So you"ve bought your Fitbit, you take it the end of the box, and you"re just about to strap it on her wrist just to fit the end it doesn"t fit. You was standing there defeated in her workout clothes, throw her brand brand-new Fitbit versus the wall, walk to the freezer come grab a pint of ice cream, rotate on Netflix, and cry yourself asleep. Don"t permit this it is in you! You have the right to avoid unnecessary returns and also frustration through making sure you know what size of Fitbit friend need.

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Does dimension really matter?

Yes. Yes it does. Different models the Fitbit can have lot of sizes, and getting the appropriate size no only method that girlfriend will be able to wear it, but wear that properly and also comfortably.

How tight should my Fitbit be?

Your Fitbit will provide you the many accurate results if friend wear that properly. Fitbit says that for daily use your wristband have to not be also tight, but rather loosened enough that it have the right to move ago and forth. Additionally keep in mind that if you room buying a Fitbit that has a heart price monitor, Fitbit suggests that during workouts you relocate your wristband about two finger widths up from the wrist bone and also tighten the tape so it"s secure yet not tight.

How to measure her wrist before buying a Fitbit

What sizes of Fitbit are there?

If you go to a retailer - together as best Buy, Target, or Walmart - you will only be able to find the tiny and large sizes. However, numerous Fitbit models actually execute come in an extra large size together well, yet only straight from Fitbit. Pro tip: you have the right to usually choose the extra large size in ~ Amazon together well.

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Due come the different shape and also feel of each Fitbit wristband, the indigenous small, large, and extra huge don"t average the exact same thing because that each wristband. So take a look at the Fitbit you"re going to buy and measure the circumference of her wrist prior to making a purchase.

Fitbit Flex 2
Small: fits wrists that space 5.5 come 6.5 customs (139mm - 165mm) in circumferenceLarge: fits wrists that are 6.5 to 7.9 inch (165mm - 200mm) in circumference

The Flex comes packaged with a wristband of each size, so girlfriend don"t need to worry about buying the dorn size!