Each week, Epic Gamings rewards players for completing all seven weekly obstacles through a special loading display. Complete all seven, you acquire the loading display and also there"s some kind of clue hidden within. This week, there"s a covert Battle Star worth a whole Battle Pass Tier.

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You can see all of Week 3"s obstacles and also exactly how to deal with them right here.

The Seachild 9, Week 3 Loading Screen

Credit: Epic

So that"s undeniably adorable—among the a lot of adorable loading screens in Fortnite, quite frankly. The bit puppies, the sloth guy. Too cute.

The question is, what does it allude to? Where"s the clue? How perform you number out wbelow to uncover the Seachild 9, Week 3 hidden Battle Star?

Well, the trick is to look very carefully at the scribbling and also graffiti on the wall. Let"s magnify that, shall we?

Here"s the clue!

Credit: Epic / Erik Kain

As you can see (or maybe not) this is a pile of cars through the Battle Star on optimal. Now the question becomes, wbelow does one locate a pile of junkers?

The answer is simple: Junk Junction, of course.

Specifically, you have the right to find the pile of junker automobiles on the south side of Junk Junction next to the gate:

The Battle Star area in Junk Junction.

Credit: Epic / Erik Kain

Climb, hop or construct your method to the top and also you"ll uncover the Battle Star. Interact with it and also go up a complete Battle Pass Tier. That gets you closer to the Tier 100 skin, Vendetta, and also to whatever the Utopia Challenge prize is.

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In any kind of instance, finest of luck with the Week 3 challenges!


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