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Spain 5, 25, and also 50 Pesetas 1957
The 1957 5, 25, and 50 pesetas coins native Spain are ones the can gain collector juices flowing. The vast majority of these coins are an extremely common. Practically all coins space low-value pieces. These coins room made that copper-nickel and also are worth only challenge value. A collector can pay a few US dollars to include a totally uncirculated specimen to his or she collection.ALL COINS other than THOSE defined BELOW:worn: less than $1 united state dollar approximate brochure valueaverage circulated: less than $1well preserved: $1fully uncirculated: $5All coins lug the 1957 date. The interesting part is the tiny star on the turning back side of the coin. It consists of two numbers, and details coins with specific numbers are quite rare. You need a magnifier to plainly see the starred numbers. On part coins the star is replaced by the letter BA, and these, also, room rare.The list listed below gives approximate magazine values for distinct coins that have actually star numbers as listed. Worths quoted are for coins in fine preserved problem without any type of problems such as scratches, spots, stains, cleanings, nicks, gouges, bends, and the like.5 PESETASstar number 58, 61, 66: $5star number 63: $30letters BA in ar of star: $15025 PESETASstar number 58: $12star number 61: $35 (must it is in well maintained to reach $35)star number 71: $7star number 73: $60letters BA in location of star: $6050 PESETASstar number 58 with UNA LIBRE GRANDE created on edge: $400*star numbers 68, 69: $800 (issued in to adjust only, not for circulation)star number 70: $100 (issued in set only, no for circulation)star number 72, 73, 74: $50star number 75: $10letters BA in ar of star: $60*A 50 pesetas with star number 58 without UNA GRANDE LIBRE created on the leaf is very common and worth less than $1 us dollar.Coins with star number that space not dubbed out above are worth less than $1 united state dollar.If you have actually a coin in superb top quality it is a great idea to check it out v a expert coin dealer or a knowledgeable collector.

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Coin: 11410, Genre: Colonizers and also Colonies, Timeline: modern-day Created (yyyymm): 201204, last review: 201910 Appearance: regular round coin Metallic gray Letters: Latin Years: sort: 1957, filter: 1957 to 1957 Image: spain_50_pesetas_1957.jpg original inquiry: man francisco franco caudillo de espana por la g de dios bird 5 25 50 ptas star una grande libre eagle shield lion ribbon ribbon eagle eagle falcon lion tiger eight shield comb