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In continuation to critical week’s amazing turn the events, more dramatic changes start taking ar in Totsuki. The school that was once a an innovative culinary hell because that students and was expelling world like throwing out garbage is now going to be a non-creative and also less hellish college where less civilization will get expelled. Okay.

Japanese initial Episode Title: 火蓋は切られた


Before we get started, let me simply say that there is no cooking, food or boob imagery in this episode. Having established this, allow us move on.

Erina is hiding from her father in the Polar Star dormitory. He, ~ above the other hand, being too busy to offer a shit around his million-dollar daughter, is announcing that all independent institutions within the university (such as research societies) will be dismantled, and also the college will currently be operation on a strict high to low pyramid hierarchy type of structure, where rather of devising their very own recipes, college student will have to follow the instructions and compromise come the specs collection by the college management and consequently, the upstream ten. Sounds like many educational solution to me, not implying that this is a good thing… Azami promises less expulsions and the potential for not really talented student to get a glimpse of the recipes created by remarkable chefs, and learn from them. Part students room happy with that; others, no so much. Sounds pretty mild, till club members room being required to get kicked out of the premises they supplied to run within and also start difficult Eizan, 9th seat, the animal-print-shirt douche to run the evictions to Shokugekis in order to gain their club’s autonomy back. Eizan accepts, but demonstrates to the entirety college the Shokugekis are currently pointless, together he had actually bought off all the judges. BUYING off JUDGES? PREPOSTEROUS!

The judges won’t even try off the food the contestants space making and also are immediately granting wins come Eizan, which provides the whole Shokugeki principle pointless (which provides me wonder – why no cancel the legacy of Shokugekis altogether instead of having to buy off judges everytime… the doesn’t make any type of sense at all) so every clubs withdraw their challenges, other than for Yukihira, who, trying to save his dormitory alive, decides to give it a walk anyway – probably having actually some type of ace increase his sleeve that will turn the tables and grant the victory, together usual. An extremely realistic.

Episode Highlights

This is serious: No more fun and games because that Totsuki academy. Everything is dark and also serious now. Things are gaining out the hand and the culinary human being is fallout’s apart. Noice the dramatic music and worrisome ambience the this whole episode. This is serious.

Worst personality award: Rindou Kobayashi is simply not, like, not my form of personality at all. Those neko teeth and facial expressions, her constant cheer and carefree bitchiness enrages me. Continue to be out the my screen please.

Shutting under the dormitory: Does this make any kind of sense come anyone? I median not simply the truth that Polar Star is the only dormitory in ~ college grounds (where does everyone else live?!) but likewise how they are taking under student accommodation framework where students are actually sleeping? Anyone?

Themes & Trivia

Ultra-shonen logic: DISAGREEMENT? simply sort out whatever with a Shokugeki/card game/battle/stitching contest. The is the answer to everything, and completely legit.  

Still no excited

It might just it is in me however I’d rather watch food porn and also not irrational reforming-education school drama. If only watching shows favor this would make yes, really students value their education more and fight because that the conservation of that quality…

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