One method to measure someone’s level of self-restraint is through seeing how long they deserve to resist diving hand-first into their fast food bag ~ above the method home. Spoiler: Most civilization don’t make it previous the parking lot. Now there’s a product that supports snacking on the french fries while you’re in the car.

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Fries ~ above the fly is a french fried food carton holder the is placed in a cup holder. It provides it easy for you to eat as soon as you can’t prevent yourself from waiting until you get home.


But the quick food fun doesn’t avoid there! Milkmen design created the Sauceomoto, a clip that attaches come your automobile for easy on-the-go dipping. So gain ready to an outbreak the ketchup or sweet and also sour sauce.


If these assets aren’t making you crave rapid food ideal now, friend have much more self-restraint than any of us.

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