Finland"s tech development ecosystem has actually provided increase to companies like Nokia and also Roby means of, the firm... <+> behind Angry Birds

Kilpisjärvi in Lapland has actually the cleacolony air in Europe The Aurora Borealis deserve to appear more than 200 nights a year There are 3.3 million saunas for their 5.3 million populace When Reader’s Digest did an international test on honesty, 11 out of 12 walallows deliberately left abandoned around Helsinki were returned, ranking it the safest city in the people

It’s not surpincreasing then, that The World Happiness Report called Finland also the happiest location to live, yet it’s additionally a hotbed for entrepreneurs, specifically in the healthtech area, for a couple of vital reasons:

1. Tech And Design Are In The Finnish DNA

A couple of weeks back, Stephen Bourke from Echo told me that historically, architecture had mainly been an ‘unloved’ area in healthtechnology. He was appropriate. But when you look across the healthtechnology landscape, the best assets carry out have style front and facility, and Finland is a country via design in its DNA. Finnish designer Eero Aarnio crafted James Bond’s favorite seat, Finnish style home, Marimekkois, is an international brand that grossed €102M in revenue last year and also, simply put, Finland has been establishing trends for years.

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Incorporated with the Finnish penchant for style is a track record of structure technology service providers. First Nokia, then Rovio, the agency behind Angry Birds, which has actually been downloaded over 2 million times, it’s clear that Finland is not only embracing tech, however pedigree in architecture adds a much-necessary emphasis to locations prefer healthtech.

2. There Is An Innovation Ecosystem

I flew out to Finland last month with Microsoft to visit their Helsinki office, which remained in reality, the superior previous house to the Finnish tech giant, Nokia.

If you’re going to be excellent at healthtech it’s all around fostering and creating the problems to facilitate that fostering. Whether it’s computer system vision, AI, robotics, frankly, the technology is currently here - it’s actually about applying it in health and wellness to actually settle a problem. That calls for accessibility to customers and also feedago to iteprice, yet as many kind of healthtechnology entrepreneurs will certainly tell you, neither are easy to come by and also that’s the challenge for anyone looking to build a healthtech cluster.

To foster that innovation in Helsinki, I experienced an ecomechanism in which university, hospital and startups coexist. The Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (HUS), is a joint authority consisting of multiple hospitals across southern Finland. They explained their partnership via the university as "choose a married couple,” however did clarify easily that it was a “excellent marriage!” They create lots of research study together (over 3000 write-ups per year) and also say of their medical students that they “constantly strive for better” and “challenge us to be much better,” which, as a two-method street is a good driver of technology right into wellness through openness and also accountcapability.

In the hospital that we visited, students, clinicians and technology startups were mingling on the ground floor. A VR pop-up area even gave startups the capacity to showcase and also offered everyone passing the possibility to try out the tech, critique it and also open up a dialogue for better expertise of each other’s human beings.

3. The Hospitals Are Open For Innovation

The HUS New Children"s Hospital is focused on demanding, specialized healthtreatment for youngsters. The... <+> hospital offers treatment for patients from all throughout Finland also and has actually an superior amount of cutting edge modern technology.


With tech inevitably second-nature to Finns, tright here comes a trust, an expectation and a push for institutions to adopt it wherever possible. On visiting the HUS New Children’s Hospital, we were greeted not by a reception desk, yet by a substantial 20ft digital aquarium inhabited by fish attracted by youngsters in an auditorium as superior as it was efficient and also stylish (see above). Tablets allowed patients to check-in effortlessly using a barcode scanner on their appointment emails/printouts and children pick an avatar which actually complied with them along their journey via the hospital on the nearemainder display.

Tech for tech’s sake? Not really. On one level, stress and anxiety and also stress reason a large number of problems in pediatrics, so measures favor the digital aquarium, creating an atmosphere that kids actually want to be in, deserve to be remarkably necessary. And secondly, for cynics on the avatar device (I was one), it is now being looked at by adult hospital counterparts, as a result of the unintfinished effectiveness benefits via file and communication. Tright here was even a device that accumulated live information on room intake by clinicians, definition all clinicians received their fair share as alplaces might change, live.

4. They Collect Valuable File (and have done for a while)

HUS have a lot of data. And it’s valuable information as well. They"ve gathered structured laboratory data since 1970 and supplied electronic medical records because 1991, they have actually 2M patients’ genomic data, 65M medical record remarks, 20M imeras and 400M lab tests worth of information. They likewise integrate wellness and social care to make a network that actually collects all that data fairly successfully. Though despite seeming even more ahead, they actually talk of many type of of the same frustrations and also challenges that we have in the UK (for instance, there are still places wbelow patients obtain letters), but make no mistake, they are a lot closer to a digital nirvana than we are.

Microsoft’s Tech

HUS used Microsoft cloud options to produce a Virtual Hospital, which gives remote wellness solutions in combination with more traditional clinical treatment to boost access and rise performance by allowing healthtreatment experts to treat even more patients via the very same resources. It also reduces the expense of providing and receiving clinical solutions and also delivers a greater high quality of customer-centric care to people throughout Finland also. It could seem a basic solution, however to deploy it at range and also actually improve the in its entirety high quality of care for everyone is a difficulty incredibly well conquer.

Visa Honkanen, Director of Strategic Development for Helsinki University Hospital commented:

In healthtreatment now, we have even more and also even more means to assist patients, and also more people who need our assist, but we don’t have actually limitless resources. So it was quite natural for us to start making use of these digital services… We have actually calculated that if we can usage virtual therapies to decrease outpatient visits by only 5 percent, which is a really conservative estimate, we will pay for these digital services 5 times over in simply three years."

The UK

Everyone have to take a leaf out of the Finnish book and appreciate that tbelow is ROI on great design in healthcare. In the UK, we’re absolutely acquiring tbelow and also tright here is a good instance in Liverpool.

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and also Alder Hey Children’s Charity partnered with leading digital studio, ustwo, to design the Alder Play application with the aid of their patients. The application provides gaming and augmented fact to distract youngsters that are having actually inpatient steps. Similar to the HUS New Children’s Hospital, young patients select and name their own avatar that helps them understand their hospital visit and also aid calms them throughout their continue to be. Their avatar also pops up at miscellaneous hospital areas throughout their visit and helps them collect rewards adhering to actions that allow them to access brand-new content. Within Alder Play, paleas are likewise able to communicate with a chatbot called Ask Oli, which supplies IBM’s Watkid technology to permit concerns to be answered in actual time.

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Nicki Sprinz, Managing Director at us2 London, said:

Us2 is immensely proud of the job-related we"ve done in partnership via Alder Hey. Our mission is to make assets and also solutions that have actually a coherent affect on people"s daily resides and we cannot think of somepoint more systematic than functioning via Alder Hey to transdevelop children"s experience of hospital."


James is the founder of somX, sustaining the ideal healthtech service providers in the human being and he hosts The Health-Tech Podcast, which has listeners in >100 countries. Heis an

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James is the founder of somX, sustaining the best healthtech carriers in the human being and he hosts The Health-Tech Podactors, which has listeners in >100 countries. Heis an anaesthetics and also ICU physician by training, has actually organized duties in leadership, administration and innovation at NHS England also, Health Education England also and also the British Medical Journal and also formerly directed two healthtechaccelerators; DigitalHealth.London, which offered startups with sector access to the NHS, saving £48M for the UK wellness company and also HS.Ventures, which developed and also scaled deep innovation service providers. He has levels in medicine, bioclinical sciences and also education and learning and is a guest lecturer on healthtechnology development and entrepreneurship at academic organizations roughly the civilization.