Forgive Me for My guilty I have actually Just started

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Skrillex - violet lamborghini feat. Rick ross

boss and I been the trillestI\"m a bigger trouble when I click v SkrillexMurder top top my ... Mind, it\"s time come pray to GodMy revolver is not religious, the revolution’s bornYou wanna know my

Skrillex - Skrillex & rick ross - purple lamborghini

boss and I to be the trillestI\"m a bigger trouble when I click with SkrillexMurder on my ... Mind, it\"s time to pray to GodMy revolver is not religious,the revolution\"s bornYou wanna understand my

21 Savage - lord forgive me

Verse 1>A hundreds a zip and also I\"m sippin\" top top dropI fight for ... A hunnit\" and also I bought me a dropI traction up on she ... And panties just dropUp 32 shots and you niggas gon\" dropOff through your

Chamillionaire - mine life (feat. Slim thug, trae)

Chamillionaire>My lifeMy life, really feelin difficult times ... Lookin the end my window, holdin my weapon prefer Malcolm X and also ... And also it seems I\"m over-stressin, feelin favor hatin is your

Mims - it is in my hustla

could it is in my hustlaI can be your fiendGirl you ... Do me lean prefer a cup of codeineGive me ... That an excellent shit once I speak to youBaby reason I just ... Can\"t confront withdrawalsBe my hustla, hustla, hustla,

Jess Mills - for my guilty

My Sins i’m right here without youDon’t you know my ... Love is break too-Give me other to believe in, ... When two hearts are breaking they never break even.For

Etherwood - because that my sins

fail meNothing come close, I\"m a beat from breakingI see ... His face in all of its details andEvery time I nearby my ... Eyes he\"s waitingOh I know, I\"ve live faithlesslyI\"m just praying right now that a God

A death For Every Sin - because that my sins

a time whereby hope is lost,I have sworn myself, never ever follow ... The lost souls.Walking this wrong world, prophecizing a bitter end.I won\"t bow ... Under to castle or their god.All her righteous

Best coastline - do you love me like you supplied to

wake as much as the morning sun,When did my life avoid ... Gift so fun?Wish I might care around someone, the ... Method I used to.When will certainly this be done?I\"m constantly crying top top the phone,Because I

R. Kelly - not let me die

R Kelly>Dear God, bring our P-O-Ws homeAnd ours ... Brother on lockdown, homeAMEN!!!JEAH !!! back ... On anyone laptop(HOV) Hittin\" niggas native da shower,

2pac - Letter to my unborn

my unborn child..To my unborn child.. In situation I don ... T do itJust remember dad loves youTo my unborn child..To my unborn.

Perkele - What have actually i done

intention, was to be someone goodAnd I tried, five god ... What I triedI\"m no perfect, you re welcome forgive ... me for my sinsAnd I, I will shot once againWhat have

Dj Khaled - Welcome to my hood

feat. Stack Ross, Plies, Lil Wayne, T-Pain) ... Welcome come my hood(Where the hood at) ... (Where the hood at)Welcome to my hoodEverybody know

Dj Khaled - Welcome to mine hood - ft. Stack ross,plies,lil ..

T-Pain>Welcome come my hood(Welcome come my hood at) ... (Welcome to my hood at)Welcome come my hood ... Everybody know everybodyAnd if I got it everybody got it

Mystic Prophecy - Father conserve me

shadows across the skyThey rip my soul prior to I dieThe ... Seven gateways of hell will certainly presentNow I\"m ready for my defenceMy life... Out of ... ReactionMy mind... Out of controlI feeling his force of attractionWith

Dj Khaled - Welcome to my hood (feat. Stack ross, plies, l..

feat. Stack Ross, Plies, Lil Wayne, T-Pain) ... Welcome to my hood(Where the hood at) ... (Where the hood at)Welcome come my hoodEverybody know

Silver Dust - forgive me

me if i\"m a dreamerWell god has referred to as me house ... TodayI great i might have been much more presentI ment ... To be prior to i diedI\"m sad yet not aloneEh…

Lil rob - If friend should loose me

s up eseYou know, human being trying to telling me just how to execute thisBut I remain foolishAnd ... Brown to the fullestThat\"s rightBut permit me execute things my ... WayLil\" rob styleI gotta walk cuz I recognize that the

Andre Rieu - Amen

"Amen" Ringtone to her Mobile " ... Amen"(feat. Drake & ... Jeremih)I just wanna say thanks to GodFor all the

Dj Khaled - Welcome to mine hood (remix)

feat. Ludacris, T-Pain, Busta Rhymes, Mavado, Twista, Birdman, Ace Hood, Fat ... Joe, Jadakiss, Bun B, Game, Waka Flocka Flame)I\"m foreal about this shit, this the remix (welcome come my

Infected Mushroom - forgive me

you call me a story that I don\"t know? can you present me ... A snapshot that I havn\"t watched before? can you ... Do one point for me ? just permit me know. Deserve to you tell

Proof - pardon me ft. 50 cent

raised through my dysfunctional famHere I stand as a ... Dysfunctional manQuick-tempered, short-fused, ... And also pissed in ~ GodDemons pullin in ~ my soul \"till it\"s ripped apart

Dj Khaled - never surrender (feat. Scarface, jadakiss, me..

your circle tightTrust no one, no one ... Gotta be careful who girlfriend trustingBe aware of your surroundings when you hustlingThem niggas smiling at friend ain\"t your

Busta Rhymes - ready for battle

quot;Ready For War"(feat. M.O.P.) ... Tri-lateral commissionBerkowitz ... Fizzy Wo\", Bust-Down(AiYAHHHHHHHHH!)Everytime I

Eternal Oath - In despair because that my sins

into my dreams and turn the tides that timeBack into the ... Days prior to tearsLife come live in despair for my sinsSee ... me currently in despair for my sinsI watched you fade away,

Critical Acclaim - My guilty

SINSJust one step over the edgeThe ... Board is yes, really wobblyLooking directly in former of me ... Want to deal with the mysterywhy I was standing on the transforming pointand my live is

Maher Zain - pardon me

the battle and also cross the lineI\"m around to make an additional ... MistakeAnd even thought I try to remain awakeEverything ... Roughly me keeps dragging me inI can\"t aid thinking come myselfWhat if my time would

Fiend - pardon me

used the light, uncommon opportunity –The gift that Life, friend see… and blame ... But so tenacious raw-boned handsOf grief ... Will catch me soon... Again!I’m cuddling as much as the ground,

Get fear - because that you

lost myself in a bottle of gin and also I\"m wasted all the moment (all the the time)One more ... Shot for all my f***ing failuresmight just end my life ... (just end my life)And I think if I\"m no mistakenof

Labÿrinth - dice for my guilty (sanctuary cover)

re life in a lie, her tears, repentance fills her eyesyour life is ... Not what it seems to befor you each other agonyyour ... Torture mind will cry out, take it my soul.Die for me, dice for my sins for I\"ve seenmy cold and also bitter

Rebecca St. James - forgive me

all the time I’ve failed You, LordForgive meFor ... All the methods I’ve please shortLord, forgive me nowGod, I’m for this reason in need ... That graceI fall upon my faceForgive meYou see

Sanctuary - dice for my guilty

re life in a lie, your tears, repentance fills her eyesYour life is ... No what it appears to beFor you each other agonyYour ... Torture mind will certainly cry out, take it my soulDie for me, dice for my sins for I\"ve seenMy cold and also bitter

Dark half - forgive me

take a walk exterior to remind myslefI\"m no the only one living in this hellI understand I\"ll ... Most likely need some help, cause I can\"t take it itI go a pair blocks come the liquour storeI know I\"ve been

Hit The switch - Me and my girlfriend radical

and my friend Rad have obtained a most moves,To ... Do it in this race its gonna take every we have the right to give, ... Specify your own finest attribute and also learn come shine,A

Johnny strength - Me and also my rhythm guitar

it\"s me and also my rhythm guitarJust me and also my valuation guitarWell, I to be a happy-go ... Lucky country boyBought me brand new guitarAnd I to be ... Strummin\" oh-of joyJust me and my valuation guitarJust me

The Baseballs - My infant left me because that a dj

met the on Friday nightUnderneath the flashing lightsAnd I don`t know ... What she watch in himHe`s acquired a confront for radio ... Tho livin` in ~ his parents` homeWhy five why

Bethany Dillon - because that my love

towards me I desire to listen The heavens to sing over you once you ... Breathe and look at me I desire to be caught by girlfriend ... Gaze right into my eyes and also let me know you’d struggle Thousands,

Bethany Dillon - because that my love (acoustic)

towards me I want to hear The heavens to sing over you when you ... Breathe and also look in ~ me I desire to be recorded by girlfriend ... Gaze right into my eyes and let me understand you’d hit Thousands,

Chinchilla - Father pardon me

all my sins and also for all of my liesI have to salary for my life the greatest priceThe chief of the dark side is constantly ... Wait stillIt´s payback time for me, oh what a sinTo

Fallen Angels - Descension right into madness

are my eyesas I wade right into the blackMalicious is my ... Intent,control is what I lackTAKE ME DOWN right into THE ... FLAMELUSTING to INFLICT PAINTAKE ME DOWN right into THE FLAME

After Forever - sins of idealism

Child) Hello father, hello mommy ... Over there is so much I don\"t getPlease don\"t be ... Mad in ~ me; I will shot harder,I\"ll really execute ... The ideal I can(Mother) That\"s not

Asia - pardon me

wave coming down on meWashing the end the lieLiving within meLife\"s no hardNow I\"m ... Top top TVThis sudden twist the FateI am direct ... SalvationJust send in your donationI deserve to promise

Phora - Thankful

but constantly thankful, never ever satisfied but always grateful. I ... Placed my previous aside and focus top top the future, ... But it\"s complicated when cat who provided to choose you start to dislike you. And I owe this to my mother for puttin

Alicia secrets - Hallelujah

s a hole in my love I\"ve been hidingI\"ve been ... Solid for so long that I\"m blindIs over there a ar I have the right to go ... Wherein the lonely river flows?Where are afraid ends

Phora - prior to it\"s end (thank you)

just wanna gain to understand myself before my time concerns ... One end. If it\"s possible, probably share my life through ... A friend. Never had nobody love me for the person that I am. I

Ill Niño - pardon me dad

despairSacred pages phone call what will certainly ... HappenFaith will bring me thereI could never command you ... Over there is freedom to believeBefore the last prayer, ... Final prayerBring me thereThere is no escape

Cardi B - everything

know, civilization underestimated meAnd do me feel like I\"m ... Never ever gonna amount come shit due to the fact that I offered to it is in a stripperIt feels like I\"m obtaining whipped in the back, with

Mika - No ar in sky

will girlfriend forgive me for my sinsFather if yes a sky ... Permit me inI don’t recognize where to walk if I ... Should dieWe haven’t to be on speaking terms for

Puff daddy - No means out (intro)

feat. The Family)DamnI would have never thought it ... Ever before woulda been favor thisLife is crazyGod -- please ... Watch end my familyPlease defend emForgive my enemies -- for they understand not

Britney Spears - I´ve just started (having mine fun)

is a little story that I made upSo Let\"s make believe Four years earlier I had actually a ... Partythat was too much fun for meBoy there\"s a sexy guy ... He said he\"d provide me every little thing i needSometimes I let

A$ap Ferg - Persian wine

Intro>Gentle Jesus, meek and also mildLook ~ above his little childPity my simplicity ... Permit me to concerned theeLord Jesus forgive me for my sinsMake certain that

Kottonmouth emperors - Dog\"s life

s Life (low)Wise male he as soon as told meaint ... RollWhen our wheels store spinningI assumption: v they broke the ... MoldI don\"t knowThe life I command is the life of a dogI

Army of The Pharaohs - into the eight of angels

Yeah, uh huhBeen a many shit the I organized backBut I\"ma ... Let you recognize nowBlackout, it\"s gettin\" dark in here ... 1: Faez One>Turn on the light, let me check out what\"s in

Justin Bieber - purpose

like I\"m breath my critical breathFeeling prefer I\"m ... Go my critical stepsLook at all of ... These tears I\"ve weptLook at all the promises that I\"ve keptI put my

50 Cent - Ryder music

Intro>YeahYeah we deserve to ride to thisJust place back, ... Here\"s a taste the my life, that is bitter and also sweetI ... Placed my heart the end to the sounds of ... The drums and also the beatI put my life top top the line when I\"m out

Da tape - execute you understand

Jean>Y\"all listen the guitarsWyclef is in the buildingPuffy came to get meI have officially make the bandI\"m ... Execute you understand where you\"re going toDo you choose the things

The game - favor father, favor son

Verse 1: The Game>June 30th, 11:07 I acquired ... That callShe 8 centimeters, my lil\" man about to fallScuffing my wait Forces, to run ... V the hospital hallDeja vu, favor I been

Rick Ross - Presidential (remix) (feat. Pharell & rockie ..

do take it therefore I\"m the shitJust like a presidential I role ... AroundThe time is ours, it\"s yes, really oursTake off the ... H, it\"s yes, really oursGet money ... You recognize the crib on the water nowThe

Brian Mcfadden - pardon me double

know I\"ve shed youNow what deserve to I ... DoI dont have one answerWords might not ... Erase itI could shot but it\"s so uselessIn the finish ... They\"re just excusesWho have I to be foolingIt appears it\"s

Eterna - pardon me

could be the closureIf the wisdom of secretIs a mistery for the heart?What can be the ... ClosureIf to meet Your mercyIs quiet in the pastIt harms in the deep the my soul

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