The Flex 2 is a chic, minimalist fitness-tracking waterproof Fitlittle (through bangle and also pendant accessories) that will store you motivated for exercise. Here"s our Fitlittle bit Flex 2 hands-on evaluation.

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Flex 2: a minimalist chic waterproof fitness tracker

BySimon Jary, SVP Consumer


The Fitlittle bit Alta, with its larger, more informative display screen expenses even more at £129.99 (US$149.95; €149.95), and the heart-rate surveillance Fitlittle bit Charge 2 costs £129.99 (US$149.95; €159.95). So the Flex 2 is Fitbit"s many affordable wristband tracker.

Using its MEMS 3-axis accelerometer the Fitlittle Flex 2 tracks Steps, Distance, Calories Burned, Active Minutes and Hourly Activity, Swimming, plus Sleep Duration and Quality. It lacks the altimeter existing in the Fitlittle bit Charge 2, Blaze and also Surge, and so doesn"t meacertain Floors Climbed.

It also misses out on the even more serious multi-sport functions boasted by the Charge 2, Blaze and also Surge. This is the factor it doesn"t attribute the heart-price monitor discovered in those various other Fitlittle trackers. It beats them all at swimming, however.

When you gain calls and texts Flex 2 vibrates and also the LED display screen flashes its colour-coded lights discreetly. Without a proper display screen, the Flex 2 doesn"t display Caller ID as soon as the user"s phone rings as the Fitbits with larger displays perform. So the Flex 2 supplies the significant activity tracking features yet not all the sports stuff and smartphone bells and whistles.

The Flex 2 will alert you once you"re inenergetic for as well lengthy in the time of the day via its Reminders To Move warns, which are triggered if you miss out on the 250-action an hour minimums. This have the right to be switched off, however is an excellent means to get you out of your chair to walk around and also stretch your legs and acquire relocating.

Fitbit Flex 2 review: theinitially waterproof Fitbit

It is, yet, only one of two Fitlittle trackers that arefully waterproof and also boast the capability to track swimming as an exercise.You have to enter the length of your pool in order to accurately count laps, and this is done through the Fitlittle bit app. We"re told that it works via front crawl (freestyle), backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. The various other waterproof Fitbit is thehigh-finish smartwatch; review our Fitlittle bit Ionic review.

You deserve to wear it in the shower or bath, unprefer the various other only water-resistant trackers from Fitlittle bit. Also, see our round-up of the finest waterproof swim trackers. We think that the Flex 2 might even be used by some Fitlittle bit enthusiasts as a second tracker particularly for the pool.

The Flex 2 is Fitbit"s first appropriately waterproof fitness tracker, and also can track your swimming as an exercise activity. We haven"t fully tested the Flex 2 on a rigorous swim, but will certainly update this testimonial when we have. The Flex 2 steps your Swim Duration, and calculates calorie burn throughout your time in the pool.

Fitlittle does not recommend extfinished exposure to water, so do not leave it in a bucket of water overnight. Like you would!

In fact, we suspect most of the Fitbits aren"t as water sensitive as Fitbit alerts. The firm took a large PR hit when one of its old wristbands (the wonderful yet cursed Force) was blamed for offering some individuals a nasty wrist rash. Fitlittle bit discontinued the Force, and also its replacement, the Charge HR, was a substantial success. Bit since the Force the agency has been wary of recommfinishing its customers store the wristband also on for extended periods of time and definitely not in water.

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Yahoo tech columnist David Pogue spoke to a Fitlittle bit product manager that (shhh) admitted that also the Fitlittle bit Charge 2 could be worn in the shower without damages, as lengthy as the shower isn"t super-powered. Pogue tried this out and also had no troubles with his Charge 2. But just the Flex 2 is guaranteed waterproof by Fitbit, and also is the just Fitbit to proactively track swimming.