll uncover a Treasure spot containing an steel Bangle. Simply north of there (and slim west, north-west the the outpost itself) is a man standing roughly on a rock, admiring the view. Speak to him and also Ignis will conceive a desire to visit the key of Cauthess. This start the quest “Pilgrimage”, which will certainly be to visit to near the finish of this questing spree.


Search close to the Wiz Chocobo station for an steel Bangle, amongst other goodies (left) then admire the see of the disc of Cauthess to provoke Ignis into asking come visit the key (right).

Friends of a Feather¶

Return come the Wiz Chocobo Outpost and also finally speak come Wiz around the opportunity of renting a Chocob, only to find out the monster task has suspended their rental services. It appears a Behemoth by the surname of Deadeye is the factor why it’s unsafe to ride Chocobos, therefore it’s as much as your band of merry males to loss it. Keep in mind that this will certainly unlock Wiz as a tipster, so do your typical routine and pick the “Talk” choice to unlock map intel because that the surrounding area, check for any brand-new meals and also most importantly, look at the brand-new Hunts. Sadly, nobody of the brand-new meals will stoke Ignis’ an innovative juices.

Hunts - Wiz Chocobo Outpost

Hunt NameHunt LevelRank (Stars)
Red in Tooth and Claw12**
A Behemoth Undertaking15**
Exorcism that the Nebulawood19**
Thunder in castle Thar Hills21**
A many Behemoth Undertaking62****


Inquire about renting a Chocobo to get some negative news (left) climate take on the hunting “A Behemoth Undertaking” come rectifiy the instance (right).

Make sure you choose up the hunt “A Behemoth Undertaking” , as this hunt and “Friends the a Feather” operation parallel to each various other for the rest of your duration… return you’ll desire to keep complying with “Friends that a Feather” , as you need to go around this hunt in a rather specific way. Can’t miss any kind of set-pieces, after all. When you feel like you’re prepared to go, head phibìc to the brand-new marker on her screen, whereby you’ll hear a loud growl and also see part trees gift toppled over. See? set pieces.

Continue north-west a little bit until you discover a fork, in ~ which suggest follow the new trail to the north-east, watch more trees acquire drunk and fall over, and note you’re no longer in the “world map”. Friend are, in fact, in a dungeon - let’s colloquially contact it “The Behemoth’s Lair” - which way no saving until this work is over with… not unless you leave, anyways.

Continue deeper right into the Behemoth’s Lair and also grab some Voretooth Bristles turn off the ground. This things room worth 120 Gil each, and also it’s same compensation for killing together beasties. The location is littered with them, by the way, and that should offer you same warning regarding what you’ll conference ahead. If in any type of doubt about your ability to fight turn off a mess of such critters, whip up some Blizzara magic, together they’re weak to cold. It’s basically a means to develop an “I win” strike for any encounter v Voretooths. Push on and you’ll end up getting ambushed by part Voretooths… rather a couple of Voretooths. Blast them through magic, or deal with them the great old fashioned way.


Collapsed trees mark Deadeye’s passage, as well as the enntrance gate his lair (left). Voretooths have the right to be quickly and also easily exterminated v a straightforward cast the Blizzara (right).

After her encounter v the Voretooths you’ll come throughout a break-up in the path. Go southern to find an initial to with a dead end with a loot clues (Crooked Helixhorn) wait for you, climate backtrack come the fork and continue north-east come reach one more fork in the road. Explore south-east to find one more dead-end v a loot point out (Behemoth Horn), then undertaking down the northern fork.

Not long after the you’ll with a wall with a small passage running through it. Only method to proceed is to crawl top top through, but before you enter, Gladio will stop you and also wisely take it the lead. Good bodyguard! progressively follow him and you’ll capture your an initial glimpse the Deadeye, who is absolutely one terrifying and also ugly bastard. Keep complying with Gladiolus, endure a close call with Deadeye, then continue crawling until you emerge on the other side. This component of the Behemoth’s Lair is quite foggy, however don’t let that deter you: proceed north-west, then east, north-east come reach some logs you have to duck under, then turn north-west, climate north to discover a fence you have to leap over.

Once over the fence proceed forward until you capture sight the Deadeye, whereby the party will banter, eventually formulating a straightforward plan: you’ll have to track Deadeye ago to his hideout, yet you cannot be watched by him or shed the trail. If either of those things happen, you’ll it is in thrown back to right prior to jumping down. If you happen to get too close, the red bar in ~ the height of the display will display up and also you’ll have an chance to hide behind something come get ago into stealth. Although the special mist doesn’t assist with things, it have to be straightforward to store the perfect street away from him, which happens to be with his tail being visible and maybe a faint trace of his body. Friend can’t go wrong relocating from cover come cover while maintaining Deadeye (barely) in sight.


Sneak behind Deadeye, continuing to be out of sight as you monitor him back to his den (left). The fight against Deadeye have the right to be trivialized through blasting explosive barrels through fire magic (right).

When you with the north-east edge of this area, Deadeye will certainly jump onto some rocks and that’ll it is in the end of the little tracking section. Stupid meandering behemoth. Anyways, before you squeeze v a cleft in the rocks turn south and also explore the south-eastern edge of this open, foggy area to uncover a dead-end route which holds yet one more loot spot (Strong Bone). Seize it, then head come the north-eastern end of the area and make usage of Noctis’ slender physique come slip v to the north.

After girlfriend shuffle v the crack you’ll uncover your party wait for you. How? What? Oh, never-mind. Continue north and also you’ll discover a fire elemental deposit. If friend don’t have any fire spells handy, absorb some fire elemental energy, make part fire magic and also equip it, as it will certainly prove come be really useful in the upcoming battle. Bring on come the north-west and drop down a ledge to reach part ruins, then make your means west, drop down another ledge and round a edge to the phibìc to finally square off against Deadeye.

One of the very first things friend will notice is the there room a bunch that red metal barrels around, and gamers need to instinctively recognize what that method - they punch up! These can be offered as weapons versus Deadeye, as you can cast some fire magic in ~ them when the Behemoth is adjacent to transaction some great damage (and also score 10 AP for fulfilling the strategy). In enhancement to being weak come fire, Deadeye is likewise weak come shields and also greatswords, do Gladiolus among the much better characters in this battle. Regardless of his size, Deadeye is fast and an extremely powerful, capable of dealing massive damage with his attacks. Still, the weakness to fire is almost insurmountable because that the Behemoth - two or three good barrel shots have to take the out.

After ultimately finishing off Deadeye make your way north and also ascend a little hill to the west to claim a loot clues (Broken Harmonica), then continue north to find a feet in wall Noctis deserve to slide-kick through as a means of egress. Regrettably those flimsy metal sheets formed an impassible barrier when approached from the various other side, because… reasons. Anyways, return to Wiz for your reward (your double reward, in fact!), which has the standard experience, Gil and also items but most important the ability to rental Chocobos native the Rent-a-Bird makers you’ve seen littered roughly the game’s world.

Once Deadeye is no longer a threat, you’ll be able to rent and ride Chocobo (left). As you ride them, they’ll level up, gaining stat boosts and also special abilities (right).

Potion50 Gil
Hi-Potion100 Gil
Elixir400 Gil
Hi-Elixir800 Gil
Phoenix Down1,000 Gil
Antidote10 Gil
Gold Needle50 Gil
Smelling Salts50 Gil
Maiden’s Kiss100 Gil

You now have actually the capacity to rental them because that up to seven days at a time (at a cost of 50 Gil per day). Together you ride Chocobos they’ll level up, providing them long-term bonuses to speed and stamina and also special abilities… and also honestly, it can be a nice adjust of pace from walk on foot or taking the Regalia everywhere, specifically if you’re walk to it is in going off-road any considerable distance.

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Seek out Camilla (the character v the environment-friendly Chocobo symbol standing near the Chocobo pens) to customzie her Chocobos, if you wish. Granted together of right now your alternatives are somewhat limited, however you can attain seeds and also fruit through completing specific quests and also winning Chocobo races that will rise your customization options, including various colored feathers and also medals (who doesn’t want to cover their beloved Chocobo with swag?!). Girlfriend can additionally buy assorted Greens indigenous Camilla to feeding to her Chocobo for short-lived boosts. You’ll feed her Chocobos once you camp, appropriate after you feed yourselves - if girlfriend don’t buy any type of special Greens you’ll simply feed castle Gysahl Greens.