Holly works for EXINERIS Industries, overseeing operations at the power plant in Lestallum. After Chapter 7 ends you’ll instantly start the pursuit “A Precious Source of Power”, the successful completion of which will certainly impush Holly sufficient for her to afflict you via even more quests. As much as rewards are pertained to, she’s rather of a less-lucrative Vyv - she still offers plenty of gil, but not as much as Vyv, but she compensates rather by giving better endure. Expect to gain 9,000 endure and also 17,500 gil over her 3, relatively basic quests.

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After helping out in EXINERIS, Holly will certainly foist other jobs upon you (left), the initially of which is check heavy steam valves (right).

After completing “A Precious Source of Power”, Holly deserve to be found waiting for you external the EXINERIS power plant. Talk to her and she’ll pass on some busy job-related - find eight vapor valve pipes and also inspect to watch if they’re leaking, and if so, settle them. All of these pipes are blue and come in teams of three. Their areas are as follows:

From the EXINERIS Power Plant head south-east up one trip of stairs and also down an additional flight, rotate south-west dvery own an alley, then rotate south-eastern aget to find some pipes on your left.From the EXINERIS Power Plant head south-east up one trip of stairs, dvery own 2 flights of stairs, then continue south-east to discover the pipes, merrily bellowing heavy steam.From the EXINERIS Power Plant head south-east up one trip of stairs, dvery own 2 flights of stairs, then turn ideal to discover the pipes you"re trying to find.North-eastern of Surgate"s Beanmine.In the alley south-west of the Culmuch less Munitions - Lestallum shop, the alley that connects Culless Munitions - Lestallum to Surgate"s Beanmine.In the alley south-west of the Culless Munitions - Lestallum shop, the alley that connects Culmuch less Munitions - Lestallum to Surgate"s Beanmine.Between the Tozus Counter restaurant and the Moatte"s Odds "n" Ends shop is an alley running north. These pipes are on the wall north of the alley.From Fallstar Foods head dvery own an alley to the north-eastern, the pipes are to your ideal.


Look for the pylon through the ropemeans auto moored beside it (left) as these pylons will have actually a ladder you have the right to ascfinish to examine the machiery up height (right).

Return to Holly after “Steam Valve Inspection” to pick up her next round of busy-occupational. This time there’s a trouble through the ropeway, and you need to go examine three pylons and also view if you deserve to discover the problem and solve it to acquire the ropeway moving aget. This is actually split up into 3 sub-searches, “Power to the Pylons I”, “Power to the Pylons II” and also “Power to the Pylons III”.

The first pylons you’ll have to examine are just south-west of Lestallu, north of the road. From the center of the search area (where the search marker is) head west to uncover a pylon through a ropeway auto near it, and also, more importantly, a ladder that allows you range the pylon. Do so, check the machinery up there, and move on ot the next one.

The other 2 pylons are going to job-related more or much less the exact same way - head to the search location and find the pylon with a ropemethod automobile parked close to it, which incidentally is additionally the pylon with the ladder in that location. The following one (“Power to the Pylons II”) is north of Old Lestallum. The Pylon you’re in search of is alengthy the north finish of the search area.

Finally head over to the search are for “Power to the Pylons III”, which is north-west of Old Lestallum. The pylon via the ladder is north of the search marker, just south of the road that leads to the Rachsia Bridge Fishing Spot.

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Holding Back the Dark¶

LestallumFinish “Power to the Pylons”4,000 EXP / 10,000 gil

Return to Holly for her next - and also last - search, and also this time she’s obtained an excellent excuse. She can’t examine all the lighting structures that need checked in a single day, and also she’s not about to fight any kind of daemons, so some strapping solid lads will certainly have to do the job for her. Due to the fact that there aren’t any of those in this game, Noctis and also his friends will need to suffice.

First stop is the Burbost Souvenir Emporium, wright here you’ll should search some fenced-off machinery alongside the outpost’s namesake shop to find that this, of course, isn’t the source of the trouble. Next off make your way to the Coernix Station - Cauthess and also search an electric box in a parking lot north of the outpost’s caravan.

After that’s been inspected, you’ll must move on to the third spot: Cauthess Rest Area. From the Crow’s Nest Diner - Cauthess, head north previous some fuel tanks, leap a railing, then make your means to the eastern wevery one of the warehome to find another electric box. While you’re inspecting it a pack of Voretooths will certainly display up, which by currently must be little bit even more than nuisances to be swept aside at your leicertain. Still, looks like Holly was justified in fearing fiends and also sfinishing you in her stead.

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Report ago to Holly again and she’ll decide that she’s done taking on even more jobs than they can attain and also disclose some of her backstory, after which she’ll offer you the hefty reward that made this worthwhile. True to her word, she’s done giving you searches.