The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus released a magnificently funny video last week, however a barrage of hazards and doxxing has actually compelled them to adjust their vital.

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We’d favor to display you a very amusing, uplifting, and clever video newly posted by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. But we’re not certain if we have the right to. It might or might not still appear listed below, as the Youtube version has actually been set to exclusive. And amiddle a 36-hour onslaught of dangers, doxxing, and also digital right-wing mob harassment, the chorus is rerelocating unauthorized versions of the video as quickly as they have the right to. We’re not also certain if the variation below is authorized, yet goddammit, this a really funny satirical video that deserves to be watched umpteenager times.

The ditty is referred to as “A Blog post From the Gay Community,” and it’s a clever before victory anthem around the gradual normalization of gay society among the youth of America (“also grandma likes Rupaul / And the world"s getting kinder / Gen Z"s gayer than Grindr”).

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The wingnut furor has actually focused totally on two lyrics — “We"ll convert your children” and also “We"re coming for your children” — which the QAnon set assumes is an open up declaration of sexually exploitating minors. But a full listen to the track (lyrics here) makes it clear to any type of reasonable listener that the choir is talking about winning hearts and also minds by being funnier, more likable, and better dressed (“Your youngsters will certainly care around / Fairness and also justice for others / Your children will occupational to convert / All their sisters and brothers”).

The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus have currently made this sick video personal, wright here they boast around "converting" the kids of conservatives."We're coming for your children!"(Split into 2 components due to Twitter's video limit)

— Jack Hadfield