The echo chamber that is the technology journalism crowd (card-moving member ideal here) has taken what began via a chuckle and also turned right into a full-fledged -gate the story of the Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen — and also the fact that it"s extremely much feasible to acquire it stuck in the body of the phone. There"s the majority of joking and also plenty of gnashing of teeth — some warranted, some the usual Twitter fodder.

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So let"s gain down to it.

This is what you need to about gaining the S Pen stuck inside the Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 5. Or exactly how to not get it stuck inside the Galaxy Note 5.

This is the a lot of vital point to know

The S Pen goes right into the Note 5 point-first. DO NOT PUT IT IN BUTT-FIRST. IT WILL GET STUCK.

OK, what the hell is going on here?

It"s possible to acquire the Note 5"s S Pen stuck inside the body of the phone. If that happens, you"re practically specific to break something in obtaining it out. At the very least you could lose the ability for the phone to instantly tell when the S Pen has been removed, thus losing the ability for the S Pen software features to fire up automatically.

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That actually possibly a best-case scenario.


How might this happen?

Here"s the essential part: This just happens if you put the pen in backward. That is, ass-initially. This is a redesigned S Pen in a redesigned Note 5, through a click-spring (kind of favor what you"d find on a ballsuggest pen) on the butt, and a reminder, well, wbelow the guideline goes. The suggest is expected to go inside the phone first, and you click the butt to extfinish it a small bit and also rerelocate the stylus.

That spring-loaded section can acquire captured up in the body of the phone if you put it in the wrong means.

This was impossible to execute in previous models of the Galaxy Note, and via the Note 4 you got an audible warning. It"s exceptionally feasible — however unlikely — currently.

Could this occur accidentally?

That"s exceptionally unmost likely. That is, you"re most likely not going to expedition over something and also end up accidentally placing the pen back in the phone the wrong means as you loss.

But if you"re not paying attention and also put the pen in the wrong way? It"s completely possible. (Though that might take things from the realm of "accident" to "negligence.")

This all sounds extremely silly.

One one hand also it exceptionally much is. You need to physically execute somepoint you shouldn"t do — put the pen in the wrong method — in order for it to get stuck. This will not take place any various other method. And this also goes against the herbal way you"ll be holding the pen many of the time. If you"re holding it like a pen via the suggest dvery own, you"ll practically definitely put it earlier in the phone point-first.

On the various other hand, folks — and also to clear, it"s almost absolutely a really little portion of the populace — are obtaining their pens stuck, and things broken. And that"s a large deal once you"re talking around an $800 phone that you"re expected to have for a while.


So is this Samsung"s fault or not?

I think the fault lies a couple locations. This isn"t something that"s going to happen on its own. You"re going to need to physically carry out somepoint you"re not expected to carry out, something that Samsung doesn"t intfinish for you to execute, and somepoint that we said at the outcollection of this entirety mess that you shouldn"t perform and also must be careful not to perform.

So we people must take some responsibility there. Nopoint poor will certainly occur to the bit S Pen if we don"t execute it to it.

But it"s likewise perfectly clear that Samsung knew this was a opportunity. It designed the phone. And for sure it tested this sort of point. And — wait for it — the hand-operated that you didn"t check out any kind of even more than we did says this precise thing could occur.


So what should Samsung do?

We"d recommfinish a couple of things here:

Samsung requirements to occupational via its warranty provider and also the carriers and their warranty carriers on this. It"s certain to be a fairly small amount of tools, and also there"s no reason to not execute the ideal thing and also assist folks out. Charge $50 or $100 or whatever for the swap, however keep it reasonable.And Samsung demands to come out and also execute that publicly, and easily.Update the TouchWiz software so that you acquire the warning around just how to insert the stylus the very first time you pull it out. And make it among those "Tap this box to never before see this again" warnings.The Note 4 had actually a tiny warning if you tried to put its pen in backward. Is it possible to get that back? Then put that same warning in the box on among those bit pieces of paper we never before review.Or probably as a stencil on one of those plastic display protectors you have to take off prior to you can use the phone.

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And what should we do?

STOP PUTTING THE PEN IN THE WRONG WAY. That goes double for anyone who writes around these things for a living. You do not should test if this will actually occur. A few sorry sods uncovered out the tough means.