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You’d think that with a title like this, this episode would have an ext to carry out with gymnastics 보다 it does with food, and that is about right.

Japanese initial Episode Title: 旨味の綱渡り


After hours of relentless preparation and far-reaching amounts of stinky meat, Yukihira is ultimately ready to challenge Akira in a bear-meat battle. The episode begins with a small introduction on why Akira has actually turned douchebag, obviously (and ns saying obviously due to the fact that as a character he is very flat) having to perform with his relationship to Jun and also how he to be trying to defend her from being kicked the end of the school and also having her research going come waste. For this reason in this tiny intro, we see Azami blackmailing Akira and convincing the to sign up with the elite ten for Jun’s sake.

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Onto the battle, we are presented to part unnecessary genius pair (god forbid there’s actually any adults act adult jobs in this place), and Azami’s brother and also Alice’s father, a man with some pretty extreme eyebrows whose name ns cannot recall. They space going to be the judges that this match.

Akira is recreating a version of southern American fried chicken, i m sorry I assumed was hilarious, given how negative the top quality of that sort of point usually is. He supplies juniper berries, and I’m once much more impressed in ~ the food knowledge approximately this show. Yukihira is following the exact same path and also deep-fries the meat also, making use of all the knowledge he acquired from the expedition to mountains.

He serves the food and also the judges are very impressed. The episode ends just before Akira offer his very own dish. Ns hungry.

Episode Highlights

Jun and also Akira: Yeah, Akira is one of my favorite characters in the show, and also there are a few reasons for that (the key one being the he is hot), however he is very flat. Everything around him deserve to be summed up in one sentence: he was a homeless Indian kid that was embraced by Jun due to the fact that of his perfect nose, and also he is eternally grateful to her. Once I witnessed him joining the upstream ten, I just knew it had actually something to do with his relationship with her.

The imagery, the nudity, the tension: Well, the metaphors in this illustration were completely out the control. Ns think there to be so lot dragging through Yukihira and Akira punching each other on a tightrope at a mountain cliff half-naked that i felt together if there to be not lot cooking affiliated – as in the cooking was too simplistic to cover the bulk of the illustration so they had actually to resort to pointlessness.

The onsen: ns think the the very first time during this display that there to be so much focused male nudity. Particularly in the warm springs scene, the felt so unforeseen to have the guys flaunting your boobs rather of creepy shots the girls’ boobs and butts.

Choices the outfit: Hokkaido, lots of snow, and Yukihira walks approximately with his shirt open, involvement Akira who is wearing the most dramatic of coats ~ above the roof that the building. Might have believed this through a tiny bit better.

How plenty of Nakiri’s space there?: Well, follow to that really convenient little diagram, the is Senzaemon (which awfully renders me think the Pokemon), his dead wife, their two children, Soue (eyebrow guy!) and of food Azami, Alice, and Erina.

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Themes & Trivia

Kid geniuses: Here’s one point I always like come moan about in anime – constant portrayal of young characters, specifically kid prodigies. I am no a huge fan the that ending up being a trope, since yes, there space a few genius kids about the world and also that’s great, but usually knowledge and also expertise is gained through hard work end a very lengthy period the time, and this status can take a life time to achieve. Together Hokusai said on his deathbed: ‘If heaven will expand my life through ten much more years… If heaven will certainly afford me five an ext years of life, climate I’ll regulate to become a true artist.’

Juniper berries: If you’ve ever before tried to cook stinky meat (like low-quality minced beef), you’d probably recognize there’s a range of flavors that deserve to be added to aid you out: cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, cumin, and, the course, juniper berries. I discovered them rather recently, and also while overusing castle can an outcome in bitterness, their fresh undertones aid a lot v removing uncomfortable meat aftertastes.

I think I’d shot bear, possibly once.

I have consumed worse things. Plus, this enormous croquette looked pretty damn good.

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