The Ford combination was presented in the 2006 version year, pour it until it is full a space in the Ford lineup the was once populated by the fairly short-lived Tempo and also Contour. Slotted between the Focus and also Taurus, the blend – in Hybrid trim – is the most fuel-efficient sedan amongst Ford’s present offerings, through gas mileage ratings that 41 city / 36 highway miles every gallon (MPG).

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The blend is easily accessible in front-wheel-drive (FWD) and also all-wheel-drive (AWD). The FWD blend Hybrid provides a 2.5-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine. Non-hybrid FWD Fusions can be fitted with a 3.5-liter V6, a 3.0-liter FlexFuel (FFV) V6, and also a 2.5-liter inline four. AWD Fusions room equipped with either the 3.5-liter or 3.0-liter FlexFuel V6s. FFV models might be more prevalent in the federal government fleet.

We put the Ford combination Hybrid and also the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid to exhaustive roadway tests in 2011 and 2010. Both vehicles had no problem beating the official gas usage estimates.

The Ford combination and Lincoln MKZ are due because that an upgrade in the 2013 version year.


Ford combination Gas Mileage: 2006 – 2013

Year Manf. version Engine Disp. Trans. City Hwy. Comb. Fuel
2013FordFusion Hybrid FWD4 cyl.2 literAuto (CVT)474747Regular
2013FordFusion FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (S6)223426Regular
2013FordFusion FWD4 cyl.2 literAuto (S6)223326Regular
2013FordFusion FWD4 cyl.1.6 literManual 6-spd253729Regular
2013FordFusion FWD4 cyl.1.6 literAuto (S6)233628Regular
2013FordFusion FWD4 cyl.1.6 literAuto (S6)243728Regular
2013FordFusion AWD4 cyl.2 literAuto (S6)223125Regular
2012FordFusion S FWD4 cyl.2.5 literManual 6-spd223225Regular
2012FordFusion Hybrid FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (CVT)413639Regular
2012FordFusion FWD FFV6 cyl.3 literAuto (S6)202823FlexFuel
2012FordFusion FWD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)182721Regular
2012FordFusion FWD4 cyl.2.5 literManual 6-spd222924Regular
2012FordFusion FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto 6-spd233326Regular
2012FordFusion FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (S6)223025Regular
2012FordFusion AWD FFV6 cyl.3 literAuto (S6)182620FlexFuel
2012FordFusion AWD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)172519Regular
2011FordFusion S FWD4 cyl.2.5 literManual 6-spd223225Regular
2011FordFusion Hybrid FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (CVT)413639Regular
2011FordFusion FWD FFV6 cyl.3 literAuto (S6)202823FlexFuel
2011FordFusion FWD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)182721Regular
2011FordFusion FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (S6)223025Regular
2011FordFusion FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto 6-spd233326Regular
2011FordFusion FWD4 cyl.2.5 literManual 6-spd222924Regular
2011FordFusion AWD FFV6 cyl.3 literAuto (S6)182620FlexFuel
2011FordFusion AWD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)172419Regular
2010FordFusion S FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto 6-spd233427Regular
2010FordFusion S FWD4 cyl.2.5 literManual 6-spd223125Regular
2010FordFusion Hybrid FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto (CVT)413639Regular
2010FordFusion FWD FFV6 cyl.3 literAuto (A6)192722FlexFuel
2010FordFusion FWD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)182721Regular
2010FordFusion FWD4 cyl.2.5 literAuto 6-spd223125Regular
2010FordFusion FWD4 cyl.2.5 literManual 6-spd222924Regular
2010FordFusion AWD FFV6 cyl.3 literAuto (S6)182521FlexFuel
2010FordFusion AWD6 cyl.3.5 literAuto (S6)172419Regular
2009FordFusion FWD6 cyl.3 literAuto 6-spd182621Regular
2009FordFusion FWD4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd202923Regular
2009FordFusion FWD4 cyl.2.3 literAuto 5-spd202823Regular
2009FordFusion AWD6 cyl.3 literAuto 6-spd172520Regular
2008FordFusion AWD6 cyl.3 literAuto 6-spd172520Regular
2008FordFusion6 cyl.3 literAuto 6-spd182621Regular
2008FordFusion4 cyl.2.3 literAuto 5-spd202823Regular
2008FordFusion4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd202923Regular
2007FordFusion AWD6 cyl.3 literAuto 6-spd172419Regular
2007FordFusion6 cyl.3 literAuto 6-spd182621Regular
2007FordFusion4 cyl.2.3 literAuto 5-spd202923Regular
2007FordFusion4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd202923Regular
2006FordFusion6 cyl.3 literAuto 6-spd182721Regular
2006FordFusion4 cyl.

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2.3 literAuto 5-spd212924Regular
2006FordFusion4 cyl.2.3 literManual 5-spd202823Regular

– by Daniel Gray