September 10, 2021 in ~ 7:07 afternoon EDTBy News StaffDEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Dozens of parental in DeKalb ar were forced to choose up your students from institution Friday after number of bus routes were canceled. The cancellations stemmed from not sufficient drivers arriving for work.

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Channel 2′s Elizabeth Rawlins confirmed that 56 drivers were absent. This disrupted the college day and even intimidated to affect after-school activities like football.

“Yes, yet we would have figured it out and gotten the players there,” said parent Les Psalmonds. “I acquired a keep in mind from the coach that said they no have enough buses to take it the students come the video game tonight.”

Psalmonds claimed parents were put on standby to help with the transportation.

He claims the ar was may be to uncover a bus and also driver, but other parents in the ar were not so lucky.

Parents at Montgomery Elementary school received an e-mail Friday morning listing five buses that would not be picking up or dropping off students.


“I was worried about all the the children who would be left in ~ the bus stop,” claimed parent heather Tomlinson.

It’s uncertain why 56 bus vehicle drivers were lacking Friday, but this comes between the continuous shortage the bus motorists impacting many school systems roughly the country. There was currently a shortage prior to the pandemic, and now it has actually only gained worse.

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In a statement come Channel 2, the DeKalb County institution district states they are experiencing a shortage and also their current drivers room working extra hours to gain students to institution safely and on time. Vehicle drivers have shared comes to with staff, and the district is addressing those concerns.


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