Has anyone experienced and also battery difficulties with Garmin gps units in general or Nuvi 2589"s in particular? I"ve has two 2589"s I"ve had to return due to the fact that the battery depletes after a short period in storage.

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One died on a expedition after being completely charged the work before. For every little thing reason, the wouldn"t charge or even power up in the automobile with the vehicle charging cable, but would utilizing USB cable running off computer system power. Okay, maybe it to be a defective auto cable, however even after totally charging the unit off the computer, the battery drained if in storage in between uses.

The 2nd didn"t have the not-charging-in-the-car problem, but additionally lost charge in between uses.

Whether there"s any coincidence or not, both devices were purchased from Costco.

I never had any type of battery problems with mine old 255W, also after five years that use.

Anyone else suffer any comparable problems?

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12 years

Sleep mode.

Many that the more recent Garmin nuvi"s go into "sleep mode" through default when you shut castle down. This permits for a rapid boot up, however they do proceed to draw from the battery while in sleep mode. You deserve to do a full power off by pressing and holding the power button untill you obtain the note to strength down.

--Alan - Android Auto, DriveLuxe 51LMT-S, DriveLuxe 50LMTHD, Nuvi 3597LMTHD, Oregon 550T, Nuvi 855, Nuvi 755T, Lowrance Endura Sierra, Bosch Nyon


13 years


I concur through Alan. Examine to make sure you space actually powering the unit down rather than putting it to sleep.

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12 years

new garmins usage a many power

Today"s Garmin GPSs use more power than previous units. The displays are enlarge with greater resolution and also many much more features have been added. The processors are hotter. All this requires a most power.

Alandb is correct. The older nuvis had actually no "sleep". When they were turn off they were really off. Rotate off the 2589 prior to storage by hold the power switch for 5 seconds. A popup appears - touch "turn off."

Car cigar lighter outlets carry out not show up to have any kind of standard. They space notoriously troublesome. If one is intermittent, change it.

In colder areas, general practitioners or cell phone batteries are similar to car battery - as soon as cold, their volume is diminished 50 percent!

Get a Garmin wall surface charger. Use it every time you put the nuvi earlier in service. A computer USB harbor or an off-brand wall charger will most likely be minimal to 500 mA (or 1/2 one amp) if the Garmin will supply one amp. View Cyberian75"s FAQ for the reason why:



12 years

If automobile charger won't charge

If vehicle charger won"t charge and also USB cable does... (Though battery doen"t host charge long) friend may have 2 problems....

I agree battery is one of them.... My 660 ended up needing a battery after ~ 5 years... It was painful come change, however do-able.

But for kicks inspect to watch if auto charger has actually a fuse the it, and maybe it"s blown?

--A 2689LMT in both our cars that us love... And a Nuvi 660 with lifetime Maps that we have had actually literally forever....And a 2011 Ford Escape through Nav system that is completely ignored!
4 years

Low battery

On mine Nuvi 2597 I will certainly occasionally get a low battery notification as the car starts. Mine is hardwired and stays in the vehicle most that the time. I am assuming that is as result of the cold (-15 C or lower) in mine garage and the battery indication come on before the car provides charging power. The battery icon always shows full??

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13 years

Chaecking Sleep Mode

I agree v Alandb, DorkusNimrod, and also Dobs108 statements about Sleep Mode.

From Garmin hands-on of the 2689: entering Sleep setting You can use sleep setting to conserve battery power as soon as your device is no in use. While in sleep mode, your maker uses very tiny power and can wake instantly for use.TIP: You deserve to charge your device faster by placing it in sleepmode while charging the batteryPress The power Key

Exiting Sleep setting 1-Hold the power key until a prompt shows up on the screen. The prompt appears after five seconds. If you release the power an essential before the prompt appears, the device enters sleep mode.2- pick Off.

Keep in mind if the battery is in a weak state the gps will shut down because it won’t complete he boot cycle. Also, sometimes the battery is therefore weak it may shut down also THOUGH you have actually it plugged right into the vehicle when traveling on a route.

It would be clever to invest in a Garmin wall surface charger since it charges faster than a USB connector from your pc . USB connects just at .500 amps, the Garmin wall charger charges at 1 amp.

--Nuvi 2460LMT 2 Units
There is more than likely nothing wrong v the 2597. A vehicle battery"s normal procedure is to continue to be at around 12.5 volts once the vehicle is no running. Once the engine is cranked for starting, the battery voltage drops as low as around 10 volts because that as lengthy as the takes to get started.

It could be that this regular voltage fall is being sensed through the 2597. But there is a possibility that the vehicle battery is weak or its relationships are faulty, therefore the voltage drop is bigger 보다 normal.

Your mechanic have the right to do a cranking voltage check by connecting a voltmeter across the battery terminals and also crank the engine for 15 seconds. If the cranking voltage is as low as 9.6 volts in ~ 70 degrees F (21 levels C) think around replacing the battery.

If the battery is at least 4 years old consider replacing the anyway. Likewise check both wires that go to the battery terminals, and also the other end of those wires at the starter and also engine block (ground). The floor is one often-neglected connection that may not be conveniently visible.

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If you own a late-model vehicle don"t think you space immune to these possibilities. Manufacturers have actually been shrinking the terminals and the battery size and also using progressed battery designs such together AGM, which in mine opinion does no live as much as its billing. I have installed the ideal lead-acid (traditional) battery i can discover in my car.