So this is what we waited 14 months for? Last time we experienced Gary Allan he was looking all dapper in a cruburned velvet suit via a perfectly-folded silk pocket handkerchief, trying to execute his finest Justin Timberlake impression and singing “Hangover Tonight” prefer he had actually a shot at that new warm R&B sound of Thomas Rhett and also Brett Eldredge. Now we view Gary lounged earlier on a couch rescued from a curbside, wearing jeans with a bunch of crap rubbed into them and also a faded novelty T-shirt. He didn’t even bvarious other to put any type of shoes on, bereason you recognize, we’re just chillin’ all casual in this one boys and girls. Shit, Gary most likely hasn’t showered in three days he’s so chill.

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“Do You Wish It Was Me” starts out sounding virtually prefer some demented variation of carnival music. Too poor it didn’t end that method, bereason it would have actually been a hell of a lot even more interesting to hear a nation version of prog rock band Mr. Bungle or Tom Waits as opposed to what Gary Allan serves up via this second single from his incessantly-delayed following album. It’s not that “Do You Wish It Was Me” is bad to the allude of being offensive or anypoint, it’s just pretty a lot automatically and aggressively forgettable, it claims practically nopoint lyrically or sonically, and it is still external of the music that Gary Allan’s career has been the majority of recognized for, leaving long-time fans totally unsatisfied.

The entirety, “Do you wish the perkid you’re loving on was actually me” has been done a million times in music, and also currently it has actually been done a million times plus one. So many thanks for that, Gary. The 2 verses rate right by because there’s almost nothing to them, and the chorus is nothing more than rehashed verses. Gary brings his touring band also into the studio to record the track, and from the means the marketing around the song won’t shut the hell up around this somewhat superfluous fact reflects that they’re hoping Allan will certainly win some street cred by shewing off the studio boys choose Waylon did and favoring the road crew. Maybe it’s the signal of a sea readjust coming from the veteran performer; redemption after the colossal belly flop “Hangover Tonight” took, and having moved from MCA Nashville to EMI Nashville freshly.

But musically, the best takeameans is not the tightness of the band, or the organic nature of the music, even though the crunchy rock guitar tries to get your attention. It’s the rather cool watery organ sound, and also the digital tinkles accompanying it. Typically such dalliances exterior of country music’s prescribed sonic boundaries would be grounds for musical demerits. But in the situation of “Do You Wish It Was Me?” the song is such musical boredom, you welcome any kind of kind of distinct texturing to pique a semblance of interemainder. Too poor the move right into the musical people of Mr. Roboto additionally made its way onto the vocal track, as the hallmarks of the existence of Auto-Track deserve to be clearly heard in Gary’s vocals.

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Gary Allan is due to mount a comeearlier, however “Do You Wish It Was Me?” is neither below nor tbelow sufficient have actually a hand in moving the needle either method. It’s not one of those songs where you say, “It sounds so negative, it’s bound to be a hit on commercial country radio,” nor is it have the right to in any type of means be taken as good. But it’s likewise not truly poor enough where you’re prepared to offer up on Gary Allan altogether. “Do You Wish It Was Me?” is just sort of “tright here,” which in this civilization of polarized attitudes and appetites, and so many type of civilization in search of attention, can be the worst place to be.