Provide baby with soothing comfort utilizing the Fisher-Price My tiny Lamb Platinum II Cradle ‘n Swing, which attributes six different speeds that readjust according to your tiny one’s growth. Choose in between a side-to-side absent or a head-to-toe motion, depending on what baby likes best. A starry light present plays above as soft lambs ~ above the mobile circle come music and also nature sound that space sure come soothe baby to sleep. The five-point harness and insert carry out security, and also you deserve to charge the unit utilizing the had AC adapter or 4 D battery (not included).

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Product HighlightsSwing starts relocating with a straightforward pushSide-to-side and also head-to-toe swinging setting optionsChoose in between six different swinging speeds with SmartSwing TechnologySeat senses baby’s weight to maintain the same speeds as he or she growsMotorized mobile with soft lambs plays music and nature soundsCanopy display screens a starry irradiate showMachine-washable My tiny Lamb insert v a five-point restraint because that supportTeething star toy detaches for use on the goOptional battery-saver procedure using the had AC adapterOperates with four D battery (not included)Legs wrinkles for easy portability and also storageCan challenge left, best or to the centerMaximum weight capacity: 25 lb.What’s IncludedFisher-Price My tiny Lamb Platinum II Cradle ‘n Swing120V AC adapter

Push the totter to interact your an option of two various swinging modes. Baby have the right to swing next to side, favor a cradle, or head-to-toe. The totter will move at six different speeds, and weight sensors ensure the the speeds don’t sluggish down as your small one grows.

During your little one’s rest, a starry light display will project from the over canopy, producing a mesmerizing screen to help him or she drift turn off the sleep.

A motorized mobile featuring soft tiny lambs circles over the swing, while playing music and also nature sound as tranquil accompaniment. Baby can stay secure many thanks to the My tiny Lamb insert with a five-point restraint, and also the detachable star toy offers on-the-go entertainment.

You have the right to either plug the unit in using the had AC adapter because that battery-free operation, or use 4 D battery (not included) to strength your small one’s seat. Urgent legs do the swing basic to store and also transport.

Product Description

Soft, sweet, and oh-so-soothing – v two swinging motions and a selection of various other customizable features that let girlfriend choose and also combine what infant likes best! Plug-in option saves on batteries so baby have the right to relax, swing and play in soothing comfort to had music or nature sounds.


Two swinging motions to help soothe baby: side-to-side cradle or traditional head-to-toe swing motionSix totter speeds, 16 songs, reassuring nature soundsTwo-position recline through 3 flexible seat positions: right-facing, center, left-facingEasy to transform to various positions-just press button and also turnMachine-washable chair cover v deluxe My tiny Lamb human body insert and also head support.

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