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being Christian, I have actually nothing against the Methodist. I came below with a girlfriend a couple times for service. The structure itself is very nice. It has a practiced design and also the within is cool.

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Worship with Us!Whether you"re a regional or a visitor just passing through, come in and find out what we"re about.If you"ve never remained in the downtown area, you have to take the moment to drive with it. We"re only a couple blocks east of the majestic Capitol structure at the corner of Monroe and also Capitol Streets. This beautiful Methodist church is an ext than 100 years old and also in the love of historic downtown Jefferson City.But while the setting, the building and the history are great, that"s no what makes very first United Methodist Church of Jefferson City precious visiting.It"s the people.It"s just how God is active, real and also alive in every ministry of the church.First joined Methodist Church is a welcoming community, cultivation in God"s grace, seeking come be active followers the Jesus Christ.Celebrations of WorshipFirst joined Methodist Church offers four worship solutions each weekend. SATURDAY - 6:00 p.m. A small, much less formal service in the Chapel with hymns, liturgy, preaching and an possibility to share an individual prayer praises and concerns.SUNDAY - 8:30 a.m. Traditional worship organization (hymns, choirs, liturgy and also preaching) with an emphasis on prayer praises and also concerns. Communion is offered weekly. SUNDAY - 9:45 a.m.A modern-day service with modern music, drama and dynamic preaching.SUNDAY - 10:50 a.m. Classic worship business (hymns, choirs, liturgy and also preaching)KRCG-TV 13 10:00am Sunday MorningGot Kids? Sunday Morning Children"s MinistryBabies and also ToddlersNursery treatment is available for all children 3 year old and also younger during all the Sunday morning worship solutions from 8:30 a.m. Come 12:00 Noon.Located ~ above the key level (second floor). In the nursery we use the Quiet call Nursery Paging system. This mechanism loans parents a vibrating pager i beg your pardon discretely allows them know if they are essential in the nursery. Pagers are changed when kids are picked up.ChildrenChildren room welcome in any kind of worship service! Children"s packets room av...