FYI the other "CLUNK" threads have been merged with this thcheck out. We absolutely want to hear around member"s CLUNK problems and resolutions however we don"t need several threads on the topic! Thanks- BIRDMAN********************************************************************************So by currently, a lot of have actually heard of this horrific and perhaps life threatening concern called H.I., The Clunk. I"m surprised I haven"t checked out the million threads on it here prefer an additional location yet, that"s an excellent thing. However, I know there will be, or are, civilization here who wonder around it. I am a certified Ford tech, even though I actually work as a mechanic for the city now, but have actually gone via Ford"s routine and have plenty of credentials and suffer functioning on them at the dealer, just so you understand that I"m not some continuous dude on here telling you what he thinks around it.What is it? - A few possibilties have actually been presented however what most scenarios and also symptoms suggest to is the driveshaft slip yoke, it"s that long floppy neck that slips into the earlier of the carry instance. It has actually splines inside of it that slip over the splines of the transfer case"s output shaft. This location requirements grease bereason it"s constantly moving earlier and forth through even the slightest up dvery own activity of the rear suspension......resulting in the the axle to go up and dvery own and also change angle a little bit and also so forth. There"s a tight seal that it slips right into and also helps store every little thing nice and clean inside. It will additionally keep somewhat of a vacuum inside so that once you pull the driveshaft all the means out, it will certainly make a small "pop" sound. No, your driveshaft is not going to slide all the method out driving dvery own the road or also jumping it.

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"It"s a noise in the rear end" - No, it"s not. Should it be the slip yoke (and that"s what I"m going on here) it"s not in the rear of the car it"s in the center of the auto. Plus, I just have actually issue with the term "in the rear end"....not bereason of some traumatic childhood event but because "in the rear end" implies the differential or axles. A whining ring and also pinion or clutch packs chattering, those are noises in the rear end. The slip yoke might sound like it"s "coming from the rear of the vehicle". So once civilization start throwing out that Raptor"s make noises in the rear finish, it provides the perception that Raptor"s are having differential issues and such.....not the instance. (except for the poor batch of axles that made they"re method into some first run 5.4 trucks)"I can"t think I paid $50k for this, Ford and SVT have to be ashamed of themselves for not creating the Raptor better" - It is not Raptor specific! This concern has been an problem on F150"s considering that "04, also some various other models have had actually it like Expedition"s and even Explorer"s. Tbelow has actually been a TSB (technical organization bulletin....not a recall) for yeeeaaarrr"s. Although I will certainly admit, I wish Ford would have actually discovered out what to do around it by currently."Everyone has actually it" - Umm, no, not everyone has actually it. I have actually a "10 6.2 Super Cab via almost 19k miles.....I do not have have actually it.....and also neither perform alot of human being."Is it on Super Cabs or Crew Cabs?" - Both. "10 and also "11. and also "09, "08, "07, " wright here I"m going via this?"Does it affect performance?" - No. Some think that it"s simply grinding away and also shaving the splines off, not the instance. If anypoint, there may be incredibly little flakes of nickle coating. Ford says to replace the driveshaft if that happens however execute not worry, it is not "hurting" anything. Now I"m no engineer and I"m certain that if it was somepoint straightforward, Ford would"ve figured it out by now. Maybe just a loud pop of grease (remember that vacuum?) or could be something else. But do not problem around it decreasing hp or resulting in the driveshaft and transfer situation to fail, not gonna occur."What was this TSB about?" - It dubbed for the driveshaft to be taken out and also some new grease to be applied inside, that"s it."I had actually the TSB done and it came back" - You and other"s. But guess what? Some have had actually the TSB and it didn"t come ago. It"s been a right fix for some and simply a band-help for others. But remember, not everyone has actually it."But I really perform have actually various other noises going on" - Could be various other points favor the weight by the spare tire coming loose, might be the shock"s fluid popping through the bypass ports (even more normal as soon as it"s cold out.....I live in AZ., it"s never before happened to me). But most of the scenarios have actually been once coming to a stop or increasing from a sheight......that"s drivetrain associated, shocks would be practiacally all the moment.

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These are simply some of the points I see being talked around and also wanted to deal with with my experience. If anyone has actually any various other inquiries about it, just ask.